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Did you know that almost everyday I do a LIVE video chat ON MY PHONE with Entrepreneurs like YOU showing off the cool things we’re doing and answering YOUR questions… for FREE!?!?!

Ya…  I was wondering why you weren’t showing up.

Well, now you know… and you have NO EXCUSE… YOU NEED TO BE ON THESE LIVE!

So – the next question is HOW do you get on?

Just follow these simple instructions:

Step #1 – Download The Periscope App On Your Phone:

Click Here To Download Periscope >>

Step #2 – Search For russellbrunson and follow me:

After you download the app, you can search for users.  Just search for:  russellbrunson like this:




Then click on the add button, and you’ll be subscribed:


Step #3 – Join Us LIVE Almost Every Day!

The last step, is EVERY TIME you see this on your phone, drop EVERYTHING and come hang out with us LIVE:


Sound good?

Cool – then go download the app now and I’ll talk to you soon!


Russell Brunson

P.S. – oh ya, did you also know that I record a private marketing message for you every morning on my phone on the drive into the office?  I call it “Marketing In Your Car.”

So… have you been getting those messages?

If not, we need to fix that ASAP!!!!!!

This one is pretty easy.  Head on over to itunes and subscribe here:

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50 Responses - Join The Discussion

  1. Today’s Periscope was “AWESOME”! Don’t Take Shortcuts…A lot of times we think we will get results faster if we can save time or cut corners but that’s part of the learning process and what we learn during this process is usually what we need to get the results we are after in the first place.
    Sticking to the model and not taking the easy way or shortcuts. Thanks Russell.

  2. Just started listening to your scopes! Awesome stuff and you’ve inspired me to start scoping as well! 🙂 Keep it up!

  3. Elin says:


    I can’t download the Periscope app from my Windows Phone store.


  4. Hi Russell

    Thanks for the reminder. I had downloaded the app but not figured out the following part. Thanks for the instructions. Looking forward to these daily chats and information. Thanks for being Awesome! See you soon.

  5. Ranadeb Ray says:

    Hello Russell,
    I don`t use a smart phone.

  6. phill says:

    Russell, time to update your picture. You don’t look like that any more

  7. Barry Brooks says:

    Help me I CAN GET INTO THE ( Periscope App )
    on my pc win7 pro – or my kindle fire – or my mobile phone

    I WANT IN!!!

    • Barry the app is only available on iOS or Android….you can view it on iPhone/iPad or through the Google Play store unless you go to Russell’s Twitter account and click on the link that tweets out when he goes LIVE

    • Alessandri Kevoogle Kev says:

      Hello Barry! I can not seem to get on periscope either on my PC WINDOWS 8 . cAN YOU SEND ME DETAILS ON HOW YOU WERE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD? THANKS !
      Kev Alessandri

  8. Steve Gannon says:

    G’day Russell, I had both webinars for the funnel set by my Gmail but i’m in Australian and missed them both???

    Very frustrating, its happened to me a few timers actually…anyway I know you needed to be live on both to get the funnels..

    Also I signed up for click funnels, but the 5 Videos i was supposed to watch didn’t load?? its Kool it really seems it wasn’t meant to be.

    No Dramas……..Next time


  9. Russell glad to see you using in my opinion the greatest social media platform available…I look forward to connecting with you in the SCOPE!

  10. I’m an oldie who has been totally inactive with my network marketing for a couple of years now. I certainly admire the coaching you have to offer but I am not very computer literate, let alone ‘apps’ and other stuff. Also taking time out to celebrate becoming free of cancer and to spend time with my family. I shall unsubscribe but do thank you for giving me the opportunity to excel had I taken the time to learn.

  11. Bob says:

    I don’t have one of those fancy phones. I like mine because I only have to charge it about every 8 days. So, can we hear your conversation on a regular computer?

  12. Brenni Larson says:

    Can you Scope on the Action Funnel in Actionetics, please? … I am visual, and am still confused… Can you DRAW it in a Funnel format? Should I make a List or Action for each step of a webinar [everyone, no show, didn’t stay, didn’t buy, buy…?] Thank you kindly!

  13. Janet says:

    i’m like the other guy an oldie half of the msg you are getting is like another language it’s amazing to be so entrepreneurial at your age. i am 69 living off the crappy pension wanting to get off it and live life before i kick the bucket i have worked all my life opened a hair salon when i was 23 opened a gym at 50 went broke and now we have all this high tech where you can make millions and not leave your chair talk about timing its so unfair we did it the hard way but i won’t be beaten at east i have an Iphone not sure i can use all that it can do but I’m learning and want to learn more and make some decent money show me how!!

  14. david says:

    Hey Russell, i love your consultation/coaching funnel. Quick question, do you use that funnel on cold traffic, or for people who were already exposed to your content/brand?

  15. Rajendra kumar dass says:

    That I Get Paid

  16. Hi Russel, I’m an American from Washington State who has been living and working in China since August of 2004. I cannot seem to find the Periscope app, so perhaps it is blocked over here. I will keep searching and let you know. Regards, Ron

  17. Morgan says:

    Hi Russell,

    Love your stuff! It all makes perfect sense.

    Now, like most of the people on the Planet, I use an Android phone, so to me iTunes is of course SchmiTunes…:) Any plans on making your car podcast available to the other 80% of all smartphone users?

  18. Dear Russell,

    I think you and Click Funnel is the way to go for the future and I would love to be a part of your amazing story.

    However, I am in my 24 th year of retirement and am part of the Publish Academy program. I had already signed up for that program before I found about you. In fact that program is what led me to you.

    As you can imagine 24 years on a fixed income gets harder each year. I would love to be a part of your program but I just cannot afford both programs.

    When Publish Academy produces some income I will be back to see you. Hope you will have the awesome offers that you have now when I am ready.

    Julius M. Scott

  19. I was able to view the first video at the restaurant, but not the video on books. It is my interest with 5 published ebooks and two in the process. Can I possible have the link to watch the book video?

  20. Elvira Moreno Pena says:

    I live under Government and thank is time to do some things to be Government free but how I have no money right now I just wanted to be free happy thank you God bless you

  21. Roger says:

    I have 2 desktop PC’s, each with 2 x 24″ monitors.

    And the only way I can connect up with you is on a smartphone with a 4″ screen?

    What’s wrong with this “picture” (other than being too small?)


  22. Roger says:

    P.S. – I know better than to install iTunes on a Windows PC. Apple tries to take the machine over, just saying 🙂

  23. willard says:

    tried to sign for marketing in your car. could’t find how

  24. HELLO RUSSELL Pastor-Phil Here My Friend. I have been looking forward to working with you especially in your natural medication program. I am a diabetic and want access to your neuropathy med’s. You must have heard about the charity my wife and i have operated for over 40 years now. NEW START OUTREACH INTERNATIONAL & CHRIST IS KING MINISTRIES. We have provided for the needs of orphans and widows with children who are facing starvation every day of their lives. We provide food, water,clothing, safe homes, education, medical supplies and services plus all else that may be required each day of their lives. I seek to change every child’s life for the better Today, Tomorrow, and Forever Russell!!! Please connect with us as our goal is to build a business that will help us to provide for good health by generating the funds with which we can care for everyone first by providing products that will heal the health problems of our supporters and then by providing an answer for every child in need where ever they may be .Amen GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!! PASTOR-PHIL BIGGS

  25. Bina says:

    😉 saw first welcome vid haven’t tried others vids may have deleted page as I do lolz 😉 tried to get peri podcast can’t on 6ios power but still get stp start loss word sentences even utube… nevamind will go find trainings thanx for that 😉 tc xxxooo kp safe n well mine n angels protection n blessings to u family friends colleges n everyone else tooo lolz amen amine ameen jay ho om shanti 😉

  26. yvonne says:

    My smartphone seems to have a problem keeping a signal, but I will return soon to try to access Click Funnels. Thank you. I will try to keep up with training in the meantime, again thank you very much.

  27. Charlie Tew says:

    Sorry I just got this can we still talk

  28. Hi Russell! I love what you’re doing.I enrolled, and watched your vedios. Will click funnels work for my nerium business? I am ready to get click funnel, but i don’t know much about computers. Is there a phone number that i could call for one on one coaching?

  29. Helen Blitzblau says:

    Hey Russel,
    Periscope is already on my smartphone.
    What I would like to know is at what time you are airing, so that I can follow you.

  30. Esther says:

    This is a laberinth. Please review instructions in how to follow you. I found your video by other links that drove me to you, once I found your web i try to see all The videos from you starting from the one on the cafe, but it is not clear how to continue after viedo 1, if there are more, if you have to pay to wach them etc.
    May be your funels are good but the way info is given is too jumpy.
    Any input on a simple way to see your videos and connect with you and your group?
    Thank you.

  31. Carel Two-Eagle says:

    It is normal for me to get a message that whatever app I try won’t work on my smartphone. Getting another is not an option. Have you got an alternative? Thanks!

  32. stocks cannot go straight up without crashing. I have cancer and I can barely stand up. I have CANCER and I am receiving chemo at IRON WOOD Cancer Center @ Iron Wood Cancer Center. YOU need to talk to Jack Godfrey. The man is pure evil. I can barely walk. West Bend was not trying to keep any one. I am fighting for my life.

  33. Richard C. Rogers says:


  34. Richard C. Rogers says:

    I did not know anything about a “BEAR MARKET” I AM NOT STUPID!

  35. I am interested in how that would look in #OtherLanguages?? #Spanish?? #Korean?? #Chinese?? #Tagalog?? #German?? #Afrikaans?? #Vietnamese?? #Russian?? #SwaHiLi??

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