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  1. Heather Spencer says:

    This type of student always mytifies me; I have observed it among trainees in my past businesses, in my consulting career, and among other apprentices while serving apprenticeships. Personally speaking, as a trainee and apprentice, I always come in with a humble, respectful attitude and mindset where I am excited to learn, ready to listen, and eager to put what I learn into practice. Above all, with respect of the coach and the fact that I wouldn’t be here unless they had a vast knowledge of the subject that can be replicated and used to improve my my business or certain skills. I am continuously perplexed by those who are willing to throw money at an investment on valuable training in which, going into, they already feel they can improve upon or feel that they are qualified to contribute to a discussion that they know nothing about! My policy for myself is to shut my mouth, open my ears, follow instructions, ask any questions. Then once I am familiar with process a few months down the road, try tweaking or ask/get feedback on ideas or modifications. I try my best to be the kind of student I would like to mentor. This principle is used in most areas of my life and I find it works well!!

  2. klos carolyn says:

    Students often inspire teachers. If a student does everything on his own and does not use such services as my service, then such a student will really inspire the teacher.

  3. Jazmine says:

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