Hey – My name is Russell, and I wanted to welcome you to my marketing laboratory.  Ya, I know it kinda looks like a blog, but there’s a reason for that.

You see, a little over 10 years ago, I started my first online business while I was in college (selling potato gun DVDs) and this little hobby became my obsession.


Since then I’ve started and launched over a dozen different companies selling everything from software to supplements and more.  My other companies is where I test out my weird ideas, and here at DotComSecrets is where I share what I’ve learned.

My goal is to ALWAYS give away better stuff on this site for FREE, then other people charge for in their courses.

Here is a quick video talking about how I went from “Potato Guns” to what we do now:

My Story…

So, I told you before that I am a marketing junkie.

Yes… I collect junk mail (I have been collecting it since I was 12 years old)

Yes… When I listen to the radio or watch TV, I’m usually watching for the commercials, and often times I will fast forward through a show to watch a commercial (because that is the REAL entertainment for me…) and my wife knows that if we are watching a show or listening to the radio on a road trip, she’ll get in trouble if she changes the channel… because THAT is WHY I’m tuning in.

Yes, I love marketing and sales… But before I was writing sales letters, creating products and driving traffic, I was a wrestler.

The Wrestler…wrestle

In high school I was a state champion at 140 lbs, and I became an All-American my senior year when I took 2nd place in the country at high school nationals.

I then wrestled a year at BYU before the dropped their program, and then I transferred to Boise State and wrestled my last 4 years there at 165 lbs. Wrestling is really where I found myself, and I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that I don’t competing.

The Family Man…family

While I was going to college, I met my beautiful wife Collette, and have been bless to be married for over 10 years now to my best friend.

After we first got married, we struggled to have kids. I would like to share with you a short video about that part of our journey, because you’ll see how one business was able to transform our life forever… (and you’ll probably see WHY I’m so passionate about helping YOU to get your message out to the world):


We now have 5 AMAZING kids and I have SO much fun being their dad!

The Business…

When I got done wrestling, I shifted all of my focus towards my new business. My senior year I had made about $250,000… and within a year of graduation I had made my millionth dollar selling little products I had created.

It was so exciting that I wanted to share it with the world. I started writing about what I was doing, I got invited to speak at seminars all around the world, and soon I launched this blog, DotComSecrets, to show people the secrets I learned (and am learning) about how to start, grow and promote a business online.

Over the past few years we’ve had a lot of very exciting things happen…


Russell Brunson speaking at Tony Robbin’s Business Master Seminar In Figi


Richard Branson puts “DotComSecrets” on the side of one of his airplanes!

And I got to take one of my students to Kenya with us to help build schools for world teacher aid. Check out this video showing the experience:

I’ve been so blessed in this business, and I’m grateful for the opportunity I have now to share my message with you!

Your Story…

So, now you know who I am…

I guess the next question is who are you?

Why are you here?

Are you here to learn how to start a business online?

Do you already have a business, but you want to learn how to grow your company?

Please post YOUR story down below:


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  1. Hi Russell, excited for all this awesome value you are posting here.

    • Thanks man! So far it’s a TON of fun!!!

      • Hi Russell. My current site promotes my web design aspect, but I am branching out into another aspect. What I am lacking is venture capital. Any ideas for grants or a way to secure said capital? Thanks!

        • Don’t take VC money… boot strap it. Sell something, then re-invest that back into advertising. That’s how the game is played. It’s a little harder, but you’ll learn more and earn more of your success that way. I’ve never taken money and don’t think I ever would. Just boot strap. You can do it with what we’re showing in the ClickFunnels and DotComSecrets communities.

          • Gabe Shih says:

            Russell is right. If you can, bootstrap the company and reinvest the profits.

            I’m lucky enough to have met and be friends with a lot of very successful entrepreneurs. They all bootstrapped their company. None had VC money. One person I know started a perfum company that ended up changing the face of retail and revenuing 100 million annually (back in the 80s before he retired). He didn’t get grants or VC money. He started by just going door to door and selling. When he sold the company the only two equity owners were him and his wife. No investors at all.

            At the same time, I know a lot of investors. They’re all friends of mine. All of them invest only in companies that are already making money and have a few years history.

            My best advice would be to just get out and sell.

      • Juliette Goodrich says:

        Hi Russell , I am here to learn how to start a business on line. This is all new to me, but I am very eager to learn. I currently work at a homeless shelter, which is rewarding, but the money is not great. My passion in life is to help people to believe in themselves and encourage them to better their lives. So I look forward to improving my own life through starting this new business venture. Thanks, Juliette

      • Yoshi says:

        I don’t see the video of your story. How do I watch it?

      • Hello Russell, I have been following you now for about 3 weeks, great information, I’m looking forward in connecting with you,
        Thank you

      • William Moser says:

        Overwhelmed and loving D.C.S. since last night. Don’t recall how I came to order the book, Tai Lopez? Christopher Kai? Age 64, rough last ten-years. Wanting to setup a guitar-instruction program (book, video) approached as an athletic endeavor–v. different, students experience exponential growth. Total technophobe, don’t even understand Facebook or websites.

      • Raymi says:

        Hi Russel and folks ,

        I am just about to launch a Global private association with a trade bank , with the most specialized Grants consultation and writing services (grants for everyone ,no repayments),We have secured the largest push of private money in the world that is unsecured $500k-100 million .no credit ,no security, revenue based requirements only ,factoring ,consolidations, bridging you name it 48 hr approval .
        There is no better in the hard money lending ,this money is geared to fill all the gaps in all areas of finance ,this lender is the cream and the dream for any one who needs to close a deal without all the conventional obstacles .
        Any forward thinking Entrepreneurs who need a hub that they can utilize the brilliant network with advanced trade solutions derived from a global network of Entrepreneurial Expansionist that can basically fast forward you to the end goal by the vast and most potent added value incubation processes .Anyone can take advantage of the boundless free grants and be embraced by the many intersecting holistic communities thriving in and through this hub that can add value by partner up getting down to business and always going big without all the conventional restrictions .We will provide a global stage that REMOVES most all trade barriers for all the new ideas ,business ventures ,partnerships and strategic alliances that create the most active proactive conducive meeting of the minds for those who are creating their highest potential ,This is an added value Trade hub that villagers in Africa to globalist hanging in Scottsdale Az can trade directly with the advanced connectivity.
        I will say it again .
        This Global platform will provide an advanced holistic Entrepreneurial Trade Hub with the most comprehensive forward thinking entrepreneurial network that are incubator minded added value service providers that can offer grass roots localized ground coverage with there own networks that are self encouraged to structure all relationships as an emulation process of creative expansions.
        So I would like to embed this trade hub right in the center of your own business platform or I would like for you to consider introducing your followers to this added value options .
        I am now seeking to combine hundreds of Entrepreneurial icons like yourself and integrate all your communities in to the Biggest landing zone for Entrepreneurs where they can expected to go big and advance the Entrepreneurial Race .
        I am personally able to beat any legal case in 180 countries with trade secrets of the Legal industry ,This Private association removes all members from under any Governments Laws with only one exception ,one cannot participate in any substantial evil .

        How’s that for the Golden rule .


        Kindest Regards

        Raymi the Global Expansionist

    • In 2005, I was sitting at the breakfast table when my wife, a Beauty Therapist, made a comment about how one of her beauty therapist apprentices was injured by a teacher at school during a demonstration of a beauty procedure.

      At the time I was researching this newfangled idea of “intent marketing” for my Financial Planning business and I made the comment, “You have been in the beauty industry for a long time and have teaching experience, why don’t you put together a series of beauty courses on DVD and I will promote them on this Google thingy”….

      Karen did just that, took her two years and in fact the first set of videos was shot on a borrowed video camera.

      Back then video streaming was in its infancy so DVD was the best option… Later on, thanks to Andy Jenkins, God bless him, and now Mike Filsaime, we have our own film studio.

      Enter Beauty Courses Online.

      The idea back then was to give those people who didn’t have a lot of money to be able to learn beauty at their own pace and in their home, part time full time or whenever they had spare time.

      Two years later, in August 2008, we launched the Beauty Courses Online web site and we haven’t looked back…

      In 2011, I quit the Financial Planning business and went full time in the beauty business and now four of the family work in it as well.

      We have sold thousands of courses all over the world and as it will happen sometimes, three other businesses have been created as a result.

      Beauty Products Online, IPL Australia and soon to be launched , the Australian Institute of Beauty.

      As I sit here, still struggling with yet another funnel, in ClickFunnels, I saw your email about stories and I thought I would tell you ours…

      We wouldn’t do anything else.

      Max Harrington

  2. Hello Russell!

    I got your name from a frend who told me to check out your site. Im new to online sales, but ive made a desicion, to LEARN! And i think this can be a shortcut for me, to learn from the best. My passion is supplement and to help people. Im a bit behind with only 2 kids 🙂 Ive seen all videos on your site and its nice to meet a man with such a big heart!

  3. Hi, Russell. You wouldn’t believe my story if I told you. But, finally have been blessed to be opening my local agency in Chicago. I keep your DotCom Secrets in my briefcase and read during my subway trip to and from work. It’s funny, I’m the only one who actually has a book on te train. Everyone else, of cource, is glued to their third screen. I’m digging your advice on the attractive character, story-tellin and soap-opera email sequence. I hope to meet and shake your hand someday. Best, Matt

  4. Scott Lehman says:

    Hey Russell,

    Very powerful story! Thank you for your transparency and sharing your heart and I too agree that we ALL have been given a gift by the Lord to change the world.

    Leslie, my wife and I have now been married 20 years and were unable to have children…atleast for the first 18 years and then GOD showed up in a BIG way.

    On April 12, 2011 I turned 50 years old and we did the “Rocking Chair Test” as we pictured ourselves in our 90’s about to go and see the Lord and as we sat in our rocking chairs on our front porch over looking a lake, we asked each other this question: Do you have any regrets as you look back at your life? BOOM! I immediately told Leslie how bad I wanted to be a dad and she quickly shared with me that she still had a deep desire to be a mommy. Here is a little clip of what happened over 2 1/2 years…it was a major game changer!!!


    My goal now is to build an online business using the gifts that the Lord has placed deep within my soul to encourage, equip and empower men to do the same. I am leaning on your to show how that can be done as I am now 54 years old and want to make sure I finish strong on and off the course on the back nine of my life.

    I look forward to connecting with you.

    IN His Grip,

    • Hey Scott – that’s an awesome story – thanks for sharing with us!

    • Patti says:

      Thank you for sharing your love story with us of how God brought Micah into your life. We too, have an adopted daughter. We adopted her when she was 6. She is now 16. Some rough times but God is good and we wouldn’t change a thing!
      Blessings to your family,

  5. Hi Russell,
    Great Story. Thank you for sharing your heart. It is great that you have the gift of spending time with your family. I, too have four children. When my 4th child was 18 months old I became a single parent. I ended up spending way too much time, unsuccessfully, trying to find some way to work from home (mostly MLM & recently Amazon sales) because I wanted to spend more time with my kids…that I actually wasted time that could have been spent with them. Time flies and now my youngest just graduated from college. Two months later my oldest has given me my first grandchild. I still have a desire to get out of a job (especially one that goes against my core) and be able to make enough money to support myself and help my kids with their financial struggles, as well as be able to spend time with them. I can’t go back and recapture those childhood years that I missed out on but if I could learn something to pass along to my kids so they don’t end up as I did, missing the childhood years of their children….. That would be Awesome..

  6. Ukwedeh Paul says:

    Russell, am glad to come across you online. Though I am not privileged to see you face to face, you are an inspiration to me. Whenever I read you your write-ups, I often feel like I will surely get into successful online business. I have not really started yet, due to some constraints, but I know that by the grace of God I will.

  7. Stephen Larsen says:

    I grew up in Littleton, CO. I BARELY passed high school, failed out of college my first semester, and then went on a 2 year mission for my church where I learned how to study. I re-applied to college (BYU-Idaho) and started getting STRAIGHT A’s! About two years in, I realized the struggle I went through to “learn how to learn” taught me I can do anything and I’m far more of a “fighter” because of it.

    So, I took a semester off, joined the Army, and went to Basic Training. I’ll be an Officer in about a year. I’ve been trying to make money on my own for the last 4 years and have only started to do so once I found DotComSecrets and learned how to market.

    Now, while still in college with a wife and two kids, I’ve been told that I can help teach some of the marketing classes on campus.

    I’m hungry to change the world and I’m looking to grow my businesses online (I’m no where near where I want to be yet but I’ve been working obsessively to change that. I’m starting to get customers. I just wanna grow now).

    I have a start up, FiXD Insurance, which is for iPhones, and another that helps people get cold market leads while in MLM’s. Several companies have hired me to help them improve their sales funnels and I can’t describe HOW MUCH I LOVE WHAT I DO! Russell Brunson was the catalyst of my efforts and I’ve taken most of his courses.

    Thanks man! I look forward to thanking in person one day.

  8. Winum says:

    Wow Russel. You litteraly made me cry.

    It’s obvious you are an amazing human being when you are willing to put your true emotions out like that. It takes courage and you will be saluted for it.

    Kudos to you for being so brave.

    You just went into my top 5 list of people I want have a beer with (invite me and I will come 🙂 )

    Now my story is about loss redemption.

    Imagine sitting in a psychiatric institution and genuinely believing that the television is talking to you.

    Well, 4 years ago I had ran my business in the ground and I developed a deep depression.

    I would sit in my Copenhagen apartment and withdraw from the world because I wasn’t on a path of doing something I felt good about.

    The deep depression kept me from doing what I needed to make a living and everything culminated when I developed a psychosis to escape from reality.

    I was admitted to a psychiatric institution and I remember I sat that there and looked at the television and I genuinely believed there was hidden messages to me in the television.

    I battled my mind for 3 years and today I am happy to say I am back stronger than ever.

    Just like you I am passionate about marketing sales but even more than that I am passionate about changing the world for the better.

    I am now on a long term mission following a vision of seeing people live better lives.

    I am now starting businesses that make people better and next step is to start investing in businesses that do the same.

    After watching these amazing videos I truly feel we are kindred spirits in business and I believe we both can benefit greatly from knowing each other.

    Kudos again for putting your personal story out there. You have big guts and an even bigger heart.

    All the best,


  9. An awesome story, Russell! Thanks so much for sharing and caring!!

  10. Anna Flinn says:

    You are a gem. I did 20 years doing what was expected of me. I got really good. Became the expert, had books published, received awards for my contribution to my profession. All of which was rather black and white and corporate. I had one of those wake up calls. Several actually. Had to change my life.
    Had to let my soul out. I needed to show up as me.
    As the artist.
    As someone who is enjoying life off the ladder of corporate expectations.

    I came across your work and Clickfunnels at a point when I realised I needed to learn to market me, the art I do ( Wings, they’ll remind you of angels) and my message to the world.

    Thanks for sharing more of you,

  11. Robert says:


    Like many have said, thanks for sharing your story about the journey to becoming a dad. I think I had seen you talk about it before but it is very powerful and an excellent observation about how a business can change lives. Anna talked about her need to let the artist out after being in a corporate setting which I can strongly emphasize with. I’m an actor who is trapped in a job in the financial services industry. I got sidelined during the bad years of the recession but eager to bust out of my cage. I have found an online business that I am going to promote as one vehicle to replace the income and I think Click Funnels can play an important part in my quest to free myself from my cubicle so that the actor inside of me can live again.

    I also have a mom in her 80’s in declining health and I need freedom so that I can spend more time with her than the job allows. I don’t want to go through this phase of her life being restricted to a set number of vacation weeks during which I can see her as I am in my current job. I know that the Internet offers opportunities for me to make a change and I believe that learning more from you can greatly shorten the learning curve. God bless you and your family.

  12. James Ti'a says:

    Grew up in California both Southern and Northern then my Sophomore year in high school my father sent me to Hawaii to cool off. Hawaii’s pace of life is slow compared to California and I believe it saved me in many ways.
    After high school I played some college football in California and then went back to Hawaii and played around instead of going back to college. After some time I decided to serve a church mission for two years I was sent to San Diego and loved it.
    Met my wife two years later and moved to Missouri on a football scholarship and we have been here ever since.
    I am no guru,but I did find click funnels to create opt in pages for my book I’m writing. It covers all parts of my life,but mostly my missionary experiences.
    I am still working on it,Here is my link: https://jamestia.clickfunnels.com/test

  13. Eunice says:

    Hi Russell
    Thanks for sharing your story. I can recall few years ago I attended your Seminar where I learned how to apply your knowledge into black and white. I am now an author of two books Motivateloseweight, Taste of Love feel the Fire by E.M.Daniel it’s now on YouTube. Third one coming Loneliness Adventures in the Wilderness. In that Seminar you give us knowledge how to change our mind set. It will take time but we will get there.

  14. Hi Russell

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    My husband and I met in high school in 1969. We were married the following year after I graduated. Last year, after 44 years of marriage, he passed away. I am grateful that he fostered my independence and was always supportive of me. That has made it much easier for me to continue on and continue to “spread my wings”. Here is a link to an article I wrote, “My Life With Superman”, after he passed. http://reginaatthelake.com/2014/11/my-life-with-superman.html

    In the early 80’s (29 years old) I left a job as Assistant Manager at a Credit Union and entered the world of entrepreneurship. I have never looked back. Oh, once or twice I worked for others for a short period of time, but I much prefer working for myself. I was a Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, I have worked with Network Marketing, and in 1996 I went into business (with a partner) in the temporary staffing world. We started off very small and built a multi-million dollar business. My business partner passed away in 2002 and I continued on ultimately spreading out to two states with 6 offices and 3 divisions. Then the financial crash of 2008 hit and I was out of business.

    I spent the next couple of years doing mostly service and missionary work. In 2012 my husband and I moved to Lake Bridgeport, Texas where we purchased a beautiful 2 story brick home overlooking the lake. We quickly did some remodeling and in April of 2012 opened Bridgeport Lake Bed and Breakfast. It has been a great pleasure for me to provide service to our guests.

    Last year I purchased the house next door and remodeled it into a lake house rental.

    Earlier this year I began a new business. I opened Bridgeport Strategy, a coaching and strategic consulting company. I took on a new partner, Brad Climer (also in this group) and he and I have both become Mars Venus Coaches through John Gray’s program (Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus). John’s business partner has taken the relationship information in John’s books and bridged them into the business world. After all, relationships are also the heart of any successful business. So, we provide business coaching and executive training with an emphasis on relationships and the differences in communication between men and women.

    As a 63 year old mother and grandmother, I have re-entered the business world and taken on the learning curves that go with it. I am excited to bring your tools to my own business and the businesses of my clients so that they can achieve their dreams as well.

    Oh, one more thing. I am also writing self-help relationship books and have just hired Rob Kosberg to help me publish and promote my first book which focuses on how to “Bullet Proof” your marriage.

    Again, thank you Russell. I am excited about the future with you.

  15. Zak Mustapha says:

    who are you? I am a civil engineer graduate who likes to build things, especially companies.

    Why are you here? I wanted to know more about you.

    Are you here to learn how to start a business online? Yes, I have bought your book dotcomsecrets and have started businesses online.

    Do you already have a business, but you want to learn how to grow your company? Yes, the main one I am working on right now is Foolishness File. It about entrepreneurs learning from other entrepreneurs mistakes.


    Zak Mustapha

  16. Yassin Omar says:

    My name is Yassin Omar. I grew up in war torn country Somalia. When I was about 2 years old barbaric war broke and we forced to moved out our homes. My family and I margirated to neighboring country called Kenya. We lived in refugee camps for 10 years with no food or cloth to wear. Long story short we moves to the United states to find the American dream. I went to high school and graduated. I went to college and graduated. I started looking into the internet for different ways to make money. I didnt want my family income to depend on pay checks. Now i am committed to changed lives and bringing value to people’s lifes. I been in the industry for 3 years and i am still struggling to get my business going. Nevertheless i am committed to making it work and bringing value to the market place.

  17. ye zhao says:

    I have a dream that travel all over the world! Be a capable person, I want to make a lot of money to prove my value, I want to go to study.

  18. jesse powell says:

    Hey Russell wassup? My name is Jesse Powell. The last year of my life has been the biggest struggle I have experienced ever. My mother and step father died last year. My sister has MS and has suffered brain damage. I was diagnosed with cancer and have battled through the treatments to hopefully get better. I have been in internet marketing since 2013. with all of the hardships I have undergone I still won’t give up.
    One of my latest campaigns that flopped was to try and raise money selling T-shirts that would donate to cancer research…st.jude’s and the Institute for cancer research. It made me think that people don’t care about this kind of stuff.
    I would like to be a better marketer/saleman so I can help people who need it. If I can’t sell a cool t-shirt to help people with cancer how am I supposed to elp anyone in life.

    I need to know what I am missing or doing wrong so I can really make a difference in this life. Maybe you can help.
    Thanks for listening to my rant.
    Sifu Jesse Powell

  19. Ian Watts says:

    Hi Russell,

    I have posted a link to my story, which is a brief youtube video:


    Thanks much!

  20. Jessica says:

    I spent a lot of years trying to move up in an organization that wasn’t interested in what I had to offer. I was labelled as “troublesome” and considered “too young” at age 28, for any management positions. I quit my job to go and get an MBA during the 2009 recession, and like most of my colleagues, struggled to find meaningful work that paid well. So I started doing what I do best – writing. Specifically business writing, and business plans. With degrees in English, Education and an MBA I was exceptionally qualified to do this, and I’ve embraced my troublesome label to become the Renegade Planner.

    I do what I do – write business plans and coach new entrepreneurs on how to apply for loans to start new companies while teaching them everything I know about business – because I think it’s the troublemakers that really make a difference. The people who think outside the box. The people who say “nay” to the naysayers and take control of their income and their lives, like I did. I love those people! They’re starting bakeries, retail shops, consulting companies, and restaurants all over North America and I’m so proud to work with them.

    My online business lets me reach so many more people and I’m reading Dot Com Secrets to learn how to scale up my services to reach even more soon-to-be amazing entrepreneurs.

  21. Al Smolkin says:

    Who am I?
    I’m the guy that was almost asleep just a few minutes ago, but, seeing the sincerity permeating this post, felt compelled to get up and type this.

    I’m the man who cracked the dating code. I’m the Relationship Chef, and I help people find and create the most amazing relationships you only read about in cheesy romance novels.

    But, as Dan Kennedy once said, “you’re not a vet until someone walks through the front door and pays you for it”, and albeit I’ve been truly successful transforming my client’s love lives, I’ve been just as lousy at creating a business based on my teachings.

    Funny enough, nobody wants to give me that million dollars for my services. But, that’s because I haven’t read your book until a few short weeks ago.

    Why am I here?
    Because I want everyone to have the most amazing, everlasting love that Shakespeare and Lord Byron wrote. Because I physically hurt every time I hear the latest dating mishap. Because while it’s possible to beat one person for not being able to communicate worth a damn, it’s a lot easier to educate the masses.

    Because I truly, madly, deeply want to help. And, since this IS what I want to do for the rest of my life, so why not get paid for it?

    Why am I here? To learn.
    Al, the Relationship Chef.

  22. Ron says:

    I work in a going no where job pay check to pay check. I will be 56 in October and no money for retirement. My site used to do pretty good selling air purifiers and air filters but suppliers screwed up orders, charged me when I didn’t have a order and search engines constantly changing. I have dropped most of my product lines and my site is in shambles. I have since gotten other products to sell but haven’t done so as yet. I have a 3 year goal but I don’t no where to begin. I don’t care what I sell as long as people benefit from it, and I will do anything short of selling my soul to be successful at online selling. Where I am is not who I am. I still believe I can accomplish greatness.

  23. Hello Russel, your love for your family shines through in your story as well as your drive and creativity. Love the wrestling. I used to be a Navy F-14 pilot and that was like wrestling at 400mph!

    After a long career in business I had an accident 3 1/2 years ago that put me in the hospital for 20 months. The 7 figure costs wiped out my net worth and the complications from the accident have limited my work week to about 25 hours. Nothing to complain about as I am deeply grateful each day for being alive and still being with my wife of 25 years and my three boys. I was told that it should not have been a survivable accident but God showed up at the accident. That’s a story for another time. A long recovery helped me find a calling that I find joy in today which is working as an executive coach to leaders from large multi-national public companies and start ups. My last client tripled their revenue in the last year. With my schedule I can only work with about 12 people one on one as a coach.

    The is what brought me to you. The question: How do I make enough to support my family (and create excess) on 25 hours a week and still make the impact with my life that I have been called to do. I am truly just starting this journey into online marketing. I started a podcast 6 months ago which is doing very well and has been in iTunes top 100 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/eternal-leadership/id940982946?mt=2).

    I have your book and an slowly getting through. My left eye is blind from the accident so I don’t read like I used to. I am sincerely looking forward to learning from what you have here and hope I get to meet you in person some day for a hugh high five as we celebrate success.

    All the best, John

  24. Hello, Brunson!

    Thanks for share your story and your experience! I am from Brazil; I used to work on a company as a Computer Operator, when I was teenager, on early 1980s.

    After that I quit my job to help people around Brazil, serving poor people, preaching the gospel; I helped start and manage an institution to help children and teenagers from the streets; we went to streets inviting abandoned children to a house where we provided food, clothes and HOME; we work very hard to give education and to get them back to their homes.

    Besides this, we start a school for children from slums, in order to give formal education to them and help their parents that need to work during the day. We attended more than 160 children everyday, full time.

    So, everything was great and I am very thankful to God for the opportunity to serve other people.

    During this time I got married Elaine, and we have two wonderful sons! Marcus, the oldest, is musician, got married and father of my grandson, Theo; Vitor, is on college and assistant coach of a Football Team (yes, american Football in Brazil that is growing very fast here).

    So when I was 40, I realized that I had no money, no house, no car, nothing, because I gave everything to help others and have forgot my family financial needs; always we had everything we need for the daily basis, but when something bad happening, I saw the reality.

    I decided keep helping people, but never more relying on donations; I decided work online, to have freedom do travel for everywhere to help people.

    I started sell products as an affiliate; after that I bought a simple software to build a funnel and I sold thousands of funnels (nothing like ClickFunnels that I love).

    On the last year I started personal coaching and I helped dozens of customers sell online, creating funnels and all online strategy.

    This year I started new online business (www.poupeagora.com.br), that will be my third continuity program, just on one Brazilian city (Natal) and will start on another cities next month, specially in Sao Paulo, the biggest Brazilian city.

    Some friends asked me to teach them working online, and I started a online course to them on May; was great experience and I am preparing to start a new course to the public at the end of this month.

    So, I am very excited; I do two things I love very much: 1 – My passion: serving other people with the gospel (not just preaching, but working with my hands to help others) and 2 – Online business that give me the freedom and money to do my passion!

    Thanks a lot! I have learned a lot with you; let me say: you change the way I do online business.

    My sincerely thank to you; may our Good God bless you and your beautiful family!

    Adailton Cesar
    from Brazil

    From 40s (I am 49 now) I got 10x more money that I have earned all my life! Houses, cars, travels and helping people around Brazil, with my money!

    After that I bought a simple software
    For 20 years I was involved with this! When I was 40,

  25. Cal says:

    Great personal video. Please cut some of this stuff out if you are going to share the comments. (On your page under “The Wrestler…” you need to change “…the dropped their program…” to “…theY dropped their program…”)

  26. Steve Dale says:

    In 1989, as a drunken, idiotic 21 year old, i tried to prove myself by climbing a 30 meter cliff. I was about to reach the top, when i slipped and fell 30 meters onto the rocks below. 2 young blokes gave me CPR for 45 mins through 5 heart attacks. Serious head injuries (including a stoke), a dislocated spine, torn liver… the list goes on and on.

    After a year in 4 hospitals i was to be thrown on the heap, with the suggestion being to put me in a home. That was before the knowledge of Neuroplasticity was conceived. I put myself through 10 years of self-prescribed rehab, and taught myself how to read, write, speak, converse, organise my life and basically to live the life of a ‘normal man’, the life i had seemingly thrown away.

    By the time i accomplished these so called ‘impossible’ goals, i was 32 and now seeking employment. Being in my 30s with very limited job history and no qualifications, the only option was to start and build my own business. I am now in my 13th year as a professional speaker, trainer, coach and mentor – and have crafted programs for corporates, SMEs, teenagers and university students.
    Teaching others how to overcome obstacles and achieve their ‘impossible goal’ is the foundation of my program as i lead others to succeed in their chosen field.

    Now, my new challenge is learning how to create an online business built around my programs and products. I am working towards a future where my income does not depend on my traveling all around Australia – but i can instead serve and guide people from home.

    Thankyou Russell for teaching me these things and more,


  27. I have been a self taught musician, singer, recording artist all my life. I began at age 8 and today I am 78. I began writing lyrics and melodies after I retired in 2000. I lost my husband 3 days ago so I am deep in grief and filled with thankfulness at having had such an amazing partner for 35 years. Music is my passion but I feel like a fraud because I don’t like to read it I always prefer to internalize it and then make it . I find myself stopping to talk to perfect strangers and their children to explain how important music is to their spirit. I want to encourage everyone and the point of learning to make music is not to become the best one in world, but to enjoy and enrich your life while you can still play at what ever level you are able to achieve.. I need to sleep and I can’t sleep because I start crying. I wish I knew how to turn my lifelong love of making music into a true way to help people discover how they can have it too………..THis may be all I can say about my why. It is you who inspired me to speak out to see if you can tell me how I can reach out to tell people that they can do it if they want to. You and your wife have showed the way. I am thrilled with your story and your success. <3 Ann Mayo Muir <3

  28. My story lives at ohthereyouare.com where I strive to teach other families how to live more abundantly my finding ways to THRIVE and not just survive this thing called life!

    My past had taken me on a bumpy road, but who’s hasn’t? Unfortunately, I saw a world I should have never seen and as I began my career in public education and a little family of my own it, well…it scared me. I had a slight glimpse of what we were was up against and I was determined to not let the world teach my children what it had taught me.
    Our youth are up against impeccable odds. Not only are morals fast, cheap, easy and fake, but so is our society, and even our food supply! As an educator I saw the impact of family life, good nutrition, and positive attitude. There was defiantly was a visible line between the child that had hot Cheetos and a code red packed for lunch vs. the brown bag with an apple and a little heart shaped PB and J. You laugh, but the phrase, “you are what you eat” rings rather true from what I’ve seen.
    How my heart ached for those who I wish I could have taken to raise as my own, but what was I to do? I could be their only steady ground and act as the example they may never have. When I was pregnant with my daughter in the Fall of 2011 it was my turn to make an impact that I truly had control over.
    Bringing this child into the world scared the heck out of me and I wanted to quickly guard her in a plastic bubble, and keep her in a padded room. When we were asked by the good Lord to undergo some health challenges with our daughter we were shown a path of fear I had never before seen. As her mother I stayed up countless nights studying, praying, and discovering. Stress, fear, and anxiety plagued me daily and I realized I was letting the adversary speak to my soul louder than that of my God.
    Instead of listening to the voice that stills, leads, reassures, enlightens, encourages, comforts, calms, and convicts you, I was listing to the voice that rushes, pushes, frightens, confuses, discourages, worries, obsesses and condemns. When I let the enlightening voice speak louder than confusion, we were shown a path of health and healing that food and other essential tools could provide, but it wasn’t until much later I discovered the power of these tools when I learned more about them.
    After the birth of our second child, life kicked me in the face. Weakness in our marriage roared their ugly head, we were on the brink of a career change that was moving us form our beloved home and the stress had quadrupled in size.
    I knew if I had any chance of helping my children by physically and spiritually showing them the way I needed to know it myself. How could I raise her to withstand the fiery darts when they were piercing me every day? My influence was small and my side of the partnership in my marriage was weak. I could give up, or keep going, My husband was so patient and kind as he saw me struggle.
    He would offer his advice only for me to spit it back and wonder why he wasn’t using it for his own weaknesses. I was more often than not scared, angry, and sad. There were good days scattered intermittently and oh how I wish those days would last longer.
    I began setting goals to find ways to let those good days visit more often, but, I would set them time and time again to fall short. Why wasn’t it working? My efforts felt worthless. Was I ever going to change? When I looked in the mirror I saw my value being measured by the length of my to-do list or by the fun things my daughter and I were doing. I didn’t like what I saw and often times pretended life would be better if I were someone else. Someone the world said was beautiful It was like I was in a fog I just couldn’t get out of. I was convinced something was ‘wrong’ with me. If I had this, or looked like that this would all go away. I was broken. I didn’t enjoy things I used to and my marriage was suffering from my bad attitude.
    I was falling ‘victim’ to these circumstances until one day I had had enough. I had been aimlessly trying to win this battle alone. We were far from home and my dearest friends were over 700 miles away. It wasn’t until I called one dear friend from the darkness of the back of my closet that I realized I needed help. It was time to seek medical advice. Maybe I needed medication? NO! That was a path I didn’t want to go down as I’ve seen that path and would rather not go there. This certainly was not my fault. It must be my hormones or something? This was post pardum right? I was clawing for an answer. The thought that scared me to death was ‘what if my results come back normal…then what?’ What would I blame this on?
    I began to seek medical help from every source I could think of. Lucky for me my first attempt was the right one and it was a 25 minute discussion with a holistic health coach who happened to be a good friend of ours from back home. More advice was given in the small conversation than I had gotten in 2 years of dealing with these effects. I was told that my endocrine system was failing because stress had taxed it to the point of failure. I was fatigued, angry, sad, and ready to quit. Until her simple answer changed my life. You need proper vitamins and minerals to kick start your adrenals again. I needed to make changes. If things were going to change I had to do it. My children needed their mother and my husband needed his wife. Not only did they need me but they needed the ‘best’ me. I wanted to look in the mirror and like what I saw. As I began to be proactive I realized that optimal health comes through proper balance of not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well.
    A personal trainer first showed me this vision and as I saw pieces of the puzzle fit together that have never been able to fit before I have become very passionate about holistic health. My 25 minute phone call with a holistic health coach sent me on my way to recovery. She gave me a regimen of a few things and I’ve never looked back. Proper nutrition and other essential tools saved my life, family, and my marriage. I want to be the answer to someone else that those mentors were to me. Ohthereyouare.com is part of my journey to my chosen career path. It has become a passion that fuels my fire daily. What if I could help someone? What if I could save a life? I’m determined to do just that.
    Not only does ohthereyouare.com offer health but it offers holistic health. A holistic health approach looks at the entire person not just symptoms. The mind, body and spirit must be working in proper unison to achieve optimal health and wellness.
    I now try to be conscious about not only putting toxins in our bodies but removing them from our environment and from our mind as well. A wise church leader, Henry B. Eyring once said, “If you are on the right path, it will always be uphill.” Alright then well it’s not going to be easy but it’s going to be worth it! I want to make goals that stick! I want to give life my ‘best’ self! I want to see the glass half full! My glass will be half full because I filled it! I want to like what I see in the mirror!
    Life experiences have taught me that in order to look at yourself in the mirror and truly like what I see the mind, body, spirit and emotions need to be working as one. That’s where my passion of holistic health comes in. Holistic Health is actually an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, this ancient approach to health considers the whole person and how he or she interacts with his or her environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit.
    Through prayer, great books, fitness, nutrition, essential oils , and hard work I’ve come to win more battles then I lose in front of that mirror. I ask others to come fight with me. I’m here to progress alongside them as we learn to find joy in the journey and strive to look in the mirror and say…oh there ‘you’ are.

  29. Marc Diego says:

    Wow. I’m so touched. Yet another way to grab people’s attention. Great pitch.

  30. Tim says:

    Just a guy on the road to continued self improvement in all things and bringing as many as possible with me =) Great post and engagement.

  31. G.Commander says:

    Left school at 14 and got a 9-5 job, as in those days nobody even owned a PC as not yet & the internet an idea yet to be born
    I’m 67 now, but back when I did go to the internet I was not looking to setup a business, even though I hoped to sell a printing service
    Later on had the opportunity of working with a company that had been in business for a good number of years, who offered training and tools and my own website
    But I knew better (conceited) and never did any training and left dissatisfied
    However came across the same firm and re-joined, only this time changed my mind-set to a business approach
    I have to say I admire Russell for his continuing desire to help others in any way he can, as it is a refreshing change to find someone who is a genuine nice guy

  32. Dear Russell,
    I recently joined your group. and am devouring your DotCom Secrets video series and new book DotComSecrets.

    My twin brother, Baldwin grew up in an alcoholic home. As you know twins twins are special. For example, if our dog got sick, it was my job to call the vet to set up the appointment.( I’m the extrovert.) It was Baldwin’s job to take the dog to the vet appointment. (You guessed it . . . he’s the introvert.)

    Children of alcoholic parents want to help people. While our career paths have differed, in our own ways we both have high levels of persistence and an stubborn desire to help others.

    In high school we were both know as “good examples of a bad example.” When we went to college we had to submit ourselves to the discipline of learning. After college, Baldwin got a scholarship to medical school, became a physician, and studied neurology at the Mayo Clinic. He later was a professor at Bowman Grey Medical School. Quite a feat. Though dyslexic and having ADD, he become one of the leading neurologists in the US receiving the AMA’s top award in neurology. (The first physician non-Phd to do so.)

    My path is different. While earning three degrees in four years (Music, English, and Economics) I my passion is what I call “bottom line marketing” i.e. giving customers what they want . . . not what you have or want to sell them . David Packard, a co-founder of Hewlett Packard had it right when he said,“Marketing is too valuable to be left to a Marketing Department!”

    I’m self taught in marketing. (Dan Kennedy being one of my best teachers.) I learned niche marketing first hand working with CEOs and decision makers in a variety of industries. These include academic and trade publishing; telecommunications; software development; rural economic development; business consulting; and first and second round venture capital funding.

    Who am I? I am bright and want to work with people who are smart and want to learn new things.

    I’m working on building mailing lists of people to attract retail buyers and decision makers for my current “small niche venture.” I manufacture small museum replica collections for museum exhibits, museum stores, and similar educational venues. These collections are sold wholesale to museums and retailed through a new website called WebMuseumStore.com.

    My long term goal with his project is to work with museum directors to expand the use of nich markets in building new revenue sources for museums. This niche markets created with deregulation of the telephone companies in the early 1980.

    Currently museums receive 60% of their income from corporate gifts and government sources. The average age of today’s museum visitor and patron is 71 years old. In the 21st century museums need to be relevant to the younger people they serve (ie. Millenials, minorities, and a younger populations who ask Dan Kennedy’s motto “So What? Who Cares? What’s in it for me? “ What could possibly go wrong?

    Here’s my dilemma. I need to add a new niche market to generate revenues to support me in the short term. Thank you for you request. This exersize has been a great value to me.

    Warren D Smith

  33. Craig Hoehn says:

    Russell, I’ll be relatively brief as I open myself up to ridicule. I am 57 and a wanton online non-success story. I am one of those people who simply doesn’t get it. I am no idiot. I’m highly intelligent, they’ve told me so all my life (and I’ve always wondered why) but this concept of making money from the internet escapes me. It is simple, right? The procedure and process I can almost recite, however the nitty-gritty actual implementation and actual setting up process is something which completely eludes me. Like a foreign language I feel like I am lost at step 1. If I could only get past the first initial step or so I think I would fly, but getting going is like near impossible for me. (You can stop reading if you want, but I can explain further).
    I did sign on for your two week free course but got lost right away. Why? Because I was also trying to implement a couple other systems simultaneously with your system and they all melded together in my head into a MUSH that was like bad dog-sled poo. And if you have ever been around sled dogs you would be immediately revolted there. They stink! Their poo that is. Anyway, just as their diet demands a stench in the woods, my diet of too many “sure-fire systems” left me heaving doubt and confusion by the bucket loads.
    I desperately wanted to make your system work, but it was moving too fast, and when I tried to send a message to support to get a handle on how to begin they simply pointed me to a page where I had just been and had gotten confused, so obviously I didn’t get any further down the road. I guess I am one of those people that needs someone to “show them the way”, literally show them step by step like baby steps how to do every stinking move to get from point A to point B in order to establish MOVE#1. Am I making myself clear?
    I was the same way with calculus at first. I thought it was horrible, until someone took the time to demonstrate how to read a problem and set up a proof and follow through with the logistics of a simple problem. Then it wasn’t a beast anymore. I was able to tackle it readily and got A’s in the class. I think I would be the same with your FunnelHacker system as well!
    If I could just have anybody take a little bit of time to demonstrate the basic set-ups to me and logistically explain why I was doing what I was doing, then I would have the BIG CLICK IN THE HEAD! It would make sense. But what are the odds I am going to do that? Slim to none I’d say.
    So, I thank you for exposing me to the FunnelHacker system. I believe perhaps one day I might have the courage to try it again, especially if I might find that special someone who is already using your system and is willing to show me how it is done. Then I will be one of your ALL-STARS too, just wait! I’m not blowing smoke their buddy, I am a persevering, tenacious, never-say-die-kind-of-man. I never quit, even when I should. So you are saying, yes you did! Why don’t I see your statistics in my system?
    Simple. I never got off the ground. But I am reading your book and when it all clicks the ammunition will be there, I am hoping. I just have to have that first initial push, that first initial “here you go”. “this is how it’s done” I can copy anything once I see it done once, darn near anything anyway.
    I have wasted enough og your time and rambled I suppose enough, I haven’t even looked. I get going on something and let’er rip you see! But know this, I have the utmost respect for you young man! What you have accomplished as a young entrepreneur is highly impressive. It motivates me a great deal, because I see in you a younger version of myself. I once took on a major project and was successful too, only that was in the legislature. Different arenas entirely. But there are similarities in that it is procedural, and if you can tackle the basic procedure and make it your own, you can go far. You have gone far, Mt Brunson, and Bravo for you.!! Thank you so much for the book. I will keepit and read it again after I have finished it. I will conquer your sytem if it kills me. hahahaha! I need a little help though. I also believe in prayer, so I have to admit, I have not applied much of that when it comes to your system. Just my own tenacious self whacking away in bewilderment. So it goes.

  34. Debra says:

    Hi, Russell! Thank you for sharing your life and experiences. It is very encouraging to me as I progress through my own journey. I am a single mom working as an Admin Assistant for several years raising four children. Three are grown now and the one at home is a junior in high school. I have eight grandchildren as well. I became interested in internet marketing about four years ago and purchased some programs that didn’t amount to much; and one that I currently have high expectations for but need to settle the final payment. And yet, I believe very strongly in the potential earnings of internet marketing and in my search have learned of you and others who are people of integrity and genuinely desire to help others. So I am here to learn and to implement that which I learn. Over the years I have experience income reduction and my home is in need of many repairs. My children work jobs but living pay check to pay check is a downer when there’s no excess for savings, investing, emergencies, etc. The only way out that I can see is to create a global portal to substantial profit while providing a service or product to the betterment of mankind. That is, to help, aid, and assist others through their own life journey. I’m in need but so are others, and I desire that those whose paths I cross will bring about a win-win experience. I love people, and my desire is to promote things that I believe in, first and foremost. And making money doing something I love while helping myself, family, and others would be the ultimate high!

  35. Robby says:

    Hey Russell,

    First off, I have to admit how awesome it is seeing someone else from Idaho have an internet presence. You’re proof that Idaho can hang with the big guys. I’ve lived in and around Coeur d’Alene most of my life, so Idaho is home. I’m a teacher and Army National Guard Officer with four kids, so I’m busy. I try not to let it hold me back as I work on my “side-hustle.”

    I just finished reading your book DotCom Secrets. Thanks for the great Free+Shipping offer! I learned a ton and can’t wait to implement your “secrets” as I start and grow an online business.

    Right now I am working on a few different projects and really trying to hone in on my message and potential products. I currently have a small email list who have shared some of their pain points. I’m also reading Jeff Walkers Launch and working on getting a launch done well.

    Looking forward to following you and learning!

  36. Gabe Barrett says:

    Hey Russell,

    I love hearing people’s stories, so I really appreciate you sharing yours.

    My story is long and winding, like most everyone else, but I’ll give you the highlights.

    I live and work at an orphanage in Honduras nine months out of the year. During the other three months, I run a homeless ministry in Atlanta, GA that leads mission teams to serve people who live under bridges and in shelters.

    I’ve been doing full-time ministry for five years now, and it’s been challenging, fun, difficult, and rewarding. It’s definitely been an adventure.

    During that time, I’ve encountered some amazing people with huge hearts for both God and people. I’ve met people who know how to love others on a high level. However, I’ve also met a lot of people whose hearts were in the right place, but they just didn’t really know how to serve others.

    Ignorance has lead to a lot of well-meaning people serving in a way that destroys dignity and actually makes things worse.

    So, about a year ago, I started working on a website called http://www.bettermissions.com. The goal of the site is to be jam packed with resources to help people serve in a way that brings dignity and respect to those being served and to also help give people the knowledge and confidence to serve and love people in incredible ways.

    My schedule and limited internet access has made the site’s construction much slower than I’d like, but the plan right now is to launch the site next week.

    Hopefully, the site will provide people with a ton of value and know-how, and can provide some extra funds to support my ministry.

    I found ClickFunnels a couple months ago, and I’ve been trying to build some funnels to sell trainings on everything from fundraising for a mission trip to serving the homeless.

    It’s been an extremely helpful resource that I hope will lead to people being equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to serve others.

  37. Hi Russell,

    Your story and videos flooded my eyes with tears, and not just because of how your emotions practically leapt through my screen. It was because my life’s purpose is to help as many business owners as possible create brands with a heart and a pulse to move people–just like yours does.

    But the road I took to get here was as winding and as dizzying as a maze. Here’s my story:

    I started out as a marketing graduate, became a financial consultant and ended up a copywriter. Throughout my schizophrenic career, I’ve had a slew of life experiences that ran the emotional gamut from despair to bliss. If you only learn one thing from me, it’s this:

    I am more than just a writer.

    My career wasn’t born out of a burning passion for writing, but from my obsession with marketing. I’ve always been good at writing, but I rekindled this skill purely out of need.

    I’ll explain why in a little bit, but first, let’s step inside the wayback machine and take a trip to 2001…

    {Recessions, Secrets and Pink Slips, Oh My!}

    The economy was on a depressing downswing, but I was fresh out of college, young, foolish and armed with nothing but a marketing degree and buckets of boundless optimism. There was only one teeny-tiny problem standing between me and my dream of working for an ad agency:

    I had no job prospects in sight. Not a one. *Cue the rolling tumbleweeds*

    Following a string of mind-numbing 9-to-5 temp jobs and working as a hostess at night, I eventually caught a break in finance. A few years later, I landed a position at Lehman Brothers (yes, that Lehman Brothers). It was a career of contradictions. On one hand, I loved working in NYC, and I made a good salary. But deep down I wrestled with a soul-gnawing secret:

    I was miserable at my job.

    And I’m not referring to the garden variety type of misery, either. I’m talking “the sound of my alarm clock flooded me with dread every morning” brand of unhappiness. I wanted to flee the industry as fast as my legs would carry me.

    And on September 9, 2008, my wish was granted—and I was laid off.

    {Why Marketing Fantasies and Business Don’t Mix}

    After getting the boot from Corporate America, I didn’t just dip my toe into the shallow end of the self-employment pool. I cannonballed into the wild, weird and wondrous waters of entrepreneurship.My plan was to launch a health consulting business (I am also a certified health coach). I thought I could rely on my trusty old marketing degree to help me to promote my company.

    Did I mention that I hadn’t done anything marketing-related for five years? (Spoiler alert: This doesn’t end well.)

    My self-delusion held up for the first three months–then reality came a knockin‘. I knew I had to beef up my skill set, and copywriting was just the thing I needed to help me build some serious persuasion muscle.

    {How I Stumbled Upon My Real Calling}

    By day I focused on health consulting. But I spent night after bleary-eyed night hunched over every sales letter and copywriting book I could get my hands on from the likes of legends like John Carlton, Gary Halbert and Gary Bencivenga.
    Two years into my practice, I began picking up writing clients on the side. I developed a full-blown addiction to copywriting, slowly transitioned into writing full-time and scaled back my consulting. I’ve been over the moon ever since.

    Copywriting allows me to earn a living from indulging two of my passions: marketing and writing. I don’t take this privilege for granted, which is why I fiercely dedicate myself to my clients’and their projects.

    It also reunited me with my original love of marketing, which eventually led me to back branding.

    My infatuation with branding originated in college. Over the years, I’ve studied many different types of branding, which lead me to start my own company, Flesh and Brand.

    Flesh and Brand is a play on the expression flesh and bone. Your brand is your company’s “skeleton,” and your copy is the “flesh” that curves around these bones to give them depth. My branding style is a blend of direct-response copywriting + storytelling + traditional advertising.

    I’ve created many brands over the years, and I absolutely love helping entrepreneurs and company owners unleash their identities and passions onto the world.

    My goal is to align my clients with their ideal audience, so they’ll do more than just serve them; they’ll fight hard for them. I stress to my clients that their audiences are not numbers or dollar signs. They’re real people with visceral beliefs and emotions. And they don’t want to invest their hard-earned money into just anyone, They want to buy from individuals and companies that they believe in. They want the businesses they invest in to fight on their behalf. They crave a message that they can rally behind and passionately scream out loud.

    They want to buy from companies that acknowledge their own flaws and vulnerabilities and showcase their humanity. (I learned a lot about revealing your true brand story from John Carlton’s candid tale and Dan Kennedy’s revelation about his alcoholism and failed marriages.)

    My mission in life is to help business owners create brands where their audience are the true heroes, and they function as trusted guides who lead them to victory!

    I know, my approach to branding may seem over the top, (melodramatic much?), but it puts a smile on my face each and every morning and makes me feel truly blessed.

    Eventually, I want to devote a sizable chunk of my income to humanitarian causes, like yourself, and to get really hands on in working with college kids to some capacity. But first, I must get my business firing off all on cylinders, which I will accomplish with your help.

    Russell, you’re more than just a successful marketer, you live your truth and are a genuine human being. God Bless you and your beautiful family!

    — Taheerah

    P.S. – What happened to your podcast, are you still going to make new episodes? I want to hear your new intro song 🙂

  38. Dave says:

    Hello Russell
    I enjoyed your story, I to grew up in Idaho and went to BYU. I ordered your book and read your emails because after I graduated I had a great career for 21 years while raising a family and doing well. Suddenly the career was gone and I have been struggling really bad ever since, with 2-3 low pay jobs to make ends meet. Just finding time to study and branch out into something else has been very difficult because of my schedule but I am still working at it. Listening to you has givin me some hope.

  39. Gail says:

    Dear Russell,

    Wept with you over the painful & lengthy journey to having your first child. The passion you carry to impact people’s lives, I find so power-PACKED and encouraging because one must plow into the fiber, gifting, experiences of one’s own life to find those elements that make you YOU: that LIGHT your FIRE: those elements that God uniquely designed in YOU which HE purposes to make the world, micro & macro, a better place. Each of us have those special features from which we can contribute to our BIG GLOBAL FAMILY. It is like you are tapping into the same power explosion that took the MEGA business computer of yester-century into the hands of JohnDOE folks that equipped each of us for exponential growth…LOVE IT AND YOU! THANK YOU seems a little small offering for such BIG equipping!

    So What are mine?…still exploring, found GREAT JOY in assisting others with their health: spirit, soul & body-wise, discovered that my gifting is as a teacher within the heart of a GIVER who provides access to resources needed to equip others for their call/purpose/destiny in LIFE, am exploring real estate and the possibility of building tiny homes so the next generation can flourish even though debt looms large on the horizon.

    Russell, your story and those written above bring such sweet HOPE. My heart is jumping up&down inside! I purchased the ClickFunnel this past summer…have been so busy with real estate that I haven’t even broken it out, but I’m freshly inspired to do so…I believe that I have access to a phenomenal natural supplement…why a supplement? Current soil quality is SO grossly depleted by conventional farming methods so all of conventional US food is, too: World to follow that same path unless we shift the trajectory. We MUST have REGULAR, GOOD QUALITY nutrition to be vibrant, healthy people…that would be mentally, emotionally, reproductively, sustainably powerful people. Come to think of it, I also have access to heirloom seed which nourishes soil NATURALLY and at same time, nourishes animals that need food during the winter months! BUT…not sure how to take that first step toward putting these out there…could fear be a small component of what is holding me back? Duh! YES!!! So Russell, do you have a DotComSecret that can administer a swiff kick in the backside to launch folks off their duff? I believe I could use one or two depending on where I am when you get this note!

    Thanks ever so much for taking all those first steps that have brought you to the place in which you currently run!

    Wanting to run…walking with a cane temporarily…Ever grateful for your input!


  40. Hey, Russell;

    Very inspirational and heartwarming story – as well as the other stories here, (couldn’t stop reading them!).

    So, I graduated from a state college in Vermont (Castleton), in 1981 with degrees in combined science – biology, and chemistry.
    Went to work out of college – but not in the sciences – I wanted to be my own boss. I had a chance to buy a little restaurant (I grew up in a restaurant family), married my college sweetheart, and we built that little restaurant up so it was rockin’. We would sell over a ton of French fries on just the weekends.
    The store across the street became available, so we bought that at auction, and so began my entrepreneurial career.
    Over the next 10-15 years, we would sell a business and start another – trailer park, apartment building, and small business center, and we are a US Postal owner as well.
    At 35, I started Aquacheck Laboratory, Inc. and built a nice NELAC accredited environmental lab which we ran for 18 yrs., then sold to a larger competitor. All good Stuff.
    We had two spectacular boys, who still bring me huge joy and pride every day – one a senior in college, one a senior in H.S. Both awesome kids, and high achievers as well as very good athletes.
    I had saved a good amount of money, and built (did it myself to save money) a beautiful home in the country next to a stream with hiking trails, a heated in ground pool, etc. (appraisal last yr = 400K).
    I could see the possibility of not having to work so hard every day coming around the corner.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t see the divorce coming. My ex wife and I are still great friends, but I guess we worked too hard together all those years, and burnt each other out. I gave her the house and barn, most of the cash, and three vehicles – because she is still the mother of my boys, and I want her to be comfortable.
    Now to the present, at 57, with a small business I am running and still run, (Aquaplates Prepared Media Plates, Inc.), and nothing to fall back on.
    I was essentially back at square one financially, and struggling to get ahead.
    With college bills and everything else it has been a challenge. I thought the best way to make money was online, and have been following other marketers for years.
    Then I thought – the best way to maybe help myself, is to help others First.
    So last year I started a podcast called, “Breathing Easy” where I interview medical professionals about different aspects and solutions for those suffering with COPD and/or asthma (like I do).
    The website that goes with it is called, http://www.mycopdtreatment.com which is of course all free for anyone to view, and listen to previous podcasts.
    I need some help growing that portion, and then maybe I can gain some revenue at some point when there is enough momentum/traffic.

    I also invented, The EyeglassDock (www.eyeglassdock.com) which is a great device for helping folks to safely store their glasses. It is a great device, and I am trying to figure out, on a budget, how to grow that site to provide some income as well.

    It’s a long, sometimes frustrating journey, but I’m hoping it will all come together with a bit of time and a lot of effort. I could sure use some constructive direction to help me go forward.

  41. Shane Boyd says:

    After I was run over by a truck and had to have brain surgery in order to live, I quickly realized that life is too short to live a life that doesn’t matter. Not everybody gets second chances, but I did. And I wanted to make it count. The only problem was, I was “stuck” in a dead end job that I didn’t like. In 1999 I went from working in a garage, installing tires and truck bed liners to working for my dad’s construction company (another dead end job that I didn’t like). It wasn’t until 2004 that the entrepreneurial bug hit me and my life has never been the same.

    In 2004 I started a home inspection company. Things were good. I did over 220 inspections the first year (industry average is about 100 for your 1st year). I soon realized I was not in the inspection business, but in the marketing business. And so my love for marketing, advertising and public speaking began. But again, I was “stuck” in a job that I ended up hating. And I only stayed because I was being paid well, until the end of 2008.

    The great recession hit my industry…hard! I wanted a way out, but I had no formal training. I knew I loved marketing, but I didn’t have the credentials to enter a career in marketing. So I started college (at the age of 32) in 2010. I earned and Associates in Arts, then a Bachelors in Marketing, then by the end of 2014, I had earned an MBA. I graduated head of my class. But that wasn’t the real reward. It was there that I found my calling. I found the reason why I was given a second chance. And it had nothing to do with me. My purpose was to help others.

    Students began asking me questions about marketing and public speaking and business. During group projects, students really wanted to work with me over anyone else. Even college professors would talk to me about my business and marketing prowess. Apparently, the hundreds of marketing and motivational books I read were finally paying off. My speeches were much better, my message was helping people (students and educators) and my purpose finally began to unfold before my eyes. I was gifted with the ability to help people discover their God given talents, and then use their talents to craft a business, that not only serves others, but one that makes them happy and wealthy.

    Today, I’m a business coach and speaker. What I do is help improve the quality of lives for small business owners by helping them improve their business lives. I help small business owners increase their profits without increasing their advertising costs, guaranteed. I do this by unleashing the business owner’s hidden marketing assets and developing a USP. After the USP is developed, I teach them how to unleash their USP in every facet of their business. My Objective: To increase a small business owner’s profits by 30%-60% or more in 90 days or less without increase advertising costs.

    My business is still in its infancy phase. However, I’m 100% confident that by January 1st, my vocation will not only be how I earn a living, but it will be my ministry. You see, I believe I’ve been given a second chance at life. And I’m using that second chance to help others live happier lives. You see, as a business owner, I know that when the money is good…life is good. And it’s my mission to help business owners live ridiculously awesome lives, just the way God intended.

    Since I’m a believer, (in Jesus), I’ve decided to niche my business coaching practice down to Christian business owners. I believe I’ll have more affinity in this niche. Plus, many Christian business owners feel that marketing is somehow ugly or dirty. But the way I see it, Jesus sold us on eternal life over 2,000 years ago. And, there are over 2 billion people spending that message. Now THAT, my friend, is some pretty good marketing.

  42. Diane says:

    Hi Russell,
    I am 64 and older than most of your readers. I believe your wife, your faith, your honesty, integrity, passion, work ethic and generosity are your greatest
    My story, I have lived with chronic health issues since childhood but persistence and by the grace of God I continue to defy the medical odds and astounded my doctors repeatedly. I have worked 11 years when I was told I would never be able to again after a traumatic brain injury, I have 2 wonderful sons though I was told I should never get pregnant, instead of a steady decline in my health from a neuromuscular disease since childhood, I am stronger today than I was 20 years ago and…..
    My greatest asset is to give people hope and help them improve the quality of their lives. My goal is to help baby boomer women recover and thrive from burnout and find commit to a passion to serve the world.
    and my greatest asset has

  43. Nathan says:

    I want to start a brewery. It’s a crazy idea, but a guy’s gotta have a dream.

    I was working at a job I loved. I was working in grants, giving away money for people to help the environment. I had great pay and great benefits, like 3 weeks of vacation each year. I felt good about my work and I got a lot of stamps in my passport from all the 3-week vacations.

    Then we had a change in management. It’s a long story, but the doctor told me to take 30 days off, he put me on drugs. They say a job isn’t worth your health, so I walked out.

    I didn’t know what to do. I considered what’s important. I came up with ideas. I decided to follow a crazy idea to start a brewery. When my partners and I realized we were trying to do different things, we went our separate ways.

    I had been interviewed on a podcast about the business of beer, and I kept listening along each week while I was writing my business plan. Then I was absolutely shocked when, in the 12th episode, the host said he couldn’t keep doing it. So I called him up and asked if he’d let me take it on in his absence.

    He said yes, so I’ve been publishing MicroBrewr website and MicroBrewr Podcast for a year now. It’s a great way to get inside the business of craft breweries and learn how to do something for which I am realizing I am totally unqualified and ill-equipped. But hey, a guy has to have a dream. And it’s a really great feeling to get a tweet, or an email from halfway around the world thanking me for spending the time to help them out.

    Meanwhile, I still don’t have a job. And my money is running out fast. I don’t know why I’m still doing it. Something compels me. And I don’t really know how to turn it from a podcast and blog into an online business that can at least pay the bills, and maybe even put a little seed money in the bank to one day start a brewery of my own.

    Thank you for sharing your story. And thank you for asking for my story.

  44. Hi Russell!
    Iv been struggeling with Internet Marketing for about 6years now.
    Collecting informatioin.
    One ceo here in Sweden was saw down the idea of Internet Marketing,
    but i still KNOW that i possess a lot of useful knowledge that i can turn into
    success in Internet Marketing and ecommerce. Bless You.Regards Peter,Sweden

  45. My name is Robin Coady Smith. I live in Hockessin, DE and work in New York City. Our footprint is national. I am the Founder of Privatus CI3O, a finance and management consultancy ( with strong EQ/IQ) dedicated to filling the gaps, flaws and competitor weaknesses in the business advisory and financial advisory and services industries, their interests in serving entrepreneurs in the mid-market (starting at $10million annual revenue) family business, up to $3billion annual revenue private or small cap public businesses spaces.
    Our focus is three-fold. The both the tangible and intangible risk drivers that thwart sustainable, thriving growth of the business. The absence of a strategic view or strategy to achieve the next levels. The misalignment of interests of advisors and family members around the transactions (sale, transfer, gift, divestiture, merger/acquisition, retention/growth) and the owner/family/staff (ownership, control shift or change) emotion based transition event that accompanies these.

    How This Got Started
    My career began in the late 1980s on Wall Street. I began with a Wall Street economist who provided economic forecasting for industry and financial firms. I left to join Bankers Trust Company, based in New York City in their Private Bank. I was responsible for seven of their largest multi-generational families who either continued to hold their business or had monetized this through a liquidity event. After eight years, I left to transition through multiple banks up and down the east coast. By 2000 I had a plethora of common reoccurring experiences under my belt of how institutions and their financial, business, legal and tax advisors DON’T serve the family business or respect the views and expectations of the business owner or family.
    So you might wonder what do these firms and their advisors serve? They serve assets under their management, entities that hold them (trusts and partnerships), taxes and wealth strategies. All too frequently, the business, a high risk asset, is ignored or passively held. The advice is highly technical and tactical and is more aligned with advisory objectives than owner or family expectations.
    Some examples
    An institution is accountable to its board and shareholders, not to its clients.
    A financial advisor is schooled in portfolio risk and diversification, not risk drivers in an asset. The solution is postured as the business is a disproportionate equity asset and to diversify that concentration let’s add fixed income, bonds.
    A legal advisor will look to shift assets through trusts and partnerships but doesn’t not address risk drivers in the business asset.
    A tax advisor focuses on taxes and reporting in the review mirror but doesn’t nothing around risk in the business asset.
    By 2001 I left the financial services space and jumped into the early formation of the family office space. I served a Chief of Staff to a significant family business and multi-generations of family around the aging entrepreneur and the transition of leadership and control of both the business and their family office AND the family, brought about by his declining health and then his death. None of this was anticipated or planned for by their advisors; financial, trustees, institutions, tax or legal.

    My co-founding partner, Carl Sheeler, PhD is a successful entrepreneur, corporate, military officer and strategist. He lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. As an acknowledged, IRS qualified valuation expert and Managing Director of the Family Business/Office group of Berkeley Research Group (BRG) he has worked with businesses both family, private and public around hard to value assets and stakeholder interests. He works with affluent entrepreneurial families and small cap public companies and advisors to minimize risk drivers and optimize business value using a strategic framework that begins with constituent intake to identify
    “gaps” and misalignment and ends with effective plan execution. It was around this, that we first met and joined forces for my first client.
    Privatus CI3O
    The firm began on the back of a napkin with Carl. It was my third business. The first two failed to take off but were predecessors to Privatus. This time, however, we going to back to the family business space, and starting with their own business, their options for their business and its transaction and the opportunities for the owner and family and their transition event. We begin where advisors don’t; what owner and family see as their end game and does it include the business or not and why not.
    What We Offer
    A unique blend of Tangible Products AND Intangible Services

    Tangible Products- technical
    • How to Grow a Thriving, Sustainable Business; c-suite, boards, advisors, family
    • Business Risk Oversight & Management with Options – identify, measure, manage, mitigate

    Intangible Services– family centric
    • Servant Leadership – How We Conduct Ourselves in Preparation, Resolving the 6T’s, Strategy
    • Chief of Staff – Demystify tradeoffs. Candor. Execute on business strategies, transitions and legacy building
    • Strategic Value Architect – influences value, harnesses trusted advisors’ wisdom with a formal ecosystem, an enterprise framework, alignment of optics, harmony of expectations

    Why am I Here?
    A cardinal rule in working with business owners is that we don’t approach them. They have to come to us. In otherwords, soliciting, cold calls, broadcasting emails, posting work on Linkedin and Slideshare and a traditional website, don’t work in generating leads. I am convinced we are NOT making it easy for them to engage us.

    We are a pre-revenue firm. We generate a lot of interest and traffic. Our identity is established with business owners.

    I’m here to learn how to do business on line and continually increase traffic, conversions and sales.

    I look forward to connecting with you, and thank you for sharing your story!

  46. shola raheem says:

    hey rusell,
    i have not received my dotcomsecret book since April. what is happening, i contacted your team but they said maybe it got lost in transit and they ship another one but have not yet received it since last 2month. i want you to find a solution to this problem. I need the book cos i wanna start my online marketing business soon. hope to hear from you.


  47. Greg Ryan says:

    Hi Russell,
    So far it has been a great experience and a big help to me to be introduced to you by my Tony Robbins coach. I recently attended my first live Tony Robbins Business Mastery event in Las Vegas, Nevada. My first start up business is an entire team sports coaching program. It basically addresses and solves problems and issues that team sports face today. These are for teams of all levels, amateur to professional. Back in 2010 I wrote and self published my first book called “Why Not, Coach ?’. This past January I was offered and signed on with a publisher Tate Publishing, to redo and publish the same book. It is about my experiences growing up playing on 3 different sports teams from an early age into high school. I offer solutions to all the problems and issues that sports teams still face today. I ‘am also having an interactive website built called teamsportcoaches.com it is being built and hosted by bluehost.com. I also talk about the interactive website in the book. The website will serve as a tool for it ‘s paid members to interact on and address sports teams problems and issues. I know that you having been an accomplished athlete yourself, would be interested and enjoy learning about my company. I would love to send you a signed copy of my book so you might better understand how we can most effectively work together. Please just forward me the address to send it to. Also, if you like you can buy an E book version from my publisher, Tate publishing and learn about it right away. I have already signed up for sales funnel session this Wednesday Sept. 16th. I will attend both session. Also I viewed your High Ticket Secrets.com video last night and thought that it was Awesome !!! I ‘am already sold on that one and I ‘am excited about discussing it with you. Right after viewing your video, I just happened to turn on the TV and came across the college football game BYU vs. Boise State. I know from listening to your story earlier I had to watch it. What a great game. I hope you were all right with BYU winning the game, even though they dropped your wrestling program. Looking forward to talking with you. Thanks again,

    Greg Ryan

    1 (631) 805 2487

  48. Sean Jantz says:


    Just wanted to tell you about my craziest law of attraction story so far. Last week I bought your book, and just this last Friday, I was devouring most of your videos and ordered your webinar secrets and the split test book. I currently live in Twin Falls, ID and was at the Boise airport this Saturday waiting at the terminal, and literally I was reaching into my bag to grab your book and I’m almost certain I saw you walk by as you got off your plane. It caught me off guard for a second, and I was like, “There’s no way that’s him” as I’m picking up your book at the exact same time. I didn’t get the best look but wanted to see if you landed in Boise on Saturday or not.

    I’ve been a day trader for a lil over 3 years now and have had some good success and am an avid teacher and wanted to share to everybody what I do and how I do it. Exactly a year ago, I started a day trading education company and I have grown my subscriber base very quickly with little to no advertising and am not strategic at anything I do to gather more clients and customers. Hence why I searched for somebody like you to where I could get some tips. I’m loving your stuff so far. Maybe one day I’ll run into you again and I also thought about applying for your elite marketing group that you have. Thanks for everything.

    Sean J.

  49. Carlos says:

    Hi Russell, congratulations for stepping up into business and having the courage to launch, invest, create and sell products. I’m a French professor and I speak 3 languages and I’m thinking of putting out a language course online, but I really haven’t found anyone who has learned that way and I’m afraid that investing so much time and resources into creating it will not sell well.
    Thanks for sharing your story, take care!

  50. Russell,

    Thank you for the opporoutnity to tell our stories. As I’ve heard you and many others in this niche’ say, the story is one of the most important part of the relationship you build with your customers.

    Mine has it’s own interesting twists and turns. Starting out as a small town kid in northern Minnesota I’ve been running businesses since I was a kid (mowing lawns and shoveling snow. I was able to build that business up to almost a dozen customers by the age of 10.

    When I hit high school and started working for other people I always ran into trouble because I was constantly thinking about what’s the next business I can start, while routinely not over performing at the job I was hired to do. I believe this is a God thing telling me I need to pursue the opportunities out there to help other people achieve their goals by sharing my success in business.

    Though high school in the 90’s I played a big part in bringing the next generation of snowboarding and alternative sports to my small town. From working with the ski resort staff to help build the first of its kind snowboard parks to the hills and organizing competitions to appealing to the city council to build skate parks around town. Although not achieved in my time in high school, shortly after leaving the city did in fact build a park for this genre and I am humbled to know I played at least a small part in this achievement.

    Regarding business, the same holds true today. It’s a personal defect of mine. Although I do my best when working for someone else, my true passion lies in helping other people achieve their business goals. I’ve been a part of 19 start ups in the last 15 years. Some have gone on to do millions in revenue while the majority have fallen flat and occasionally, dug in large hole.

    What I’ve learned in these travels is to never stop learning about the business you’re in, and most important, do not get into any business you do not have a passion for. I tried to help friends get their business’ launched, but as the business grew, there was no longer a need for me to be there as the most enjoyable part of these ventures was to get them off the ground, then move on. Unfortunately at many of these companies I stuck around longer than I should have an became unhappy with what became ‘the job’.

    On to my internet and affiliate marketing life! I bought the DotComSecrets course when it was still on CD way back when, but never took much action on it… My bad…
    A few years later I get turned on to another online/offline program which helped people start online businesses through using a phone system and a premade website. I know enough to be dangerous and sent these prospects through a site I created on my own and low and behold, I started building a list!

    Unfortunately, even though I began to see success there, I had a life issue which had been building for a number of years and finally took me down. That of being an alcoholic.

    For the last 3 years I’ve had the uphill battle of overcoming my demons through the process of recovery. I’ve re-established long hurt relationships, rebuilt burnt bridges and have been blessed to have each day to now improve myself and get back to helping others achieve their dreams.

    I started back with affiliate/online marketing about 5 months ago. I had a good day job and funds to put towards relearning the market, catch up on current practices and get started in my business again. Unfortunately, shortly there after, another life challenge brought me down a different path and that job was no longer available.

    Since then I’ve been piecing together the tools I need to start helping people. Between launching a podcast last month to video marketing, article writing to social media, I’ve been all over the place starting to build a following and at the same time, following the advice of people like yourself who have been down the online start up road and doing my best to implement the strategies are being presented.

    I love what I’m doing with online marketing, am very excited to be a part of ClickFunnels, and am working on what I’m calling a Super Funnel, using several team members to build a funnel using an auto-dialer, email sequence, webinars, automated webinars, and live events starting in the next couple of months.

    Thank you again for the chance to tell my story, all the best to all of you! Please feel free to contact me any time to talk marketing, life, the universe, or anything.

    Best regards,

    Michael Kearney

  51. Khumbudzo says:

    Hi Russell first of all I must complement you on the good deeds you are doing out there they are really priceless and you deserve all the best that comes your way it’s not often that people can dedicate their lives to others without expecting something in return but with you I see that you have taken a different road. From everything I have read and seen on the videos I think it also just increases my mind set more to know that helping others is not about me but about the other person I am helping. I am also someone who just want to duplicate what you are doing and to have an impact in other people’s lives, I grow up in a place where opportunities were not easy to come by you had to fight for what you wanted to become and I believe now that I am close to achieving most of the things I want in life. Currently I am a 23 year old final year university student and it wasn’t easy to get to this position I had to pray, fight and have faith in myself that I was going to get to where I wanna be in. The people I grew up with most of them have been derailed by a lot of things in their lives that I use to think that they won’t achieve anything in their lives anymore, but I found it in myself that I must do something about it because I have been given the opportunity to do something for them through what I will achieve and I fully believe that I am in the right place with the help I will get from you. I am someone who wants to change the bad habits that the youth from my area experiences and show them that whatever they can conceive and believe in their mind it can be achieved. I want to help change those people’s lives because I know that if they change their lives it does not only help them but also their families and they can also help others that way it will be impacting a lot of lives. I am here because I have a strong belief that this is the right place for my life to change while also changing other people’s lives through the things I will gain from you. I want to learn all the things that will help me start a business online and gather all the information that will make it a success and to pass on the knowledge to others.

  52. Paul Ward says:

    Hi Russell, what a nice bloke you are.
    My story is very complex, the brief digester, is as follows.

    I had been in IT since 1980 (Anyone remember those big clunky IBM 360’s ?) until a couple of years ago. In the space of a year, my wife was found to have a terminal illness, I was made redundant at 52, we lost our home with 4 years left to pay it off.
    After 2 years, I’m just starting to get things back together. But with age not on my side employment is very had to get, and I have to care for my wife, therefore I REALLY NEED to be able to work at home to be able to look after her and bring money in.
    One advantage I have, is my many years of IT experience, I’ve been working on PC’s for about 20 years now and have many skills, what I am lacking in is knowledge of how to monetize online work.
    My research has shown me “the money is in the list” but without the funds for SOLO ADS I couldn’t see a way of getting one.
    I hope this will show me the way. Hard work isn’t a problem, neither is enthusiasm. This has to be a game changer for me.
    I can now look forward instead of back !!!
    Thanks for reading

  53. Hello my name is Corey Reese, very nice to meet you! Awesome Story and mission. I would be happy to offer my photo/cinema services (www.coreyreesephotography.com) to you for help fine tuning my project. He is a little of my story, growing up my dream was to play Pro Football, funny part about that was my Mom didn’t want me to play because she felt I was too small. Finally my Dad convinced her to let me play that year 12 years old as a first year player I ran for over a 1000 yards with 13 touchdowns. I went on to play high school and received a full scholarship to play college football at a small school in North Carolina. I started as a true freshman and went on to play 4 great years (degree in Computer Information Systems). Didn’t make it to the pro’s but as a joke one of my best friends said if we didn’t make you would see us on billboards and magazine’s modeling. He was tragically killed at a party before we walked the stage 4 months before graduation. Heart Broken I set out to keep my end of the deal. After finishing school (2002) I moved back home started working with an airline and started modeling here and there. That Joke I made with my late friend turned into being blessed to be featured on billboards in times square, cosmopolitan magazine 50 sexiest bachelor issue, regis and kelly, today show, print ads everywhere to name a few. In the turn of 2006 I picked up the camera and at first I didn’t consider myself a photographer so I coined the phase model with a camera that I felt best represented my journey at the time. By the time I made it to the year of 2008 I left my corporate job as a System Administrator for a Maintenance and Engineering software called Trax to pursue photography full time. A couple months after I left I was booked on a new show that aired on BET called Welcome To Dreamland as a photographer. From there I have went on to become a Celebrity Photographer & Cinematographer and have been published and on tv and magazines as a model, actor, photographer– just had my short film air on a network in August 2015 as a cinematographer. Pretty exciting times because now I get to bottle everything I have learned along the way to teach the next generation. My now wife introduced me to network marketing (2014 body by vi) which opened my eyes to how to take that same exact concept and apply it to Corey Reese! I love the new Car Promotion you launched with Clickfunnels with the Same Concept, I have a BMW being paid for by the networking marketing company lol. Back to it, I get so many request for training from new photographers looking for advice that I decided to create training that I put on youtube in 2011. It went over super well with over 100k video views to date but I didn’t capitalize on the buzz I created back than with no email list and only 2,000 subscribers right now. Fast forward back to now Sept 2015 It’s redemption time. I have completed full training membership site with clickfunnels coreyreese.com and would love to get feedback. Only about $500 made so far but my goal was 5,000 enrollment first month but it didn’t happen lol, Now it’s time to fine tune sales copy, funnel and turn my offer into a converting machine! Glad to be here. Hope to WIN The Extreme Funnel Makeover, to have my project picked for testing. Thanks so much.

  54. Carol says:

    Hello Russell,
    I’m a 55 year old lady into mlm recruiting with a lot to learn in the mysterious online world we live in. But with a thirst for knowledge and eager to learn, I’m not after being a millionaire, being successful is more important to me, of course one will follow the other.
    I have two grown up children but I’ve not been blessed with grandchildren yet, I ran a retail business for 25 years from the age of 22 which was quite successful and allowed me to invest in real estate which gives me a steady income but doesn’t fill my need to “run a business ” MLM lights my passion

  55. Dilfredo says:

    I will write my short history Russell, after see your history that is moving and inspirational. I did a traditional jorney throught my life. I was born in Caracas Venezuela and have living here all my life, I get a chemical degree as medium tech, something like your bachelor I think. I studied chemistry in the university while working because I got married at 20 . My first daugther Dayana was bornwhen I was 21. I got my degree and continue studying now industrial engineering . I developed a carrer as employ, working in applied science, especially applied electrochemistry. I was very busy during 15-18 years and then I read a book that change my wayof think about the money. Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I tried to initiate a bussiness without success because I did not know more than electrochemistry. so I find MLM with a nutrition company and I begun part time, after some time I decided to do my Bz full time to develop it. Since that desicion I have been strugling trying to apply what I learn in the company trainings, that is must the traditional way to do the things, I want to develop a better way and that is why I interested in what you do. I want to create a system that help me to impact positively more people. now I have 55, my daugthers are both profesionals and I do not have a pressure from them, but I seriously want to impact people, because I know that this will help me to realice my dreams.

  56. Russell,

    Well gosh I am more of a sob story…Lol…I started out in the internet after being fired from a $10.00 an hour job in HR. After we lost our HR Manager in a very small transportation business, I found out I was not being promoted to HR Manager, but assuming all the duties of his job without getting the promotion. I was then placed under the umbrella of the office manager who ran a small satellite cellular store of three people. She didn’t like me because I am very good at not sharing private information. I guess she thought she should get to know?

    Anyway I decided that my skills needed to be put to better use and I started to look for a way out. I was fired for applying for other jobs and not apologisong to the owner when he found out. It was quiet the blow because I was a single mom of four at the time.

    I started working online as a VA and made enough to pay the bills but it was a struggle. I found myself working for a very well-know speaker and author and I started with her doing small thing, but since prior to my divorce and move I was a teacher, the transition into that world was for me to make. I started to help her write her programs and bonus materials as well as her sales presentations. I am still currently working with her.

    Needless to say, what you can make from a program of this nature is upwards of $30,000 a client! (Of course you are buying the speakers name and reputation, which I do not have). Needless to say I want my share…go figure…so I decided to find a way to launch my programs and my book. I have a book coach and I am a follower of a lot of big names in my industry so it is really hard to say how I found you…but I am so happy that I did. I am hoping that Click Funnels will be the secret to my success without having to become a speaker/salesperson and take years to establish a rep….not really my cup of tea!

  57. Hi Russell,

    I had a very successful corporate career with large communications companies. In 2001 I struck out to build my own businesses in healthcare education. Our current website is focused on educating both healthcare providers and consumers / patients on the latest in healthcare knowledge and technologies. We create educational materials for projects around the world. And we teach medical writing to science and medical professionals from over 30 countries. We’re focused on improving the world’s health, one project at a time.

  58. Ravit says:

    Well I’m single mother of 2 boy soli 11 and girl edden 10
    And always wanted to be available for my kids..and so I start sale on line..
    Which don’t seem too easy..
    I don’t have business..
    I want to b able to make money and sopourt my kids and provide them with wants / needs

  59. Marc Boissy says:

    Hello Russell,

    Thank for sharing your knowledge and experiences, it is really valuable information. I am still a young rookie in the business and marketing area especially. I have started my own company in Belize, which is a little ecological resort named Belize Adventure Inc. (www.belizeadventureinc.com). I came across your clickfunnel website and I was wondering how I could apply this to my own website or rebuild it on clickfunnel but I am not selling items, I am “selling” nights on specific dates, people can book online with a link to an associated external calendar and pay their deposit. I am not sure where to start. I have subscribed to your 14 days trial and would like to take full advantage of it.

    Thanks in advance!

  60. Russell:

    I am both an attendee and speaker at Brian Lofrumento’s IM Summitt. My topic was gold old outbound marketing and how inbound techniques can be used with outbound. I am slowly turning my company around from strictly outbound marketing provider to a combined outbound/inbound provider for our clients. I am interested in your success.


    Victor Clarke

  61. Linda says:

    Hi Russell, i started to build a website re Diabetes Care prior to an accident i had in the first week of September. I am now recovering a 400 km drive from home – unfortunarely without my desktop. I am continuing to build this website using my phone, hoping that when I get home, it will be 80% or more complete. Because of my age and my skillset, i will probably not find suitable employment in the field i have been trained in.
    Therefore i really cannot fail at creating a business online. I have also created products that i am prepared to give away – they are quality information products, fully referenced and easy to read.
    I have ordered your book and I’m anticipating it’s speedy arrival so I can start on this new venture.

  62. Hey Russel,
    How are you doing?
    Well I started searching on line 3 months ago and is struggling to make money on line. see I am new to all this and I am not a tech person. I have basic computer skills and have Aweber as a Autoresponder, but still I don`t know how to send out mails through the system everyday need step by step training, I have this website, which someone hook up for me to advertise Traffic Monsoon, then I am with the 7 minute profit, but all the money I invest did not get back, so now I am at a loss, really need your help here. I want to become successful on line. Just am a bit broke.

  63. David says:

    Thanks Russell for making this space available. I am always amazed at how much I get out of answering questions like this, especially watching doubt evaporate as I start plotting my path forward.

    Your Story…
    I’ve spent much time gaining experiences. I’ve been well educated, and have learned a lot more to be able to connect my experiences in a meaningful way to the world in which I live. This is the long-winded way of saying I spent a lot of time unsure and pursuing different things, always keeping an eye over my shoulder for the fraud police, and finally realizing that the only one who thought I am not the real deal was I.

    So what I’ve done is deliver newspapers, build homes, yard and maintenance work, hotel reception, retail sales, excursion ship crew, farming and agricultural service work, teach people to take standardized tests, get a B.S. in Animal Science, go to Law School, get licensed in four U.S. States, opened my own practice and do all sorts of legal work (and some real estate brokerage on the side), been on the board of my synagogue and another non-profit, run a nursery school, moved to another country, got a teaching license, taught English, qualified as a lawyer in another country.

    Along the way, I built my own motorcycle, fixed my own cars, ran four and half marathons (another half scheduled for December), rowed more than 15 million meters, and impacted thousands of lives through work I’ve done with a company called Landmark, which gives a series of courses that help us to relate to our worlds and the people in them.

    Most important, and this is an area where I’ve never really had any doubt, I’ve raised four amazing kids (now ages 11 – 17) and still have an amazing relationship with my wife twenty years on

    and now . . .
    I am a coach, facilitator, and on-line marketing guy (particularly enthralled by CRO), which are all pretty much about arranging your life and your message to get the results you want.

    Who are you?
    I am a fellow traveler who gets his kicks out of helping people get what they want in life. The current expressions of that are coaching, helping businesses manage their on-line presence to best drive their business, and a course (inspired by Tucker Max) on Being the Man that Women Want.
    My themes for this year are celebration, success and fun.

    Why are you here?
    I am here first because Ben Adkin’s sent me, and now that I’ve seen clickfunnels, to use it to run my courses as they are built.

    Are you here to learn how to start a business online?
    Actually, more to get on-track with actually taking the actions that requires. I have most of the pieces; now I have to activate them and get the word out.

    Do you already have a business, but you want to learn how to grow your company?
    I have a well-defined concept. I wouldn’t really call it a business until I’ve monetized it.

  64. Paulette says:

    Hi! My name is Paulette and my story is that I am a mother of four handsome boys and I don’t have a job and no type of income. I go out everyday looking for a job never found one yet.

  65. Hey Russell,

    I want to say thank you for all the info you have been sharing. It all has been worth the money. I think I have now spent over a $1,000 with you and I would do it again. I am working on a new website right now and am using your scripts in inception. To awesome to explain. It makes them really easy.

    I have been marketing now for 5 years online and mainly focus on local businesses. I love using click funnels for them!!!

    Keep up the good work.



  66. Tim Falkner says:

    Hey Russell, I have always done ok in life I’ve owned a few businesses from retail to financial, on the side I have always done direct sales or network marketing. In 1999 I joined a company and dead relativly well, but corporate decisions made me reconsider my involvement with that particular company… I went back into business for my self and did really well in the financial world. We owned a mortgage branch and I held a corporate Job with a large financial company. In 2008 that bubble burst ( Started over ) I came up with a niche purchasing job for my self, sold the Idea to some business and did ok for 4 to 5 years….I have 4 beautiful children and a beautiful wife and I found myself traveling and hating it because my family was always 300 miles away because of my travels… I was introduced to a network marketing company and my wife by side we became million dollar earners in just two years and were making right at seven figures by the end of my third year. I am currently still with the company, but have become a little stagnate, also we have put a lot of money into our business…Meeting space, events, recognition ..etc you know. Three years ago while in intense prayer seeking direction I felt like the Lord gently nudge me to the internet…So My beautiful, brilliant wife, started a blog, then a web site, mostly for giving training, recognition, support and with hopes of some branding as well… Wasted some time @@@…@@@ fast forward three years…Ive done every wrong…. Except for the blog , which gave us some insight to how, why , when people come, read , click on, are interested by…You get the picture. So back three years ago I had talked with a online marketing GURU 🙂
    and he for a large fee was gonna hook me up. I got excited my wife said I was being taken so I backed out… and basically have been stuck in the mud or concrete for the past 24 or so months, concerning any kind of internet marketing.
    OK so I recently saw a GURU advertising his funnel and he was going to build me one like his for around 500 dollars and I ended up getting an email sent to me with your funnel hacking launch training …:) and have never received said buildit for me traffic funnel landing page with some traffic etc…. I received the email with your Funnel Hacking launch. It was worth the 500 because you encouraged me to watch, listen, and learn. The problem I have is more of a language problem. Because I’ve only done minimal blogging and web site stuff I’m learning way slower than I would like. I am a bit add and loose focus when I become frustrated. So I am trying to learn.. Split test, sales funnel. book funnel. fee fi of funnel.Its a lot to learn. Now that being said I would like to commend you for your informative teachings via videos, blog , stuff you send , periscope, social media.. but i have to tell you for me its a bit over whelming. You are like million miles an hour everywhere and I’m still in funnel hacking and cloneing and i know there was a point you mentioned letting us use it for free for a mont or two to play around and learn….I REALLY NEED THIS … i need a plan from A to B because i really need focus .. Right now I need leads, I need some direction getting a lead funnel going, but I’m not so great at teaching my self. I will tell you that the stuff you are teaching really excites me i feel like there is hope, I have been in this funk of despair and i have been nonstop watching learning listening over and over and over but it is ALOT but I have always cloned or watched, gleaned, out in the world to figure out how to make a living….Similar to your wrestling story but in business. (Side note I have three boys who wrestle) So yeah me how to do a takedown on this funnel frenzy I’m in and ill be indebted….I really am excited about learning it all and like rocket shipping through the cyber space and using what I’m learning and in time i promise I will use it all, I am so excited, Any Direction you can enlighten me with …I am also planning on a white label product and am just getting my website together as well a friend is working on that, so it will be next…..HELP 🙂 Thanks Russell

  67. Ryan Naylor says:

    Hi Russell. I must admit, your story was touching – certainly got me teary eyed ;o) Glad things have worked out for you and your family.

    I can’t say I really have a story, but my desire has always been the same – to work with a great team and share in the success of working together. Finding good people to work with has been my biggest challenge – so I’m hoping learning how to use your products will show people I have valid ideas and business goals.

    I often remind myself of the Flywheel Concept in the book Good to Great by Jim Collins. It’s the sequence or process of events that lead to a ‘break through’. In other words, success isn’t a specific moment, it’s a process.

    Many people, including myself – and especially when we come across products and businesses like yours – think once we buy it, buyers will automatically buy our products and services. It’s a very hard reality to learn, accept and implement. I guess my story is that I’ve spent years looking into these types of businesses, doing my best to make something of them. Obviously, I haven’t given up. So, I become part of the flywheel…little by little, progress is being made, until one day – it sustains itself.

    Thanks for your time.

  68. Hey Russell,

    Thanks for being here to help us out. I’m currently seeing clients, building my new website (joyfromwithin.guru) and using clickfunnels to promote my Wife’s product the Emotional Eating Solution.

    I gotta say, we love clickfunnels (our user name is Dave Braxton, he’s another business partner guy here with his own product.)

    We haven’t made any serious sales. Right now, I am looking into what I can do to fix my tripwire. I expect it’s the language on the page.

    I come from an IT background but, am deep into meditation, EFT/Tapping (an energy healing technique) and mindfulness. That’s where Joy From Within comes from and I intend to make it the focus (and revenue stream) for the rest of my life.

    That’s my story.

  69. allan staton says:

    wow, that was powerful took me to my knees , thank god for you and your wife! and kids. my story is not a exciting story it is a story about a boy raised on the farm- me and from the times i can remember its a life of work work work. my dad who is no longer with us, he was a mans man, he worked 7 days a week most of his life and expected the same from me. and to make a long story short im wore out, california is running out of water and the powers to be with the chem trails and war and all just want to lay down and give up. but i cant my kids are like you very important so that is my reason for being here i need some help and have never asked for help before not like this, i have never told this much about my life before so -well thank you for this click funnels even tho i dont know much about how this all works im good with a shovel and a plow thank you hope to connect soon with all of it!

  70. Hi Russell,

    Thanks for your inspiration and sharing your story.

    I have been online since 2007. I am the founder of a domain, hosting, email, etc. reseller site at http://www.internetdirectsolutions.com/. My main focus is helping people create domain email addresses. I created my first domain email address in 2004. I was tired of changing my email address every time I switched ISPs. My first email was on Juno and then when cable came to our area, I switched again. When I had to move in 2004 I created my domain email and switched everything to my new email address prior to moving. I share the complete story about this and my step by step guide to creating a domain email address on my site at ownemaildomain.net.

    I am currently starting another business to help people overcome their OCD through a new method I haven’t heard anyone else talking about. I am just getting started so all I have right now is a blank Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/virtualocdacademy and I am working on my webinar script and my membership videos. I am retired from the military and wanted to do something that made a difference in people’s lives. My sister reached out to our family about three years ago telling us that she couldn’t function due to her OCD. I have learned so much over my life about how to improve my own health and wellness that I was able to get her OCD free very quickly using what I have learned from my own experience. I felt that sharing this information with other OCD suffers would be a good way to give back and make a big impact on the world. If people what to know when the program is launched, they can like my blank Facebook page 🙂 and then of course they will receive updates once I am ready to launch the Virtual OCD Academy.

    Thanks again and God Bless.

  71. if you know my story online, you will pity me and my financial condition. Am from a country that people living around me do not believe in me, what i do and the internet. i strive hard to go online and look for programs and make money so i can’t correct the mentality around me. my friends and family mocks me when they see me with my laptop all day… they believe am useless and lazy and they go on and say negative about me… i wanna try and convince them but end up putting myself into trouble by following fake programs from these internet marketers thathave scammed me unconciously. i have wasted 400 dollars to fake and untruthful online program since 2011 when i have been online. The mockery is too much and the faith that i will come across one still drives me to not give up.
    So, i created a health blog {www.firstaidcure.com} to help people with their health problems because am a lover of health and have skills in using herbs and natural alternatives to help people with their problems, but no traffic, no sales, no conversions, no money to run the blog in terms of hosting plan and some other expenses. Am fed up with my life, my dreams, my goals and no help from anywhere, i won’t lie to you russell, i wanna give up….
    Now i met you just today and am about to find out who you really are but it is nice meeting you all the same…

  72. Noelle Quero says:

    I would love to post a video of my story. Anyway to do that? 🙂

  73. Well Sir, how do ya top a story that good, I hope for me it will be by making some money in 14 days. lol. Just kidding. I guess I should start by telling you that I have this domain name (MrMcDread) without a website or blog, a host computer and Auto Responder without traffic or leads, and a few products without a clue. My name is Brian McBride and it is my pleasure to meet you. I have been at this for about a Year, I guess you can say part time, but I’m ready to go all in. I relocated to Tampa Florida about three yrs ago from Massachusetts. I have 2 of the best children in the world with my friend and x-wife of 35+ yrs (long sad story, All I’ll say is, we lost a child that was as close to us as our own and it took a toll on our family). My son and his wife have given me the gift of 6 grandchildren and my daughter obtained her Masters degree in early childhood development. I am very proud of both. after our separation my wife and daughter moved back to the USVI my son and his wife remain in MA, in the only thing I had left to give them, my house. My sister also lives in MA. She is taking care of my Mother that is very sick. It took a lot of time and just about everything I owned to get over our loss, but by the will of god I have gotten back the energy to start over, I’m determined to get my family back on track. At 55yrs of age, ( and in very good health so far mind you) I know with the right guidance I’ll be able to return to my family a new man. Thank you for this Opportunity Russell, you are truly a good man changing lives.

  74. Ronny Howell says:

    I already Earn A Six Figure Income Russell!!!


    I’m a long haul truck driver up in Alberta Canada.

    Alberta is a very oil and gas rich province and I make a six figure income by delivering the most dangerous chemicals in the world to some of the largest oil producing companies in the world.

    Here are a few of the products I handle,…
    Caustic Soda
    Sulfuric Acid
    Ammonium Nitrate
    100% pure bleach (dangerous vapours)
    Hydrochloric Acid
    Molten Sulphur (heated to 155 degrees celcius)

    Plus many other chemicals that I cant pronounce, the producers of those just tell me,


    When I’m loading or unloading my truck I wear a full chemical suit, with heavy duty chemical boots, chemical gloves, a full respirator with mono goggles, plus a special hard hat with a built in face shield.

    It might sound like I’m safe with all that on but how I unload my truck is with the use of forced compressed air.

    I pressure up the tanks on my tanker trailers (yes I haul more than one trailer at a time called a super B, or B-train configuration) The air pressure is over 100 PSI, …that’s a LOT!

    So if a hose were to burst, or rupture, all that protective wear wouldn’t do me much good. Id be covered in highly flammable and ultra corrosive chemicals. It would eat through that stuff quickly. I personally know people who have died in this line of work from the chemicals that we handle.

    Plus, I travel on whats known as Alberta’s death highway, …highway 63.

    This stretch of highway is littered with those roadside crosses representing all the lives lost. In some spots there are groups of crosses where entire families have been wiped out.

    Add in the bad weather factor that we experience up here in the Canadian winter time and this has to rank up there with some of the most dangerous jobs on Earth in my opinion.

    I say all that to stress the point that while yes, I do make a nice living. I am trying desperately do get away from having to do this type of work.

    I recently bought the Funnelhacks membership and I’m hoping this will enable me to live my dream of earning 100K from home as an affiliate while I develop my product ideas and take things to the next level.

    So that’s MY story! 🙂


  75. Ryan says:

    Hey Russel,
    Love Click Funnels and your passion. A bit about me! I have spent the last 20 years doing promotions, marketing and sales. It has literally taken me around the world and back, several times! I worked for some massive companies, and learned from the ground up basics to advanced level strategy and marketing. At the end of the day, I always found myself working hard to make money for others. 2 years ago, the company I had dedicated several years working for made a decision to sell it’s assets to one of their biggest competitors, just 3 weeks before Christmas. I was on the rise on the corporate ladder, and then suddenly I was flung off the ladder and offered to start over again to work my way up with a less reputable company. I chose to walk away. Shortly after that I started my own business management business. Thinking back, I am not really even sure what I thought I was going to do. Then earlier this year my wife sent me a link to Liz Benny’s Social Media program. I consumed that and was invigorated with passion once again. After that, I became one of Liz’s first coaching clients, and a month later I was at the Click Funnels conference sitting in the front row stage right! I jumped right into the deep end, and I was overwhelmed. For the last 4 months I have been trying to make sense of everything and use what I have learned. I am not a technical person, but I have ideas, and I am very dedicated to make this work. I know in the middle of this is my future. Liz has been helping in this journey, but I am eager to take the next step. We just completed our first funnel, and once I get the geeky stuff figured out, we are going to launch it this week.

    You are an inspiration and a driving force. The very first thing I am going to do when I balance the books and we can get our head above water is join ignite and your other programs. I appreciate your time and dedication, and making this process easier for people like me that need a little extra help in the tech world! You guys rock!

    Thank you!

  76. Doreene says:

    Hi Russell, Thank you for sharing your story. A bit about me, I am a divorced mom of 3. My two girls are out on their own now and I just have my son at home. I was a stay at home mom for 20 years plus. I am currently working for a hardware store, but am on a leave of absence from work due to medical issues. So I am looking for something to do that will help me generate more income for me and my son. I would like to take my son on a wonderful vacation before he joins the military. My goal is to be able to live more comfortably than we are now.

    Your opportunity seems just right for me. So thank you very much for sharing it and I will let you know how I am doing with it.

    Thank you!

  77. Anil says:

    Hi Russell, I have been reading your book DotCom Secrets and I am simply blown away. I have been doing software development building robust systems as well as web applications for Fortune 100 clients and have recently started OjbLabs, a nice software development firm. I have a few clients just through word of mouth, but need to grow my business more.
    After reading your book I am 100 % sure I would be able to grow my software consulting firm.

  78. Oliver says:

    Hi Russell,

    Hope you are well & I thank you for sharing your story.

    My story is a long one & maybe one day we could sit & I’ll tell you more. A little about me, I’m from Sydney, Australia, I’m single & I’m home with my mother as my father passed 9 years ago. I’m constantly think of ideas to get ahead & I do currently have a business that has only just started in the last couple of weeks. It has taken a while to get it to this point & I need help marketing it correctly online.

    I’m trying to get ahead like a lot of people but something I’d really like to do is to either renovate my mothers home or build her a new home. She has always been there & I would like to repay her for everything that she has done for my siblings & I & also for the years that my father was ill.

    I have always wanted a business of my own & I see this as a major opportunity for me moving forward. I have the passion & the drive to make this happen.

    I look forward to this journey & moving forward into the unknown.

  79. Paul Warren says:

    I started my first eCommerce business all the way back in 1998 when eCommerce wasn’t even really a word. I hustled my way around forums and bulletin boards and built the business into a million dollar business inside of a few years.

    The business (Warcom) quickly outgrew my parents garage, and then my own garage (and house), so we ended up in a pretty flash warehouse here in Melbourne. It was an interesting up and down few years. I had about 15 staff at peak and we were hitting 3-4mill a year during our best years. During the life time of the business we probably did about $40 million, or there abouts.

    After an incredibly tough 2012-2013-2014, I sold the business to a public company here in Australia and exited the business. During this time, and for many months during it, and long after it, I battled severe depression, burn out and subsequently ended up in a recovery centre for a month. I wouldn’t wish the year I had upon anyone. I felt like a failure and selling ‘my baby’ (so to speak) was devastating.

    With my fiances, family and friends support, I slowly climbed my way out of all that and started an agency in early 2015. (Insiteful). I’m still climbing, as my health is still pretty ordinary, but it’s getting there.

    Not long after starting the agency I discovered this ‘internet marketing’ scene, where people have ‘sales funnels’ and ‘webinars’ and ‘trip wife offers’ … But there was one shady guy after another ready to take the tiny amount of money that I did have. It took me a good few months to find the top guys to follow. So I started following all the free content guys like James Shramko put out, Noah Kagan put out and not long after I started consuming everything Russell Brunson put out also and soon the light bulbs started going off ..

    So I decided to launch an online eCommerceClub (called the eCommerceClub, clever hey?) with a buddy of mine, Adam. It’s early days for the agency and it’s early days for the eCommerceClub, but it’s slowly coming together. We’ve almost cracked 100 members in our paid community, so we’re pretty excited about that.

    I’m getting excited about the future again, but I can’t help that think I could be working a lot less and making a lot more $$$$ with the 17-18 years of eCommerce experience that I have.


  80. Steve Culpepper says:

    Hey Russell, waas up?
    No website yet. Still going through training videos.
    Long story short, I shouldn’t even be here at all…
    I should be pushing up grass right now…
    By God, I am here and Thank God for it…
    Now, I’m ready to make a shit load of money…
    So, I can take care of myself and my family…
    The only problem is, I haven’t made any money…
    And I don’t have any more money to invest…
    I would love to tell you about it on the phone.
    All the best to you & your family & team.

  81. Hi Russell,

    I hope you’ve had a great Christmas break, and are looking forward to a fantastic 2016!

    I wonder if you can help me, please… I’m a 55 year-old marketing ‘consultant’, business turning over just under £100K per year fee income, but stuck at this level for 10 years, still ambitious, but happily discontent!

    I bought and devoured your book – so practical and excellent, thank-you.

    I signed up to Click Funnels a couple of months ago, and I’m looking forward to ‘retiring’ Confusionsoft, Lead Pages and Kajabi!

    I applied two weeks ago for your Inner Circle, and had a very useful chat with your colleague, Derek.

    I have a couple of online training/coaching programmes I’m trying to market successfully. Main one is a Marketing/Facebook advertising continuity product called the ‘Facebook Customer Generation Academy’ @ £47 per month. I have a couple of funnels I’ve built in CF, but still racking my brains to get better conversions.

    Starts with Facebook ads offering a 12-step Facebook Success Checklist – currently converting at 44% – excellent. I’ve so far tried 4 different funnels:

    1. Checklist > Get these 4 bonuses (3 strategy videos, 7 ad templates, 54 images, 58-page manual) free when you take a £14.95, 30-day trial of the Academy – no conversions from the checklist.
    2. Checklist > Get this pack of resources for only £9-95, then one-time upsell – for just £1 get these ad templates and a free 30-day trial of the Academy. 62% uptake of up-sell and 16 people into the Academy trial, but zero stayed in after the 30-day trial (because we sneeked it in through the back door!)
    3. Checklist > £1, 30-day trial of Academy, no conversions (because they don’t know / trust me enough)
    4. Checklist > 4 sequential videos on various Facebook strategies, then offer £1, 30-day trial of Academy. So far, from 88 Check-list sign-ups, only 18 people have watched first video, and only 3 have watched the 4th video, with 4 conversions to the £1, 30-day trial

    Bottom line is I’m slowly testing different funnels, but I feel like I’m shooting in the dark, and I’d like some expert help – hence my application for the Inner Circle.

    Here are my answers to the application questions:

    12 months ahead, and looking back over 2016:
    I would have 200 members in my ‘Facebook Customer Generation Academy, and 200 members in my ‘Marketing Support Network’ membership programmes. Plus 100 people attending my annual £997 Common-Sense Marketing Summit. This would allow me to pay off my mortgage, and credit card debt, and live worry-free with my wife Sally, and be able to support our three beautiful daughters as they begin their adult life.

    # 1 Challenge in growing my company:
    Creating a funnel that converts people from signing up for my free checklist to actually joining (and staying in) my membership programme. (Also being able to escape my one-on-one servicing of my existing clients to make time to test changes faster).

    What’s my main motivation?
    I get great satisfaction from the testimonials I receive from my clients, and the great results some of them receive. I can definitely help many more people to become more successful in their businesses. (Also I want the satisfaction and fulfilment of proving myself right, to keep going and achieve my potential).
    My issue is that I’m £7K overdrawn in my bank account, and I can’t afford $25K for the Inner Circle programme (or even $12.5K up front and then $2K per month). I do appreciate that I need to have some ‘skin in the game’, and I certainly don’t expect something for nothing.

    I CAN afford $1K per month for 6 months, then $2K per month for 6 months, then $3K per month for 6 months, then $4K per month for 6 months i.e. $60K over 24 months. I know with your help I can achieve my dreams, and I’m very happy to pay you more, to be more flexible with payment terms. (I asked about the ‘Ignite’ programme, but I believe this has been shut down). Do you have any other programme that would be right for me, without the $25K up-front investment?

    Thank-you for taking the time to read this!

    Best regards,
    Richard Lomax

  82. Michael Gonales says:

    Greetings. I keep getting emails that send me to the same/this landing page (with no video). Please advise soon.

  83. Andrei says:

    As in the case of the previous comment, the video is not loading at all.

    As for my story, here goes:
    I first got into contact with this thing called the Internet back in 98-99 at a neighbors PC shop. After a while one of my friends discovered you could ears some $ from visiting some websites through a platform. Back then that was the directed traffic, where people clicked, visited a site for 5-10sec and got 1-2cents for that visit. Did that for a couple of weeks and made the unbelievable sum of 6$. I then quickly realized that this isn’t very efficient and moved on. But my eyes were opened to the idea that there is potential here to make something. I kept dabbling here and there, helping friends setup forums, or phpnuke websites, but never really monetized them.
    A couple of years later, WordPress came out, I think it was at version 1.something when I first used it. I started a blog about cooking and monetized it with adsense. It got some traffic, not much, got some clicks, but still nothing special. In the first year it made 112$ so it was barely paying for itself.
    Then I started reading the forums some more, discovered clickbank and amazon. There had to be a way to get this ball rolling. Tried clickbank with limited success. I’m in Europe, so I invested 50€ of adwords traffic and got back 80$ in commissions. With the exchange rate at the time, it was basically braking even, so I decided to invest more time on amazon. I realized much later that I should have pursued that much longer than I did.
    Right now I am running a couple of profitable amazon affiliate sites and after the large swings in traffic in the past year, I decided I need to get back to something that is more controllable. Payed traffic.
    I am currently doing some training from E.Pagan and I think I am on the right track with this one and will hopefully have my first product launched by the end of march.
    In the meantime I am also watching and reading a lot of other marketers content and discovered you from a Dan Kennedy video I found on youtube. You really didn’t need to sell me the 108 split tests, I instantly knew that those are insanely valuable. So here I am, still on my slow journey of figuring this out.
    Can’t wait to get your book.

  84. Antonia says:

    Hi Russell,
    Thank you for taking the time to share. It’s interesting because the first time I heard about you was when you did the LIVE webinar with Anik recently. It was a very intriguing and insightful webinar and GREATLY appreciated. I jumped into Anik’s Academy with both feet 3 months ago NOT having a CLUE it was going to be as ‘overwhelming’ (fyi…he does NOT like that word! LOL) I wanted to learn how to create my own published online product but of course you get sidetracked because you start to learn about affiliate marketing.

    I then had your name mentioned from a colleague who heard what I was doing.. and completely encouraged me to continue…I was at my witts end with the technology learning curve and panicking my product was not getting created in time before the BIGGEST Golf Show. He of course told me ..he had your book and it was his bible just like the other client who reads it on the train and the only one actually reading a book! Shocking!

    I have been a golf coach for 25 years and have more credentials than I care to mention BUT its seems that does NOT mean much here in Canada…unfortunately unless you are in the ‘inner circle’ or you like to have almost have your wage taken for setting up shop. The days of being paid for your knowledge, expertise and experience are moving in another direction and if I’m going to survive then I will have to do the same!

    I realized maybe no one around here appreciates them BUT it doesn’t mean the millions of golfers in other parts of the world wouldn’t. I have a wonderful history in the game and it’s time to share with my ‘Soul Tribe’…the ONLY way to do that….online marketing.

    But like many who enter into this ‘new world’ it can be very daunting and the amount of technology information can be very intimidating when one is only used to sending an email!

    I know it is NOT a race but would so appreciate andy advice. Also, the options of what I should do concerning my site..at the moment I’m giving away a free ebook to build my list and have auto responder emails to keep them interested while I continue to work on my products..perhaps I should move into affiliate products while I’m waiting and building my list? Again, apprecaite any input.

    With much Gratefulness,

  85. subhash says:

    Hi Russel,

    thank you for this opportunity

    i am new comer in this industry currently working with http://tinyurl.com/instantlypowerful a lead system which contains gdi,gogvo and gotbackup

    thanks again

  86. Liam B says:


    I’ve gone from job to job, not really understanding why the people I work with put so much effort in to make such little money. Although I respect them for their effort, it’s not for me.

    I was introduced to internet marketing by a friend months ago and have been learning ever since.

    I was introduced to you about a week ago! I love your material and have ordered your perfect webinar, dot com secrets book and split tests book.

    I am about to start a 2 week trial of click funnels but I noticed in one of your videos that you’re releasing an information funnel for free that you designed, and wondered where I can get that so that as soon as I get click funnels I can start using it straight away.

    Liam B

    PS your content is awesome and so is your story!!

  87. Tanner Gers says:

    I love how you’ve just made it happen for yourself and your family. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience from your journey…

    My story is of overcoming tragedy and deciding to do whatever it takes… Regardless of any circumstance.

    I completely lost all vision as a result of a car accident at age 21. Since then, I went back to school, became a successful athlete, author, speaker, and consultant.

    As an online entrepreneur, I’m figuring out how I can make an impact in the lives of my audience to help them achieve their goals better, faster, and regardless of circumstance.

    I focus on the basics, as that’s what’s allowed me to advance in various aspects of my life. Stick to the basics, master those, and with 100% consistency.

    I currently produce content for my health and fitness site http://www.ABSolutelyLean.com
    And just released my 21 Day Detox program at

    In Gratitude & Health


  88. John says:

    Hey Russell,
    I am excited to dive into the CF software. I played football at Vanderbilt and went on to play 12 more years professionally in the NFL, CFL, AFL and even the XFL. Today I am a chiropractor in SoCal and have created a membership site for my biz partner that is generating over 10K/month. My goal with CF is to establish my own online stream of income for my natural vision correction site (relaxtoclarity.com) I also want to setup a site for my wife who has bee3n through 4 open heart surgeries for a congenital valve defect. Ultimately our goal is to live off of our online income and travel the world. She has a unique perspective on life…and that you shouldn’t waste a single day. That’s a brief summary of my story. Look forward to seeing you in San Diego!

  89. Tim says:

    Hey Russell,
    I’ll try to keep this short because I could go on and on. LOL

    I’m 61 years old now.
    I use to work in the IT industry for years until I was laid off in 2002, just after 9/11.
    So, I decided to go into Real Estate.
    That was going well until I had an Aortic Di-section.
    I wasn’t supposed to live, but by the grace of God, here I am.
    But, I’m now unable to practice RE.

    After the heart exploded, I decided to take up a hobby.
    So, I found an art form that I really liked.
    It’s called “Sandcarving”.
    It’s a decorative form of glass etching where you use artistic techniques in etching and carving glass.

    So, I decided that if I was going to do this, I wanted to learn from the best.
    I found and artist in New Mexico who was considered the ‘godfather’ of sandcarving.
    Well, I decided to study with the master.

    Fast forward 11 years.
    Now, my wife and I have a business creating decorative mirrors, glass table tops and much more.

    We set up a website and business started to slowly grow.
    Then some Russians decided to hack our site.
    To make a long story short, we lost all our traffic and the site.

    On top of that, we have to admit, we are horrible at marketing.

    That’s why I’m here.
    We’ve spent a small fortune on ads in local magazines and other sorted places, with no results.

    We really need help.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my story Russell, all be it abbreviated.

    All the best,


  90. Holly says:

    Hi Russell, and..everyone else reading these posts. Where to start…worked as an AE for print, radio and several TV stations. After exhausting abuse from managers that didn’t know how to manage, who pretty much managed by fear and belittling, I decided to open up my own advertising agency (a decade ago now) with a client spending 1.5 million on CNN. I took a huge cut to get this client but knew it would be well worth it and my health was suffering in a big way from the abuse of TV land. I saw it as a way out of the insanity. That and the doc said I had no choice or I would be hospitalized in three weeks, if not sooner. Long story short…I did very well with my agency initially. So much so, that my husband quit his job to help me and then the economy crashed. Lucky for me I had a very large manufacturing client. I was helping with Theater, Radio, TV, On-line promotions, billboard in time square and even helped with product placement in stores. We even helped launch his new wine into grocery stores. I was told by one major store that we did in a couple of months what it took barefoot wineries 8 years to do. Then…all went down hill. The manufacturer bet on sales to stores to support his advertising. The stores did not hold up their commitment’s and 250k worth of advertising went unpaid, including 80k due to us. We were pretty much black balled in the industry. My husband had quit his job and no one would hire me because i was over qualified and my husbands work in print no longer was viable. So..I decided to look elsewhere for work but came back to my marketing passion. I agreed to help a business that was selling an amazing supplement. The owner lost a ton of money partnering with crooks and had inventory but no money for traditional advertising. Through my training I learned about squeeze pages and on-line and was intrigued. I knew this was the way to go, but did not want to learn myself as I usually subbed out areas I was not skilled in. So…after paying someone to implement what you are teaching…I found another failed attempt with people who don’t do what they say…and even more discouraging was the lack of communication. So….now here i am. I avoided diving into on-line because I am SO NOT TECH savvy and I was afraid of the time commitment to learn and implement. That said…i know it’s in the journey not in the destination. I know without a doubt this method of marketing is preferred when you have little to no funds and there are many ways you can cross promote without spending a ton of money out the gate. For many businesses, this is a welcome reprieve to traditional advertising. I see a fit in many ways moving forward, so I guess we’ll see what the future holds! Best of luck to all! Wish me luck! I have NO idea how to embed a code into my clients web site to track data! Here it becomes fun..right?

  91. Hi my name is Eddy Kornelsen
    I was born and raised in Belize Central America But I live in Alberta Canada now

    There was a time in my life when I was working 12 hours a day just to Pay bills and groceries for me and my family
    And quite often I could not pay for the groceries that my wife needed For me and my wife and or two little boys .

    Then one day when I was working on a scuffle as high as the third floor from a building would be , The scuffle broke and I fell to the ground , and as soon as I had landed I couldn’t get up because something that happened to my foot , so my fellow employees drag me into a pick up truck lead me on the seat open the window of the door and stuck my foot out of the window and rushed me to the clinic which was only 1 mile away. When they took off my shoe I could see bones on both side of my leg and in the bottom of my foot. The good thing was that my brother was I care Prechter not just a chiropractor but a bonesetter and so was my dad. So the nurse called my brother to come and fix my leg and foot, and he was a hard man never anything got to his nerves. When he showed up he stood there for a long time, which seem to me like Half an hour without saying a single word, finally he asked for water and I saw him as white as a ghost, but after a while he came to my bedside and said Eddy, you will never walk again. But don’t worry I will be by your side when to take off your foot. The pain in my leg was still as harsh as pain could be. But I immediately told him with a confident voice, I will walk again! And then he told me, Eddy , you never give up you always can and you always do and you always will, but this time around you will never walk again! And I told him again confidently I will walk again just fix it for me. But he refused. So I told him to call my dad to come and fix it, however my dad was four hours driving away. He called my dad, but my dad refused to come. So then I asked for the phone and called my dad myself . When I talk to my dad he said the way my brother had told him it looks, it was be on fixable. So I told my dad I knew that if they would take me to the hospital like this they would immediately decapitate my foot . But if my dad would come and fix it for me the bath you know how than the might not decapitate it when we got to the hospital. So a long story short after four hours my dad arrived at the clinic. When he saw my foot he refused again. But I just didn’t give up I made him try at least. I remembered that he grabbed my foot but then I fainted immediately.

    One year later

    Now I had not been able to walk for a whole year already plus I had $100,000 Dr. Bill on top of everything else. And there was no end in sight when I would ever be able to walk again, Plus even if I could walk and work there was no way to ever in a lifetime pay my bills, because before my accident I was getting four dollars an hour for my wages.
    But then it happened and I learned I had true friends Some of my friends made fun raisers,
    For my family, even a church got together and laid money together to help us. My wife’s brothers and sisters were doing groceries showers for us. However all of that together was still not quite enough to pay for everything. But soon after a year I was able to start walking again. So I started working and some people borrowed me money to pay the rest and they never charge me any interest

    Now 25 years later

    I am now walking normal and nobody can even see that I’m limping ( that is if my foot is not tired) those bills have been paid long long time ago. But ever since then I have a heart for somebody that actually can’t.

  92. I am so glad you asked this and invited us to share our story too. In 2008 I went in for a 20 week Ultrasound and it was discovered that our 3 baby had no heartbeat. As devastating as this was for us, it began this journey that has blessed our family immensely. I had a health crisis after this miscarriage and then a healthy pregnancy, followed by 2 more 2nd Trimester miscarriages. This whole process kept teaching me about my health, my body, natural and alternative ways to support a healthier body. I have learned so much and we have 5 healthy children now. In the meantime, my husband was let go from his place of employment of 10+ years and though he was without work for a short period of time, it lit a spark in me of not wanting to be in a place of helplessness again. I began getting trained in Energy Healing, a personal passion, and felt the drive to build a website, start a blog and learn to create income and a business. Since then it has morphed into a successful Network Marketing Profession and a team of women that are also impacting the health and wealth of families. I am so grateful to have big dreams and a vision for sharing what I have learned over a decade and empower women in health AND wealth. Women are powerful creators and I truly believe our hearts and smarts will make a HUGE impact on the world. I might begin small but I am dedicated to going the distance. I learned about Click Funnels from a side comment someone made on Periscope nearly a year ago. I am so excited to implement all my visions for my Team and beyond using EVERYTHING Click Funnels provides. I am so grateful that your company has made it easy for me to dream big and have limitless possibilities. THANK YOU!

  93. Jared Rogers says:

    What a story Russell. Thank you for sharing it, I’m happy you were able to start your family! 🙂 Gives a whole new meaning to hustle, I’m glad your doctor got on Oprah!

  94. Jay Stricler says:

    Hey Russel, I am a 53 year old single father of 3 beautiful girls. I had 15 years at a great job in corporate America. Company, CC, salary, bonus and health care. Then the company restructured and the only availabilty for employment was to relocate to Columbus OH, I opted to not do that as I have lived at the same residence in excess of 30 years, my kids are here as well as mu grandchildren.

    I took a parallel position that was approx 50 percent less in pay, required 60+ hrs a week and that does not include the 2 hr a day drive time. This is when i first started looking online to supplement my income. I lost around 6k to fake gurus, incomplete and poorly designed products, hype, information, overload and out and out deceit. I also depleted my retirement account and savings during this time. Around the first of January I was instructed to do something that was neither ethical or moral. When I refused to comply I was told that it was time for us to part ways. Since I have been diligently looking for something full time online to generate an income,

    Now I have the necessary time to put into starting an online business. I have a MBA so I believe that I have the intelligence. I am trainable and coachable with a can do attitude. My WHY is way bigger than my why not. I just am liquid enough to explode off the starting line to show that I am an action taker and willing to take massive action. I feel the walls closing in as I need funding to survive. I need to replace my retirement account. My youngest daughter is 14 and college is looming with nothing set aside. i also have 6 granchildren that if I do not assist they will never step foot on a college campus.

    So I am wanting an online income to support myself and help others.

  95. Mohamed Miah says:

    Hi Russel.

    Thanks for sharing your amazing story with us and I just want to say WOW you have made some serious progress. I started business ever since I was a kid in school selling all sorts from dvds, to pokemon cards and beyblades. I have always been selling stuff since I was a little kid and I haven’t stopped and now I have just launched my first ever product on amazon and I’m looking into sourcing many more products from China and I have no experience in the funnel section and I would definitely like some of your awesome help to help me grow my business worldwide. In life my goals are to help the unfortunate and make my business as means of helping people all over the world reach their dreams. I play football with lads when I can and I enjoy bit of boxing now and then. I like my imagination come to work for me. I Know working hard for something brings huge rewards and that’s what keeps me motivated and enthusiastic and I like going that extra mile in life. Consistency in business everyday makes success inevitable. I would definitely like to make a difference in many peoples lives and that’s why I have come to share my story with you to get some of your magnificent techniques to help to make my business expand grow. I would definitely like to know how you can help with my Amazon business and I’m definitely interested in your supplement funnels as I have been watching your webinars but still need a bit more info god willing.

    Look forward to hearing from you Russel. 🙂

  96. Mike Prado says:

    Hi Russell,

    I’m brand new to ClickFunnels and loving it. Although it’s a bit daunting for an old dude. I ama retired Foot and Ankle Surgeon. I had the time of my life practicing and helping people. My wife and I went through a real financial challenge in the 1990’s. And we’re just starting to come out of it. I chose internet marketing as a way to secure our financial future since we lost all of our retirement in buying a “bad” medical practice. Basically we’re starting all over. Because I’m a senior citizen, I feel the need to get to our financial goal ASAP. I absolutely feel being with you all is the right place for Kate and me.

    Thanks for all you do.

    P.S. I used to help people medically and now I have the great opportunity to help them financially as soon as we can get rolling.

  97. Cirila says:

    Hi, Russell!
    I am an argentinian 46-year-old woman living in beautiful sunny Mallorca, very happily married and we have an 8-year-olf daughter and a 6-year-old son.
    I am a complete newbie with no experience online whatsoever. I just started watching some videos and reading reports and books on the subject. I discovered I REALLY like to learn about online business and spend a lot of hours in front of the computer.
    I must confess though that I am completely lost as to how and where to start because there is so much information and so many different options.
    I am looking forward to everything I can learn so I can build a profitable business for my family.
    Thank you soooooo much for everything!!

  98. Neil Tyra says:

    Hey Russell,
    So much of your story resonates with me. I have been hooked on wrestling my whole life from watching my younger brothers (I was already way into distance running when they wrestled). Eventually, my son wrestled at middle school. At the time, I was busy going to law school so I didn’t get to see him much. But in 8th grade, I went a saw his final tournament. I knew I had missed far too much when I saw him lead the team out as captain. I had no idea. Form then on, I never missed a second of his matches. He went on to atone J-Robb’s Intensive Wrestling Camp at the University of Minnesota but sadly broke his collarbone on the eve of his senior season and didn’t wrestle again. But I know what he accomplished and how hard he worked. And nothing will diminish that.

    The fact that I got to watch my son, after having watched my beautiful actress daughter (she’s now in Hollywood) is something of a miracle because my wife and I went through exactly the same journey as you and Collette. We did all the tests, and all the drugs, and flew Noel to wherever I was at the time she had to be there – all in pursuit of those children. And we too suffered every month when it wasn’t happening. So I know where you are coming from. Joyously, one day it just worked and we were blessed with Bernadette. And six years later out of the blue, came Clark. So I feel you.

    I have started my online business to supplement and work with my law practice. My podcast, The Law Entrepreneur, is geared towards attorneys who want to start and grow their own solo practice. We have been online for a month now and so far so good. Geoff Woods of the The Mentee podcast is coaching me and several of my guests and friends have pointed me to your products. I use ClickFunnels and recently ordered DotComSecrets.

    So that’s my story. Glad to be a part of your world.

  99. JosephRude says:

    My story is about paying it forward. I am a father of four, a poilce officer, and an entreprenuer. Not always in that order. I also am an old friend of Henry Kaminski’s and a new friend of Jim Bunch. I can not wait till our paths cross as I am looking forward to working with you too. Thanks for all you do.


  100. Thank you Russel.

    Your system is a God send….
    We have created dozens of funnels…
    We have begun using them, and we are seeing some results…
    We are about to escalate and fill 10 books per year to publish!

    Bottom line..We see a VERY clear path to becoming the next Chicken Soup for the Soul TYPE series,with a LOT more, and your system is a critical part of our infrastructure..

    I have been to your last two events, We have referred clients and will many more of our authors….Thank you, We look forward to our evolving journey with you..

    Thank you,
    John Castagnini

  101. Dear Russel,

    since2012 I am trying to make some money online. I started by subscribing to Chris Farrells website, I learned a lot of things, however in somepoint you do not get further. I tried several websites (trying to sell mediterranean products online, trying to promote electrical services etc). All my projects failed and the major frustation for me was that I couldn´t get traffic to my website, or lets put it this way, if I paid Google then I got traffic, however that was really expensive and most of the times did not even break even. I bought your book almost a year ago, and I really want and need to make it happen. What is the secret? How can I bring traffic to my website? Please help me!

  102. Jeff Griffin says:

    thanks for your energy and light! I love your message and purpose. I am really looking forward to meeting you!
    My quick story is I always wanted to play football at BYU. I received an invitation from Lavell Edwards and went to Ricks College first! I played two plays that first year and was excited to come back and start. During the summer a construction accident left me paralyzed from the waist down and shattered my dreams of playing football on the big stage. At least I thought that was the case. i have since played on the USA men’s Paralympic team. Visited the white house of the president of the united states. Hold a Guinness World record with the most free throws from a wheelchair. I was the 4 time MVP of the all star wheelchair NBA games. I teach seminary for the LDS church right now but feel inclined to get my motivational speaking off the ground. I believe your funnel idea will help! I can’t wait to collaborate on how to make this explode!
    go to http://www.griffinmotivation.com to learn more
    Warm Regards!

  103. AA says:

    Thank you Russel for such a motivating process you have in your system and videos.

    Where can start from. Well, I started this whole online-business thing back when the internet was first out in public, precisely in 1997 but didn’t really do much until 1999.

    I was just starting my PhD program, but inside me I knew that I didn’t really want to be in the academic field nor in the lab. So, I started learning and applying everything I could put my hand on about internet and business back then.

    I built mailing lists, sold ebooks, affiliates, CPA, clicks, banners, created my own books, sold on ebay both digital and physical products and lost thousands of dollars and made little money, so little that I can’t even remember. Then got in the offline business world and sold my own private label products. It first started with a dropshipping program a company offered and started to make between $3,000 to $5,000 a month, so I thought …this is it, I am going where I want to be, but a couple of years later, the program stopped and the company decided to not do any more dropshipping but wholesale which I couldn’t afford.

    I stopped for a couple of years and decided that business and entrepreneurship wasn’t for me and that I should only focus on my PhD and get a job and forget about all that non-sense business. Well, I got my PhD and found myself without a job for a whole year. I ended up accepting a job completely different from what I had spend my life studying for. I knew then that working for someone else is not what I really want and I hated going to the job despite me doing very well in it. Till this day, I am still trying and not giving up. I am still building websites, host podcasts, making videos, voiceover jobs, but not being able to making anything that I can brag about. Still working at the same job for the last 12 years and don’t know what else to do until I found Russel’s page and that’s when all my hopes came back to me all over again. So, I am ready to continue going through whatever I need to go through to find the missing piece in what I have been doing so far.

    Thank you and looking forwards to working with you.

  104. Linda Harley says:

    Hi Russel

    It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m a new business owner, and I’m creating interactive graphic novels. I have the talent lined up, but have been really concerned about the sales and distribution aspects. That was until I came across something called “clickfunnels” and the rest is history. I’ve enjoyed learning clickfunnels, and can really see the power in it. I have soooo many funnels I want to try out and setup, that I can’t wait. I’m going to try my first one next week. Wish me luck!


  105. Roberta Dominguez says:

    Hi, Russel, I really loved your story and am so happy it turned out the way it did. God always has perfect timing doesn’t he.I also believe that if you have a positive attitude and a good work ethic along with believing in yourself.you can accomplish anything. Of course with the right system like dot Com secrets and your funnel systems I know that I can really learn more and get results. I’m new to internet-based marketing and sales and I’ve spent money on stuff that really were just scams.so you are like a breath of fresh air and I’m so excited to see what your dot Com system is going to do in the future. I’m also a mother and grandma. You remind me of my oldest son Ryan. I also was reading others stories and I’m concerned that you’ve attracted a few nuts by only charging a dollar. Hahaha. Anyway my life is just regular and my friends say I’m boring because I read alot.i don’t watch TV much .I love my grandchildren. They are God’s greatest gifts of course all children are God’s greatest gifts. I love animals. If we all serve then everyone is served. If everyone loves then everyone is loved.I really like the way you think Russell and the way you serve and care for others.God bless you and yours!!!!!! Roberta Dominguez

  106. amy neely says:

    My story is living my dreams come true to be a wife to an amazing man who loves God (and my side of the family) and even beyond my dreams to have three kids, six, four, and two. I have always had an adventurous spirit but usually too timid to live it out. Now as a mom, I want my kids to live fully so I feel compelled more than ever to follow my heart instead of just going through the steps of prescribed “success” that made the most logical sense with my background and education. I have been trying to launch a business for 11 years. I feel like that picture of the person standing on a pile of ladders and still not quite able to peak over the wall. I have the training and tools, but haven’t quite figured out how to use them. Hoping I will soon:)

  107. Greg Fyn says:

    Hi Russel,

    Thank you for your stories. I found them very uplifting. In the short time I have been following you, I’ve been very impressed with several aspects of your message… First, is the authenticity and joy you have when you’re delivering ideas that you know will help a receptive person. Second, is the pure energy you have.

    Like you, I began my entrepreneurial journey at a very young age. I had a ginormous newspaper route that made more money in a month than some working men in the 1970’s in a week. Not bad for an 11 year old. I then started a lawn cutting and snow shoveling business. When there was no lawn to cut or snow to shovel, I would sell anything I could get my hands on door to door; because hey, when you’re a kid, you still have the cute factor going for you.

    We had several family moves to rural areas which pretty much put the kibosh on any sort of starting any new kid friendly businesses. It wasn’t until I became an adult during one of the recessions that I started a computer business. I started it mostly because I was sick of going on job interviews and liked the prospect of “working for the man” even less.

    My little 600 square foot shop grew from a PC sales and repair outfit to a company that employed 10-12 people and pushed out 700K – 1.2M of product every 6 weeks. At that time computers were the “it” thing to give for Christmas or other special occasions and were becoming more mainstream in the home with the birth of the internet and that 56k modem! I found that I could market to members of Credit Unions, offering their members exclusive discounts. It was a huge win for everyone. Credit Unions were able to recruit new members and write more loans; members got a great deal and I had a growing bank account. Hard living, making every mistake a young unbridled 20 something year old could make, a failed marriage and a run of defective merchandise from an unscrupulous supplier led to the demise of the business and we had to close it down.

    After a lifestyle change, and a series of fortunate events, I moved to the US from Canada to be with my bride of 17 years. I came to the country only with a brain, less than $100; but a desire to live a better life. Computers are all I know, so I started up a business in the home and today have a full fledged IT firm that serves both commercial and residential clients. As circumstance has it, I live in Red Willow County Nebraska; the poorest county in the state (In terms of money….In terms of good people It’s very, very wealthy!) My business is on a roller coaster. Some years It grosses 250K others 500K per year. Gross is not what counts though, it’s the net that matters.

    I have tried everything, and spend thousands on websites that don’t work and throwing marketing dollars to the wind. About a year ago I hired a Marketing coach that specializes in IT businesses. She was good about teaching the fundamentals of consistent marketing; but not all IT businesses are alike, and the whole process is more complex than I would like it to be.

    Now, I have found you! I love the way that you can take processes that are incredibly complex, and make them simple to consume and execute upon. My first effort with clickfunnels (securityonashoestring.com), albeit a work in progress, took less than 30 minutes to get up and going without having to hire anyone else or purchase additional tools.

    My goal is to help the very small business to protect themselves from threats on the Internet and other disasters; but more importantly, my free stuff will show them how to measure the value of technology to their company and introduce ways to increase their income using technology as a back-end product.

    Currently, I’m working on your Ignite series and doing the workbook until the DCS book comes in the mail…. I still have to learn one thing…..how to do a webinar both live and recorded, that looks and sounds good.

    Thanks for all you do Russel, I hope some day to be able to afford to work with you at the highest level.

  108. Uchenna Okunna says:

    Hi I just joined your organization and I hope that will be able to make some real money online after months of trying to. I am an Information Technology college student and I like the positive enviroment of your company. With student loans being one of this Nation’s highest source of debt, every penny I make will help me to repay my loans.

  109. Blake says:

    Hey Russel,

    You are far too busy to hear my entire entrepreneurial story so let me give you the most recent endeavor I embarked on.

    We just got done creating a 230 page personal training certification for Eric the Trainer who is a Celebrity Fitness Trainer out in Hollywood, California (look him up!) For 8 months straight my colleague and I locked ourselves in the office, day and night, until the course was complete. We had our fair share of “highs” and “lows” to say the least when developing this certification, but overall it was an incredible experience. The amount of craftsmanship it took to create something of this nature was utterly ridiculous and borderline insane, but it was all worth it. If you ever get some time, check it out to see what makes it so differentiated from other providers in this space.

    Then you came into existence, and somehow did so at the PERFECT time. You popped up on my Facebook newsfeed and for some reason, something told me to click the link (probably the fact that I know absolutely nothing about internet marketing and now need to lol).

    I’ve been acquiring a lot of your information and hope to start implementing it here soon to really drive sales. Awesome work, and thanks for the advice. Keep it up!

  110. Marc Nielsen says:

    Hey Russel,

    My story there is not much to tell. I had a Rough Childhood witch a lot of violence alcohol and drugs. I droped out of school 5 grade and have been thrown from place to place sense. i have been in and out of a lot of crime and Drugs. but on the right way now. my changes of geting work is not that high. Becurse of i havent completet the school. And got a lot of Problems with voices in my head and excessive thoughts
    tourette syndrome and ADHD. But then i saw this and its perfekt for me working home no boss so no
    embarrassing moments. So i really really need and like u help to get a good life. My biggest dream is to become a dad and to give my kids. A good start and do my very best to help them be better than i was. That*s a short version of who i was who i am now and the person i dream to be… 🙂

  111. Harlan Stearn says:

    Hi Russell,

    First of all I just want to say thank you for doing what you do. Not only is it evident that you understand internet marketing/business on such a profound level, but I feel you truly want to share your knowledge and help others find and actualize their own dreams, and that you put your heart and soul into it which I find really inspiring!
    Who am I? and Why am I here? Well, I’m a guy who has a passion to connect with people on a level that helps to bring change to their lives permanently for the better. So here’s my story, I grew up in Los Angeles California and maybe because of that I had an early interest in the movies. So I set out in my late teens to pursue my dream of becoming a performer (an actor or writer). So I took acting classes while in college and eventually quit college to move to New York and take classes there. Now looking back, I had a lot of interesting experiences, but I never was able to get out of my own way and become truly good at it and to feel internally connected and whole on a deep level. I had continued taking classes throughout the years and then I looked up and realized one day that (20 + years later) that I was waisting my life. I moved to Boulder Colorado and opened a fundraising business, a few years in I realized that wasn’t the answer either, so I moved back to LA to regroup. Got a job as a waiter, when I was trying to become an actor, I eventually became a professional waiter like so many others…Anyway I continued to struggle and search for my way until I decided to turn to the internet and see if I could make things happen for me inside this medium. Now I need to back up a bit, years ago when I was 16 years old I became a Little League Baseball coach at the local park around the corner from my house growing up where I played Little League Baseball. At the time baseball was my passion, I lived and breathed it 24 hours a day. I wanted to share my knowledge with the kids (8-10 year olds). That feeling I got from showing and teaching and connecting personally with each and every kid on my team was life changing! I remember thinking that this amazing feeling would transfer to anything I would do in my life…boy was I wrong because I have been chasing that very feeling, that connection, that wholeness that I felt for my entire life. So I want to rediscover that feeling, by helping others, connecting with others by making my business a success and helping others to make their business a success and help others to create that feeling inside themselves.

  112. Hi Russell,
    I have been a very successful executive in the health and fitness space for over 25 years. 2 years ago, we got offered to take over an Aussie business called Nuzest. Its a very long story however it basically the only nutritional support product that our bodies recognise as food, as its a fortified plant food product. So no filler, no nasties. It has been developed by one of the global leaders in sustainable health and planet, so is farmed used suitable practices and contains only the true raw ingredient, unlike many others out there. The story behind the product is quite a long one, which I would love to share but will take a few pages. Anyway its a global product but we own Australia and I have been doing you tutorials and now have purchased click funnels. In all honesty, I was hoping to somehow make contact with you to help us as we have so may options that I am finding it hard to know which to start with. Being based here in Aus makes it hard for me to be part of your inner circle, so am keen to explore other options. It has taken us 18 months to grow the online business from almost nothing to circa $20k per month. We KNOW this is probably one of the global leaders of its kind, in fact, although we get lumped in with supplements, we are actually more than that. I have some amazing stories around how we seriously can change peoples health and lives, Similar to Drews story. I wrote you name down as someone I wanted to meet and seemed this might be the only way to find you. PS. I am 45 years old with 2 teenage kids, single mum and have spent the best part of 10 years carrying more weight than I would like. It took me 3 months by using my products properly to be the healthiest, fittest and lightest I have been since I was 20 years old. This is a just one story, plus had 5 surgeries in 2 years, so it really is real and not fake, like me. Anyway, no idea what this is going to do other than hopefully manifest my goal of speaking to you and working with you to change the health of the world!

  113. Christos says:

    Hi Russel,
    great to connect with you. I am a father of 4 children, 40 years old! It is very difficult to grow your business in a hostile environment like ours here in Greece, were the government treat us like criminals… but I said to myself enough is enough, it is time to stop being depended on other factors than yourself. This is how my online journey started, to find ways to generate income independent of governmental laws and regulations, financial crisis, etc….

  114. Joel Baur says:

    Hi Russel
    First i wanna send you greetings from Switzerland and at the same time sorry for my english 🙂 you are a big idol for me and it was so interesting to read your story!
    I’m here to get motivation and knoehow for developing my business..it started 2 years ago when i got my first camera…i started to shoot landscapes and one day i thought its nice to build a facebookpage just for fun…from time to time more and more proplr were interested in my pictures and i started selling them as prints and later for companys advertisment and so on…sometimes its a shame that i stuck in university where i study economy becaude it takes so much time, especialy because i work 50% in an accounting company…niw id like to lift my business on the next level and i hope ill reach my goals with your book and your interssging content 🙂 thank you for investing so much time to help others! May you wanna have a look and tell me if you believe in my business or not 🙂 http://www.joelbaur.com
    Now i wish you a good day and im looking forward to recieve your book hopefully soon 🙂 best regards Joel

  115. Brian Boyle says:

    Hello Russel,
    Awesome video Introduction!
    My name is Brian I live in Texas now, grew up in Penna. Been looking for a “How to” for years. Have found a ton of people who have no clue to what they are marketing. Tried to market a business a few years ago with NO success.
    My back story is…
    I grew up in an abusive alcoholic household. Was a run-away at 8, ran to my grandparents’ house, which was 10 miles away, only to be sent home and received a beating for it. Ran away a few more times yet in the 70’s, people returned children back to the family. Hospitals did the same thing turned a blind eye to abusive situations. Prayed every day & night for a change to happen.

    WATCH OUT when God comes to play with you….

    Everyone is born with Spiritual Gifts, yet most never understand or know how to access them. We all have these gifts, and how I usually tell others of these gifts, we are all roses and when the flower blooms the outer pedal are those gifts you have now and the close bud are those you are still trying to obtain. So in the beginning did not understand what I had, try talking to a minister/priest and tell him of these items most said it was my imagination or that they were the spiritual leader and God should give it to them instead. So church was not a safe haven for me either. So like a kid I played with the gifts. I was a very sensitive child and teen and got beat up a lot. So my defense was to tell my attacker everything going on in his household. Usually that person would not attack me again. Did not have many friends growing up usually mouth was engaged as I was hearing something, and when it came true people would stay away. Was always praying and looking for where I fit in.
    Saw most people with a colored haze around them, yet figured everyone else saw the same thing. Found out much later it is a persons’ aura. Could see people who were past(ghost) and would hear their message never knowing what to do with the information. Got to know one spirit well became sort of a teacher, little did I know who or what IT represented.
    Fast forward umm college was a struggle besides the fact I was dyslexic and did not know that everyone did not see writing backwards or upside-down. I struggled and gave up the fight for a degree. Bounced around a lot from job to job. Had started to give up on life, wanted to well be on the other side more than staying in the reality. Then my life took another turn. Was driving home one night from a friend’s house and fell asleep at the wheel of the car. Woke up to someone knocking on the back window of the sedan. Rolled down the window and the police officer said “Please put your car in reverse slowly and drive back to us.” Put car in reverse, felt a bump of back tires coming back on pavement, felt another bump of front tires coming on pavement… parked car. Sat for a moment still waking up and tried to understand what just happen. Got out of car and the police officer who offered me a ride to a hotel. So got in back of police car went to a hotel. Got out of car, shut the door, turned around to say “thank you” and car was gone… Odd… Hmmm…. “thank you God”
    Odd situations keep happening to this day. Yes, have seen my guardian angel as well, yet that is another story or more. After each intervention I end up discovering a new gift. Some are great, others well cannot figure out what to do with them. Prophecy is a gift that well glad the people in the Bible were not ridiculed for it. Knew of an event, eight months before it happened. It was like it would change just a little bit more each day. While the dream was going on I reached out too many churches, the priest, ministers or lay minister, no one would listen. Yup was called a …. When the event happened the church let’s just say I felt let down. Not a gift I focus on anymore… left the church afterwards.
    Like before something happened to me another gift appears, guess it was the 5th situation happened and bingo another gift. Now this one is awesome. Healing.
    It has taken awhile for me to accept the gift, used to scare me when people would say “it’s a miracle”. Healing is a very in-depth gift to have and use. Have changed more than a few people’s paths. LOL… This is the first time I have ever written this information down like this, so I will wrap this up soon. Have been in witness to cancer leaving, blood pressure reduction, waking people out of coma’s, pulling people out of heart attacks, moving bones and muscles to name a few. When the energy comes from above, people stay in the energy for up to 5 days. LOL one woman said she vibrated, lol. Most of the other gifts come out when doing this gift. Awesome fact you can do it over the phone too. Funny aspect to my adventure in this life is the fact everyone can do it, I am not special or a guru, I am You! I also believe in a Higher Power than myself.
    So reason I am here, is to teach everyone else to do what I do. Spiritual Gifts is the Present for ALL to have, might say it is your ultimate Birthday Present. I tried and failed to do this before about five years ago. I am back again now trying to figure out how to do this, and yes, another situation happened.
    In Light and Love

  116. Pei Lin says:

    Hello Mr Russell Brunson,

    Thanks for giving an opportunity here to share with you about myself. I’m from Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur. I’m grown from a family that my dad & mom working so hard to provide better life for me and my brother. My mom has to stop work at the age of 40 due to her health issue. In this situation, my dad has no choice but to climb corporate ladder to management level to feed all of us up .My dad was getting older and older going to reach retirement soon. I cant bare with it by looking at my dad work at corporate company until late night ; somehow he has to work on weekends as well . He don’t have a proper life for himself except to work.
    As elder daughter of this family, I immediately grab job in corporate world after i graduated. As you know being a newbie ; always get bully & being look down by those senior colleagues. I had really try my best to ignore all this because my main goal is earn as much money as i can. In the end, i found out that the moment steps that i’m going on just like my father ; work hard ; save hard . As you see my paycheck was just enough to cover all my commitments ; few hundred left for me to save on ; how long will it be for me to provide better life for my family to achieve financial freedom.
    Mr Russell , i get to know you from ms Tavia Wong. I was really aha.. moment as i found out that this business can be done and work through out the world; i was really interesting on it. I started get to know your story, your free books , your free webinar session ; much much more. I bought your dotcomsecrets book. You gave us started ideas and point for us to execute out. It’s really super valuable for me ; i really appreciated what you gave it to us. Thank You!
    The main reason that i want to start up this business is provide better life for family & achieve financial freedom. If one day , i’m able to execute out successfully, I want to share out and help more people repay back to this society. Especially out there, plenty of people out there lack of education & nothing choices left lead them to live in very poor situation. My objective is provide more higher level education to poor people ; this will change their life & next generation in future.

    Final words, i’m still insist to say;
    Thank You ; Mr Russell

    Best Regards; Pei Lin

  117. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for sharing the deeper parts of your personal story. I related to the part where you were excited for your the news of other family members announcing a pregnancy while you and your wife hung up the phone and cried. It brought me back to the summer of 2007, when my infant son died, and a mere couple of weeks later I went to the hospital to visit my brother and his wife and their new infant son. I had to leave the hospital and go purchase cards to finish writing thank you notes to people who wrote or sent memorial gifts in memory of my son. And I cried all the way home from the hospital. My husband and I were inspired by this trial in our lives to create a legacy in memory of our son, whose middle name was Tru. We started a publishing company called Tru Publishing as a way for others to leave a written legacy that will also survive long after they take leave of this earth. We want to help people preserve their legacies in the form of books. We learned about your work from Brendan Burchard and were surprised to discover that you live in our same town as we do. We are wondering if you ever put on local events, as we want to learn so much more about how to grow our company and sell our books online. My question is – what is the best way to apply everything you teach to publishing, authors, and book sales? Thank you for your time.

  118. Cris Lenard says:

    Hi Russell,

    We are very interested in interviewing you for our internet radio show, “FTMDaily”, hosted by Jerry Robinson.

    Jerry would like to discuss your book, “DotComSecrets”. We highly respect your work and believe our listening audience will be extremely attentive to what you have to say.

    If you (or someone) will contact me directly at my email address (submitted with comment), I’m happy to discuss further. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated!

  119. Ringo says:

    Hi Russell,

    Just read your book dotcom secret which I think is the top 3 books that should be read by all internet marketers. Really appreciate you disclose a lot on the “how-to” ways.

    There are not much books like yours in Chinese market, I think your course will be a great one if can localize it.


  120. Ed says:

    Hello Russell!

    Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate your heart-felt devotions and incredible actions to help our entire human family.

    I have been working for several years on a project that we’ll launch here soon that I hope will do an incredible amount of good in helping prevent injuries, like concussions. We have been testing our product and the results are incredible. We can’t wait to share more!

    I’m a fellow member of the Genius Network. Looking forward to meeting you in person!

    All the best & God Bless!


  121. Hi Russell, thanks for all that you do! You clearly have a passion for your work and your story is very inspiring. I’ve been drawn to your work and despite my temporary financial limitations (that will soon change thanks to your software and guidance) I have invested in just about every product you offer!
    It may help you to know that your genuine, approachable nature is a big part of what appeals to people on a mission. Many of us don’t want to be salespeople or push products so your helpful videos and giving style is more in line with what we wish to do.
    I’m most interested in using your software and support products to help empower people to take control of their own health. Like you, I’ve been on a personal journey – after seeing my Mom die when she was 29 and losing my Dad when he was 53, I knew that health was not something to be taken for granted. Now I educate people about their DNA and how they can live the longest, most productive lives by understanding their DNA strengths and weaknesses. While I develop my programs and struggle to stay afloat, what gets me through is knowing that what I’m developing could have helped my parents and will ultimately help many other people.

    Thank you for helping to make dreams like this more possible.

  122. Bethwel Odero says:

    hello russell, i am very glad to see your project in kenya, i do live in kenya and i have been in college since 2012. my learning from college has not really empowered me for the real world and i started looking for ways to make money online, at the moment i am confident i can start my online business through cpa marketing and scale my way up using your strategies, then challenge is raising startup capital which has really been tough for me but i have not given up. i look forward to working my way up beyond these challenges and putting to work what i have learned from you.


  123. Carl Dean says:


    I just wanted to say thanks for being genuine and truly helpful with your knowledge. Your books and talks have helped me grow my real estate investment company to the next level. I didn’t start on the Internet, I started by building the foundation of a great business that helps people and is sustainable. With your help I have been able to reach many more people than I could before and I have in turn been able to set a new bar in my industry. I’m inspired by your story and your determination. In a world with so much noise you offer a breath of fresh air to those looking to learn and grow from credible and good hearted source.

  124. Tim DiBlasi says:

    Hi Russel,
    Not sure if this is the place to do it but here is my story:
    About a month ago a good friend of mine, who is a holistic doctor, invited me to bring to market his brand new, all natural pain reliever. He wants me to set up distributorships, such as chiropractors, across central and south Florida, which is currently my protected territory. The product seems to work very well but currently I only make $3.00 per bottle, so at the end of the day when I sell a case my profit is $36.00 which barely fills my gas tank. Hopefully there will be residual money in the back end but right now I am lucky if I sell even one bottle. Selling in this manner is generally a two call close and often requires samples and paraphernalia which are costly. If I can set up an eCommerce system to sell to the end user that would pay me $25.00 per bottle would be a huge boost. Can you help?

  125. Yassine Yousfi says:


    My name is Yassine, 3 Years ago wanted to start marketing, but all the attempts i did ended up by getting scammed and lost big amount of money that i worked hard to make, that made me give up on it and continued, recently i had more success thanks to the hard work and started 2 UK based businesses, and been doing good enough, but i wanted to learn marketing, anyway the long story short, after doing lots of attempts i meet with good men this time and one of them referred me to your free book, i tried to get it but…pfffffff :/
    I live in Morocco, and as you probably don’t know, Morocco has very bad strict law that forbid exporting money in any way, credit card, Bank transfer, or even Cash, i tried to get the book and pay for the Shipping, but my credit cards got banned :/ unfortunately you don’t have a Paypal option or something similar, as it’s the only way i have, the only way to spend money abroad from Morocco is by earning it abroad.

    Can you please make a suggestion 🙂

  126. Chris Hing says:

    Hi Russell
    Thank you for sharing your story

    My name is Chris I live in a town called Warwick in Queensland Australia I am happily married with a 1 year old girl and a 4 year old boy

    5 years ago I started a screen printing & Embroidery business with little money and no knowledge about it at all trying our hardiest to build it up we added signage as a complement to the business I learn how to do graphic design through YouTube videos and a lot of hours of research I went quiet with with the graphic designs and my work was standing out well the biggiest thing I was lagging was business sense and marketing so at the start of the year I started surfing YouTube and Google to give me answers it was full of ideas and people bragging how much money they have made but not useful information at all until I was on Facebook and seen this short artical which I read it was from Jon Penberthy so I click onto the link which I have followed him ever since ,

    A month ago I saved enough money to purchase Jon Penberthy & Jubril Agoro social traffic blueprint mastermind they where talking about this website called click funnels so I done some research and found that Russell was the guy who created this site so I’ve been following he’s YouTube videos and just bought he’s two book I’m super excited to read them

    I am currently selling my business which I have another full time job to attend to my passion for online marketing grows everyday I can’t wait for learn more and more and eventually make it into a full time business my goal is to join Russell’s inter circle program

  127. Anna-Louise says:

    Hi Russell,
    Not sure if you will get to the end of this very long thread and read my story but here it goes… I’ll keep it brief.
    who are you?
    The sum of my life experiences although not defined by them, mostly in spite of them. I’m passionate, loving, strong, fragile, determined, resilient all in one! I’m Australian, just turned 40 and starting over. I have run businesses before but this one is different. I’m emotionally invested.

    Why are you here?
    I’m here to change an industry and break the standardisation that exists within that industry. I want to empower women to look and feel better about themselves, regardless of the size or shape. I am looking to reach these women in the best possible way.

    Are you here to learn how to start a business online?
    No, I’ve started my online business. I want to grow my business so I can help as many people as possible.

    Do you already have a business, but you want to learn how to grow your company?
    Yes. I want to sell my products, help my customers and build a successful company with a legacy structure.

  128. Hi Russell,

    I am glad to have found you and your book. Not finished reading it yet but should have that done in a day or so. Then . . . I need to get busy setting up my three internet marketing platforms. I have most of the funnel stuff created and I have three exceptional products. One product is so slick that I trademarked the name: Beats Of Sweat. It is software that mixes music based on beats per minute for exercise purposes, like indoor cycle classes and treadmills etc. Anyhow. Thanks for sharing your marketing knowledge !!

  129. William says:

    Hi Russell,
    The truth to the matter is that I just simply want to get into online marketing. I tried the whole Seo thing, but that just takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and I soon realised that and then I stopped. During my Seo time I learnt a lot and I am currently setting up some stuff on line so that I can drive some leads so that I can present to people in their homes on the benefits of investing in property as I am in the property investment industry in Australia.
    In saying that, I want to learn more about other business start other business’s outside of property investment.
    I have ordered your book here in Australia and I should get it next week Tuesday. I can’t wait to receive it. I reckon it will take a lot to get me off your book.
    I look forward to this journey with yourself and your crew.
    Speak soon, Thanks.

  130. Hello Russell,

    You are great. You inspiring so many peoples around the world. Best of luck and thank you to share your story with us. I am Digital Marketer over 3 yr. I like my profession because i am always update on new things and meet awesome people like you. I am learning some new things for my career.


  131. Richard Brownstein says:

    Hi Russell

    just signed up for Dotcomsecretsx.com ,it’s now 1;30 am( pst) time
    looking forward to getting started.not sure how to get to the members area.
    I hit the download button and was brought to your blog.dotcomsecrets.com page.

    I will play it by ear,hope I am in the right area.

    I remember the video where you said at the beginning,nothing would make sense,so by not being in any members area,I will see what happens tomorrow.

    glad to be here.Been attempting online internet marketing for two years now and still feel like i am in neutral.Hopefully here I will find the drive button and start to move forward in this internet marketing adventure I am on.

  132. mateus says:

    Hi Russel! First of all, thank you for all the content you provide for free.
    well, my story then, I am from brazil, during my childhood my dad had an affair and my mom divorced from him, in that time (around 1995) people were very prejudicious, everyone in my neighbourhood (including our family) cut us off from anything, relations, interactions, etc. We passed through a couple of very poor years, because my dad took everything and left a lot of bills to pay. In the follow years, my mother work really hard, started a business, and 10 years after, we started to have some money. I start to study psycology, because i dont knew what to do to my life back then, after graduation i pursue my dream of follow the scientific career, but then i understand that it wasnt what i want to do, so i start to chase my vocation and after 2 years i discovered it (gastronomy). All this time i worked at my mother business, and im still working, because my money come from this company, right now, finally i understand what i love to do, but my challenge is how to work, how to make money and live doing the thing i love most to do. I am learning, reading, studying, and doing everything i can to get there, and thanks to you, now i have more ways to get there.

    Sorry for my bad english

  133. hey Russel.my name is miad and i am a forex trader,when i first started i lost alot in this industry but after that i learned alot how to trade in forex market,I want to be a signal provider and get costumer but im from iran and as u know in my country there is a lot of limitation even joining some services out of my country,,,but my main goal is reaching people and get near my goal about 1000 costumer with one time fee 1k for providing them signal which i can offer them one week trial and then if they are satisfied join my group,but truly idk how to do this and how to automate this…so if u can help me with this i ppreciate that.thanks man.

  134. Kyle Fuller says:

    I’m Kyle fuller. I live in Ogden Utah. I’m 17 years old and I’m starting a digital networking/affiliate program with the help of insta pro academy. I’m super excited and really want to learn as much as I can and make a difference by motivating and focusing on self help.

  135. Hey Russell. My name is Armando Sotero Jr. and after 27 years in law enforcement, I retired in September 2016. I am married with 4 boys (22, 16, 10, 4) and the nature of my work caused me to miss family events, birthdays, holidays, etc.. We can never make up that time. I want the 2nd half of my life to be on my terms. I want to learn and use CF to market conduct workshops and online courses to share my expertise that I have gained over the past 27 years. I am blessed to have a nice pension but I want to make sure my family is financially sound should God call me home. I want to help others reach their full purpose in life and bring hope and inspiration to those that change is okay and fear is the person you see in the mirror. I am a people person and leaving people better than I found them is a personal driving force in my life.

  136. Camilla Wernquist says:

    My namn is Camilla and i live in sweden, i have 2 kids 2 boys one of them is 24 and The other one is 14. I have 3 cas and one dog. I have been work ung with a lot of different work over the years. In a good store, in restaurants, help in teenagers who are in trouble or are sick of gooing to school. I have been working in construction driving a truck and now I work on different events. I want to have time for me and my family and my animales. And i want them to start to have good life.
    It was nice to hear Your story.

  137. Ellen says:

    Hey Russell!
    As you already know from my application – my dream is to make schools for those who need it, but cant afford it. Now I see your video about your project and I felt so amazed cause I already applied to work with you. Also I promised to myself I will help everyone that need help but don’t know where or how to start, but to get there first I am the one who need to get the help from the right person.
    My story in short is I know where I wanna be and I was looking so long for a mentor who would show me that step by step, I guess I have found him 🙂
    My passion is to learn everyday something that will help me to become a better person on personal and professional level, cause I know every leader is a reader, and I know first you must Learn and after that to erase that “L”. The thing is, there are a bunch of self-claimed “Gurus” out there and since I am beginner I don’t want to waste my time first and then of course my money on someone who wouldn’t help me as I want. But I am a lucky woman and not long ago I heard for you and your program. I applied to work with you, today I got the first mails from you and can’t wait to start reading them and learn something new from you! Thanks for that.
    My English is not my first language but I know when you want something you will find a way to get there, hope you agree with me on this.
    Yes, my goal is to improve my life and to help to my family and friends, and to my community as well.
    I already got a product that I promote it, and the commission is 5 figure number. It is so nice product but as I said I am new to this industry and I really need someone to hold my hand. I need help Russell and I am sure you can help me. I know I am at the right place.
    I will learn everything that needs to be learned, I will apply everything that needs to be applied. I need change in my life and that change starts with finding the right mentor. I just found him! Thanks for reading my comment. Can”t wait to hear from you.

  138. jeng cua says:

    Hi Russel!

    I love your story. I got involved with online business four years back.. I met you in Vegas when Joel handed you his Ferrari -:) Keep up the good work to continue inspiring a lot of people and helping others to design their life into their liking. GOD bless and Stay safe!

  139. Ewan Menzies says:

    Hey Russell,

    Really excited to be following you and learning from you. To give you a little background and my story…

    I come from an education background starting out as PE teacher 25+ years ago. Since then I moved into management and held regional and national posts in Scotland before retraining in business coaching and business training. My passion is now very much in training and supporting small business owner to bring STABILITY and SECURITY to their business and life.

    Results I have been getting for clients working face to face, 1 to 1 over the last 4 years have been quite outstanding. So when I got into online courses and marketing around 3 years ago I believed (and still do) that this was the way to help so many more business owners and have great fun in the process.

    However, I could not have imagined how difficult it would be to sell online, especially because I knew my courses where outstanding and success rates were near 100%! Unfortunately after spending around £15K with online experts and coaches (and all the costs associated with software) over the last few years I have still to make one sale online!

    That said, I remain determined to transform the online business coaching sector. I have some DISRUPTIVE ideas on how to do this and I know I am closer than ever before. My target is to sign up 100 clients in 2017 for my online course. Currently busy reading Dotcom Secrets and applying some of your principles.

    Speak soon,


  140. Hello Everybody, I am just happy to be here, I am from Lima-Perú an amazing country in Southamerica.

    I know ClickFunnels some years ago, I always saw their potential as a converter program. Nowadays I am the founder of one of the most visited website and social media platforms called: EL ROCK ES CULTURA

    We are almost 3 million people of fans only in facebook, and thousands on others social media. Our website received almost 50k visitors per day prom. So I am excited to bring to all this fans some rock products and different alternatives. I am a professional musician and also marketer, let me know if you wanna talk anything around the digital marketer an ecommerce, we can help or be helpfull for you!

    have a nice day!

    Ricardo Rodriguez

  141. Akram says:

    Hey Russell,

    Just finished reading your “DOTCOM secrets” book. Good Content, trying to learn a lot of stuff…
    Quick Q:
    How do you connect “Bait” with service/product if the Bait is a digital copy or Ebook?
    My guess is using email, if yes then what kind of script to use?


  142. Cory says:

    Hi Russell,

    Thanks for all you do.

    Since you asked for my story…here it goes:

    I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and enjoyed selling things. But what I’ve most wanted to do with my life is to go into ministry and help people.
    That’s what I was planning on doing when I first went to college. While in college I got married and started having kids. So to provide I started a landscaping company. Life and business was good for a couple years until my wife left last year. I couldn’t hold it together after she left. Especially since I didn’t see my kids for the first 40 days until she was ordered by the court to let me see them.
    I lost my business as a result of being a train wreck when my life fell apart. So I went to work in a warehouse. That went well for about 6 months until my manager decided to fire me this past February.
    After losing my job, I started falling behind on child support. (My ex is suppose to get 20% of my income or a minimum of $250 if I’m not working.) After falling behind two months, my ex and her current husband decided to take me to court over $500 and to modify my visitation with the kids.

    I managed to get a continuance, until September. By that point my child support had racked up to $1,500. I couldn’t afford an attorney, but somehow I was able to convince the judge that her reasons for modifying my visitation had no merit.

    Unfortunately, the judge didn’t think losing my job and then making almost nothing through a staffing company was a good enough reason for not paying child support. So at my ex’s request he threw me in jail until my friends and family could pay the debt I owed her.

    I sat in there for 5 days, and went back to work through the staffing company when I got out. I was suppose to start a better job at the beginning of this month, but going to jail in Sept. for being broke popped up on my background check and cost me that job opportunity.

    So now I’m here…bound and determined to be my own boss so that I never have to worry about being fired, being too broke to afford child support, or going back to jail because I’m broke. But most importantly I’m determined to become successful so that I can afford the best attorney and get more time with my kids. Only seeing my kids every other weekend and then for just 3 hours every other Thursday night is for the birds.
    I don’t want to be just an every other weekend daddy, and money is the only thing that’s going to get me more time with my kids.

    So I have no choice but to figure out how to make it.

    Thankfully, I stumbled across your stuff. So now I’m learning how to funnelhack my way to a better life with my kids.

  143. Tammy says:

    The story is one for the ages. 11 years into business and have had some major set backs. I fell into my business by the needs of friends. The business grew at a nice rate and hitting good strides. 6 years into the business I got cancer and that was a huge slide backwards in my business. Long story short I was left with more permanent damage not allowing me to return to work. Business was near closing, but needed it to have an income where I did not have to report to HR. Turned the business from one arena to another. The business and new business is slowly getting back on track.

  144. Adrian says:

    Hey Russell and team,

    This world you’ve created here is absolutely fantastic. I am looking forward to navigating through all your content and use it to build my own audience as a film maker.

    The landscape of film and video distribution is changing rapidly and I hope that with these tools I can get my films further, translated into more languages and entertain the world like crazy. That would be amaziballs!

    Thanks team,


  145. Hi Russell,
    I found you in my Facebook TimeLine Ads. I’m a single mom, a survivor of domestic abuse, PTSD and agoraphobia.

    I’ve tried building online businesses on bootstrap budgets several times and failed. I’ve tried crowdfunding and failed. I’ve invested hundreds of dollars in Facebook ads instead of buying food for my family. I’ve had enough of failure! I’ve had enough of poverty. I want to succeed, and I need help. I’m here to learn from you because you’re succeeding and I want to be in your club.

    All the best, with blessings from Jerusalem,
    Nofyah Shem Tov

  146. Max Carter says:

    You are an inspiration!

  147. Sipho Ndlovu says:

    Hie Russell

    My name is Sipho, am in South Africa. I got to know you from ” The Profit”. Basically i do business consultancy. I help entrepreneurs in company registrations, accounting and tax, and doing business plans and profile. My goal is basically to see people concentrate in what they do best, and help them with secretarial and accounting services. Help them to have all statutory requirements met.

  148. Corey Price says:

    5 KIDS, ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION AND GOING OUT OF BUSINESS IN JANUARY… my business partner and I decided to leave our previous company and go out on our own.

    We got a 1200 square foot office in American Fork UT. There was no bathroom yet, so half the time we would go out back by the pine tree to pee.

    Half way through June we hired our first sales guy. We’d known him a while and he was great. He and his wife had been trying to have a baby for a couple years and they tried artificial insemination to get pregnant.

    When he joined us, he just found out that his wife was pregnant. We were so happy for him. We were also worried. My business partner’s wife had just found out she was pregnant with their 5th child and my wife surprised me with an announcement that we’d be having our 5th as well.

    It’s all really good news about 3 new babies, but the problem is we just started this business and all 3 of us were expecting a baby in January all within about 2 weeks of each other. We thought we might go out of business in January…which was last month.

    Our business is alternative financing. We know how to get people unsecured credit lines for their business so they can grow and not have to give up equity. It’s a lot of work and we’ve been wanting to turn it into a digital product for a long time. We tried that route and failed miserably. A webinar just didn’t cut it.

    But we were excelling with our full service business. July brought in $30k with the 3 of us, then $50k in August with 4 of us, then we hit $100k in December. When January came we just moved into our third office and we have 15 employees.

    Our clients love the service, things are going well, but still one problem…My business partner and I have been working all day and into the night just about every day of the week.

    The end of this story has not been written yet. We are huge fans of funnels. Listening to Jeff Walker’s ‘The Launch’ on Audible seemed like the perfect solution. We have been using Clickfunnels since July and finally realized last month that the same funnel that Jeff Walker teaches you how to make is already set up in Clickfunnels!

    Which led to us buying Dotcom secrets and now the 108 funnel hacks and we are realizing that we are raving fans of Russel Brunson. At our company, we are all reading

    Dotcom secrets and studying how to be Funnel experts, because in order for us to have the efficiency and lifestyle we want, we need to create our funnels and value ladders. So, we are definitely in the process of climbing up yours!

  149. robert fisher says:

    HI Russel,
    Thanks for sharing, I almost started crying with you. My story starts when I was 15 and a half when I joined the Australian navy as a junior recruit, they don’t do that anymore thankfully. I discharged after 10 years and kept myself employed at 2 main jobs with a couple of short ones as well, had a family to feed after all. My wife and I parted ways after awhile and kept our two sons for which I started paying maintenance. Anyway, I am now too sick to hold a job but I am now on the old age pension but don’t have enough to keep going if the cancer I have doesn’t take me first, a rare form and no cure I’m told. So, I have been casting around for some way to create a decent income for myself and my lady when I came across Clickfunnels, I had spent a goodly amount of money already and was getting very discouraged. I am only just starting out, yes I know I am behind in the lessons but I’m old, ok? Thank you for putting out all your knowledge for others to follow, I think I have a real chance at making this work. Thank you Russell, we all owe you.


  150. Andrew says:

    Hi Russell,

    I am UK based and have an existing service based business that is in financial services but think now found way to build this more quickly. I have lots of other unrelated business ideas and totally new to this so starting a very exciting journey with some great ideas and now just found what I believe is the way to implement them.

    I have just bought into a few of your products as you seem to be the person to learn from so lots of learning ahead and planning my FHL 2018 trip as we speak.

    Looking forward to journey ahead.


  151. Anja Dikeman says:

    Hi Russell,

    I am here, because I am reading your book. Dotcom Secrets. I have a fitness business that I started in 2009. I train people in their homes and at the gym.

    I love helping people achieve their dream bodies, but to help more people I want to build an online fitness business.

    I am reading and learning all I can to make this a success.


  152. Hey Russell! This is Maria. We’ve been using Clickfunnels for about a year now for my husband’s business. He’s a coach for speakers.

    We went to FHL 2017. I’m head over heels. I’m launching this week my new business and funnel: El perro más feliz, “The happiest dog”, I will coach and teach pet parents on how to raw-feed their beloved dogs and how to make their dog, the happiest dog!

    I’m so excited and motivated! I am a true fan of your products, coaching, etc. and will definitely spread the messages here in latin america.

    I’m finishing dotcom secrets and will soon buy some of your coaching programs, damn, you do it so well it’s addictive! haha!

    Looking forward to hearing from you…

    Hugs from Mexico!

  153. Jaime says:

    Hi Russell,

    I have been following you for about a year, and have just recently immersed myself in your CULT-ure. I attended FHL in Dallas and am planning to join Inner Circle and am consuming DotComSecrets daily. Beyond excited about where my business is going thanks to your mentorship.
    I own an organic skincare company that I started six years ago in my garage and scaled to a six figure full production. I also own The HER Effect®… lots going on with that.

    I appreciate you and your team – no words.

    Thanks for all you do,


  154. Alexandra Conde says:

    Hello Russel,

    I am a single mom with two children. I usually look into inspirational sites and really don’t feel a connection. But with your Blog, it brought tears to my eyes and I felt it in my heart that I can learn something from you. I would love to have my own online business. I know that anything you do with love and God by your side all will flourish. I know that I am meant to work with people to help people. But I feel stuck and truly have no idea how to start a business or how to put it together.
    Any recommendation and or guidance will be much appreciated.

    Thank you for your time,

  155. Hey Russell I need your help dude. My name is Chris, I have 2 web sites
    No one seems to understand how to market this product we currently manufacture. If you are truly sincere about helping people I would pay you any fee to help us grow this little company. I would like to understand more of what you do and if you can really help us grow. Please contact me Russell

  156. Ryan says:


    Thanks for sharing. Inspiring.

  157. Hey Russel
    8 months ago i lost everything i thought was my world, went to a dark place that was overwhelming and scary, but i decided to reach out and change my life in doing this i was brought back to where i really wanted and desired to be and that was in the network marketing space. I have recently signed up with a new project to start building my dream. In doing this i have had to start at ground zero. My list grew smaller along with my circle of friends and family… basiclly had no one to talk to therefore i decided to ivolve myself into your products and teachings this to was at times overwhelming but i have stayed plugged in and believe in what you do… I have recently started clickfunnels trial and am learning all the step to become successful but for some reason my funnels are not working, not giving up just alittle confused and discourage any response would be great…

    Thanks for all you do i will stayed plugged in look forward to a response.
    Make it a great day…

  158. Tom Shavit says:

    Wow people comment here their life stories (I think so… long paragraphs)

    Well Hello Everyone!

    Russell you’re the best

    Best Regards

    Tom Shavit

  159. Caroline says:

    Hi, I’m Caroline and I am in the midst of designing and developing a fun and functional fashion footwear system that allows women to mix and match shoe uppers with different heels, wedges and platforms to get the perfect mix of form and function for whatever the demands are for the situation. I’m still in development with the product but somewhat close to having at least one size available for sale for some lucky size 8 women to wear and test, but I’ve never done e-commerce in my life and the steps involved seem overwhelming.

  160. Zach Buchel says:

    Hey Russell,

    Love your mission. Love your message. It’s a fantastic example to follow in the world we live in today.

    I’m building a network of farms and ranches in Northwestern Wyoming near Yellowstone on http://www.farmtablewest.com and my goal is to build a bridge between people and their food throughout the country. We’ve got 27 producers of produce, beef, pork, lamb, poultry, honey and other goodies.SO that’s the business, but it’s really just a vessel for the real purpose. I LOVE food and have been obsessed with growing it since I was a kid. I’ve seen some ugly food situations when I worked at a soup kitchen and a food pantry in Chicago, but also saw the potential for it to bring people together. Food is food. Everybody needs it. Doesn’t matter where your from, your income, or what your background is. The real purpose of FarmTableWest is to bring people together through community. To bridge the disconnect between neighbors and their food producers.

    So thanks for being an inspiration and a marketing guy who shows his humanity. Really appreciate that.

  161. Luke Pritchard says:

    Hi Russell,

    I’m in Plymouth, UK. I saw your click funnels ads everywhere and stayed away. Growing up in the 90’s with the internet was fun, but everywhere that an ad promised something, free, something inexpensive, something life-changing, 99% of the time it turned out to be some form of lie or scam.

    I have been keeping up with Anthony Robbins and feel he has helped me to change my mental state permanently. I saw your name again pop up on a free Mp3 player with marketing in your car. I gave in – I couldn’t resist any more as I love marketing at heart…

    I took A-Level media studies in 6th form, and fell in love with marketing in 2005/6. I love all aspects of it, the power of it, and how it can be used to help people out, whilst selling a product of service.

    Long story short, with 11 years in between – Life happened. Throughout my time on the planet and ever since being a child I’ve been creating something – mostly in my mind. I process improve in everything and I mean everything. How can I speed things up efficiently, how can I improve someones problems in the office, how can I help save people money in these tough times. How can I carry out the housework in the most efficient way without making double trips.

    I’m 50 episodes in and I’m hooked. Your podcasts have helped to reignite my burning inside for something better, something bigger, and something bolder.

    I’m not in a position to purchase a clickfunnels plan at the moment but I’m in discussions with friends and family. My aim is to complete all 257 episodes of the podcast and use it to improve my ability within my employment. I have the security from that at the moment…

    I’m here on this massive journey. I’m a little further back into the sidelines than I would prefer and have some things to juggle financially – like everyone else, but just know that you’re helping me at the moment to channel my burning thoughts and ideas into something tangible, deliverable, and profitable.

    Keep in contact? – I plan to sometime in the not too distant future, meet with you.

  162. Angel says:

    Thank Russell for wanting to hear my story. I grew up in a carnival, on a different fairground lot every 10-14 days from the time I was 2 until 22. My family worked in games. My step-father was abusive but we survived. Those experiences taught me so many things in life that there isn’t enough room here to tell all the stories and life lessons. I than had a baby, with an abusive man (yes it’s what I knew at that time). Well it didn’t take me long to figure out that was not how I was going to raise my child. Became a single mom of a special needs child, worked full time and put myself through nursing school to become a RN. I have specialized in working with developmentally disabled persons and the elderly since I graduated 17 years ago. My passion is to be unstoppable and begin a business that changes how our communities provide services to these populations that are so vulnerable and invaluable. The current system is broken in so many ways and I have strategies and ideas to break through the status quo and provide a message and information that people can use right now to begin the change.
    I intend to start by blogging and sharing on a FB group and page, twitter and instagram. I intend to develop training and education materials for both those receiving and provide services. I have no experience and no nothing about starting an online business but I am determined to do so and am learning and soaking in everything I can. I intend to launch my website and FB group/page on April 22nd. i don’t know everything and I don’t need to know to start. I just need to start. I am waiting until then because I have lived in Hawaii for the past 4 years and my visitor is coming for over a week and I am going to enjoy that and then head straight into my great legacy journey
    I also have some wonderful ideas to build a few apps that will help but have no idea how to even start that one….perhaps it will happen as I learn.

  163. Melvin says:

    Hi Russell:

    You ask who am I? I am just an older person who is now 78 years old since yesterday. Boy, does time march on. I live near Seattle, WA with my wife being married for a little over 48 years. That is a long time for one woman. I have 2 daughters, one living in Monroe, WA and Huntington Beach, CA.; both married. The second question you asked me is “why I am here”? I presume that has to do with the business you are offering. 🙂 For a number of years I have been following you and what you have done for on line businesses is absolutely phenomenal. From watching some of your videos, you came across to me as a very caring person, family orientated and pretty damn smart. Honesty seems to be the name of the game and that you are. I am not boasting here but telling the truth. It still doesn’t answer the question why I am here. I am here to learn not only to make money but to exercise my mind on how I am able to duplicate what you do and become a better person for it. I bought a few of your items like marketing in the car, dot.com secrets and a few others. I wanted to join as a member but at this time, I have to save up the money to do so. When you offered an affiliate program, I immediately became interested. At least this will still give me a chance to get into a business and not have to invest money at this time. I can also show other people at my age, that it could be done. I know that it will take me a little longer as my mind has slowed down some.

    I have tried a number of business on line but I didn’t scrutinize them as I should have. I lost money on those either because some were scams, dishonest dealings, but most of all not well organized. So many of these businesses are out there and very few such as yours and some others that are honest, and well designed with excellent training. None, offer what you do in the way of being an affiliate with tons of training and great videos. I am looking forward in making a GO of this and the best part is to make money and have some of my family carry on. That’s about it.

  164. Amanda says:

    My story. Wow where do I start

    We moved to California from Uk a year and a half ago, we have since been told we have to go back by the company my husband works for after 27 years service and well valued to the family run firm. Our kids are devastated. I came across marketing when I though that after 25 years in real estate in the Uk that would a great option here so I need to get in with marketing myself. There my passion started. I am know helping other realtors with their marketing. Initially I felt if I could support us that we could financially afford to stay but it It a slow go… hence the reason I keep studying/reading. I am in the oh Lordy very nervous stage of why the hell would people pay me when they could sdo this themselves. I cannot afford to pay someone to help me so I keep learning. I am sadly one of those broke(not that broke lol) people. From the point of view that I cannot spend too much and certainly don’t have Thousand of dollars so again I keep reading… so that’s my story, fingers crossed, my husband has had a job offer, now the visa wait.. must go, lots to read

  165. Russell,

    First I want to say how much I appreciate the authenticity and transparency you display.
    I am a 49 Year old entrepreneur with a beautiful 4 boys and a girl. We live in Orem Utah and I grew up in Provo. I dropped out of college which I didn’t enjoy back in 1988 when I caught the GM of my Dad’s full service car wash, Gas Station and Convenience store. My Dad was a dentist and absentee ownership was killing him. I was blessed to find a mentor in the business and within two years turned his second location around and selling it for $400K more than he was trying to give it away 2 years earlier.

    After he sold the two car washes I became a residential real estate appraiser and investor. I had the largest firm in Utah with two locations and 8 appraisers. We did over $1M in annual revenue with the crew I had. With a good crew working for me it allowed me to start FanBanz and Bands for Freedom a 501 (c) 3 charity that benefited our men, women in uniform and their families. We partnered with Military.com and afrtrust.org and donated $255,000 in 18 months just selling a camouflage silicone wristband on our website. Fanbanz was a for profit company who did custom wristbands right after the Livestrong yellow ban. No online marketing but in 2004 it was easy to find Fanbandz so we did very well before the fad died.

    In 2007 I was indicted on a Federal Mortgage Fraud case where a guy was doing double closes on properties using straw buyers as investors to get the loans. They indicted my office and me even though I was not actively appraising for 2-3 years. I did 14 months in Federal Prison and lost everything but what is most important to me, my family. Yes, my wife of 26 yrs 10 mo. has been there through this as well as my crohnes disease that led to opiate addiction for 20 years.

    When I got out of Prison in 2010 I worked for my neighbor who owned Blentec for a while until I got a job selling Satellite TV over the phones. This allowed me to get in a position where I was selling but also got a team working with me all over the phones to make almost $18K a month for several months. This was just a means to an end until I found the business I wanted to get in again. A buddy said “why don’t we become a DIRECTV dealer ourselves”? This buddy was a six figure a month MLM earner who wanted to help me and wasn’t to concerned with being a partner but rather an investor.

    I started Evolve Satellite in March 2015 and always felt that there is a way to utilize technology, the Internet to generate warm leads rather than cold calls. We offer AT&T, DIRECTV, DISH Network, Centurylink, Vivint Security and many other providers nationwide. I do not enjoy this business with the management and turnover it has. I am being coached by a mentor you know who lives in California who uses your funnels to generate leads for his Female coaching program. I came across Click Funnels on accident a few weeks ago and bought dotcomsecrets.com and 3 days ago expertsecrets.com as well as a few other products. I am doing research to funnel hack this industry which is very difficult since the DIRECTV and DISH don’t allow using their name and logo’s without prior approval which isn’t granted for really anything online. You can do it generically which is what I want to do.
    I am very clear on my target market. I think the market we target isn’t going to spend time going through much of a funnel so I am going to try a squeeze page with a video we’ve used for a facebook ad that worked for a few deals we only spent $75 in 5 days with terrible headline or maybe just a photo that has opt in for FREE consultation using a survey on second page that follows with a thank you page. No upsell, down sell. Just simple for the age group that is a solid market we target.

    I plan to migrate to coaching business for addicts, their families and men indicted on white collar crimes. Wish I would have had someone help me through that process. Many decisions made out of fear and the unknown I would have never made with knowledge I have now.

    Much appreciation and Respect bro.

    Steve Cloward

  166. Christian says:

    Thanks Russell for such a beautiful story.

    I’m glad I took to the time to have a proper look at the site. Having initially seen your ad on facebook and open to many possibilities as to what it might be, I was pleasantly surprised.

    I’m a 43 year Sydney resident going through and transition. Recovering from an back/hip injury that has left me out of work temporarily, I am now looking to reinvent my career, and hence wish to learn to start a business online. Finding all the information out there a little daunting, and initially will probably find a casual job to pay off some of medical expenses, whilst at the same learning everything I can to start heading in this new direction.

    Thanks again,
    Already feel a little more confident knowing people like you exist.


  167. Milan says:

    Hey Russell, this is Milan. I want to welcome you to my world.

    “How could you do this to us? If something happens to you, I’ll be destitute! None of this is my fault. I didn’t do anything wrong except being married to you! I trusted you to take care of me and you let me down. You’re not the same man I married…”

    She was right on every count. We had been very secure financially until a business I had went bad. It ruined us.

    We filed a bankruptcy and lost everything we had built together. House, income property, bank accounts, and retirement investments were all taken by the courts. Everything I had worked so hard for was gone!

    It was a humiliating experience. The saddest day in my life was the day I had to sell my wife’s beautiful wedding ring so we could pay some bills. I had bought her that diamond in Belgium on a business trip and had the setting designed especially for her. I still get a knot in my stomach every time I think about that day.

    But the money wasn’t really the most important thing I lost. I’ve learned that there’s a big difference between what you want and what you need. The material things are just STUFF. The other things I lost were what tore me apart.

    Having lost trust and respect from my wife was a thousand times worse! It strained our relationship almost to the point of breaking. I was totally depressed and became physically ill.

    I’d had a successful career for the first thirty years of our marriage, but, at that point, I was a failure. To make matters worse, my self-confidence was shaken to the point where I actually believed that I could never build the kind of life we had enjoyed ever again.

    I was mentally paralyzed… I needed to find a way to get my act together and make great money to eliminate some of our stress. Our future together depended on it!

    Let me tell you how I got us into this mess. When we were first married, I worked for a large, international company. I traveled all the time as I climbed the corporate ladder, often sacrificing family time for my job

    By the time I was 26 years old, we had three daughters. When our oldest was almost 3 years old, we had twins.

    Talk about a catch-22! Although I wanted to travel less to be able to spend more time with my wife and daughters, I had to work harder and travel more to provide the things we wanted.

    My wife worked part time and raised the girls without much help from me. She didn’t contribute much financially, but worked her butt off to run the household. I thought my job was earning money. It was a day-to-day struggle.

    Eventually, I left the Fortune 500 Company to take a job as sales manager for a family-owned business.

    When I found out that the family succession plan wasn’t going to happen as the current owners had planned, I bought the company from the family.

    My income tripled overnight and we were finally able to do the things we had always wanted to do. We had money in the bank. We bought a nicer house. Our kids went to private school. We joined a country club designed by Jack Nicklaus. We bought an office building as an investment property. We vacationed where we wanted whenever we wanted. We were living the dream!

    The business did very well. We grew and added value to the business. After several years, I was approached by a much larger distributor and decided to sell the business.

    I did very well with the sale. I had multiple 6 figures in the bank. I could relax and enjoy life a little more.

    But, I was only 44 years old. All of my friends were working and I was bored. I needed to find something else to do.

    I invested in a restaurant business that I owned for seven years. It was profitable for five years, then the growth slowed and business declined.

    I tried to reinvent the business to stimulate the growth. I borrowed a lot of money to help with that. My wife and I had to sign personal guarantees to secure the loans needed for the business.

    When the restaurant failed and I couldn’t pay off the loans, we had to file the bankruptcy.

    That’s when we lost it all. My wife’s only fault was that she co-signed with me. She trusted me and I let her down.

    When we filed, I was 51 years old. Try finding a good job at 51. It’s not happening! I knew that having my own business again was the only way to survive.

    I wanted to start a business that allowed me to be my own boss and gave me freedom to travel, but I had no clue how to start one. I stared to read everything I could about online marketing and watched interviews with several successful online entrepreneurs. Finally, I began to figure out what I needed to do.

    So, I started a marketing consulting business that served several local customers. It was pretty successful, but I needed to figure out how to scale the business up. It wasn’t online so I had to physically be there for my clients. That wasn’t giving me the freedom I wanted, but it paid the bills.

    I figured out that the only way to really grow a profitable online business is to figure out who my perfect customers are and target them. You know, build a really great list of people. Then find things to sell them. Create awesome sales funnels.

    The information it took me years to figure out is now available in your DotCom Secrets Book.

    Your system and mentoring have given me what I need to create the online business I want.

    Thanks, Russell!

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