Have you read the DotComSecrets book yet?  If not, go get your free copy here first… 

Ok, now that you have it, we can have a serious conversation about what’s important. 

When I started my first online company over a decade ago, I made a LOT of mistakes.  I wrote about a few of them in the book – but I also (in Chapter #1) shared a simple process I call “The Secret Formula” and shared with you the same image that you can see above in this post.

I WISH that someone would have pulled me aside when I first got started and explained this to me.  I would have saved a ton of time and literally millions of dollars.  So, I’m giving it to you now (again) as a special gift.  (I talk more about it more in the book, so be sure to re-read Chapter #1 so you don’t miss any of it.)

Ok, so here goes…

Most entrepreneurs (me included) – when we first get started, it’s usually because you have a cool idea for a product or a service, so you get excited, and then you go and create it.

After it’s done, then you go and start selling it… right?

Well – that’s the WRONG way to do it.

A product is not a company…
Your service is not a company…

Your company, is your CUSTOMERS. 

Just think about it – why did eBay pay a few billion $’s for skype?   Why did Instagram get their huge check from Facebook?

It wasn’t because of their product… heck, my team could have knocked off their technology pretty easily, and I’m sure that eBay and Facebook could do the same in about 2 minutes…


That’s it.  That’s business.

The sooner you learn that, the happier (and richer) you’ll be.

So, now that you understand that, hopefully the “Secret Formula” graphic above will make more sense.

The FIRST question you need to ask when you’re creating a company is WHO do you want to serve?  

Remember, that you’ve got to talk, teach, sell and be with these people for the rest of your business life, so CHOOSE CAREFULLY!  In the book I talked about how one day, 6 or 7 years into my first company, I woke up SO miserable because I didn’t choose my customers.  I created a product, and they chose me (and I didn’t like who I got).

When we created our new company, we asked the “WHO” we wanted to be “hang out” with first, then designed everything else around them.

Now that you know WHO you want to serve, the next question is WHERE are those people congregating?   Can I find out the websites, groups, and lists that these people are on?  If I can’t identify EXACTLY where my dream clients are (i.e. I know EXACTLY how to get my message in front of them) – then I need to choose a new WHO.  If I can find them easily, and I can see how I’m going to be able to target them, then I can go to the next step.

Step #3 is WHAT is the bait that will get your dream customers to come to you?  (NOTE: the bait should repel your nightmare customers and attract your dream customers)  What do you have that will get them SO excited that they come and give you money?

A free book?  Trial offer?  Cool content?  Webinar? Teleseminar?

The better your bait, the better person you’ll attract.

Step #4 – Now that you have your dream customers attention – WHERE do you want to take them?  How can you serve them at the HIGHEST level?  What results do they want from you and your company?  Figure out the results you want to give them, and work your butt off to serve them the best you can.

That formula (The Secret Formula) is the key to YOU changing the world in your own small way.  It’s the KEY to you making a ton of money.  It’s the way you should be thinking about your business when you FIRST get started (not 7 years in like I did… ha ha).

Now, I’m sure you have other questions like… “HOW do I create the bait?”  and “What’s the process to get them to ascend up to your highest level results?”

I answer those questions (and a WHOLE LOT MORE) in the DotComSecrets book.

I show you the funnels we use, the scripts for each page in the funnels inside of my new book “DotComSecrets.”  If you don’t have your copy yet, you can get one for free (just cover shipping) at DotComSecretsBook.com.


Russell Brunson

P.S. – have you already read the book?  Did you like (LOVE) it?  If so, I’d LOVE if you could take 2 minutes and leave a review on Amazon right here.   Thanks!



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  1. Hi Russell,

    Yep, I read the book when it first was released, about 4 months ago. And this one concept of The Secret Formula, (about in the middle of the book) was a fantastic realization that I made as well.

    Like yourself, I have been in internet business for 15 years. And also like yourself, at first, I didn’t choose my customers. The product and price points chose them.

    It was a big problem, until I started a new company, much smarter this time, and first wrote a fully functional business plan and defined all of those things first, including an exit strategy…..

    ….because the only reason to build a business it to 1. sell it, or 2. take it public.

    Since then, the business life has been very smooth because the top level customers choose us…because the whole business is designed to cater to them alone. It’s brilliant that way. Thank you.

  2. This is so simple, but SO powerful!
    Thanks a lot for sharing with us Russell!

  3. Cloris Kylie says:

    Yes! Completely agree. When I first heard you present this during one of your events, I finally understood my past business mistakes and how to fix them. Thank you for all the value you deliver. Love DotComSecrets, the 101 Split Tests book, and of course, ClickFunnels–the best software platform available to succeed in digital marketing.

  4. One of the best book i have ever read

    Thanks Russel !

  5. Virginia says:

    Find out what they want, find them, deliver, deliver more.
    Agree with the others – a book with lots of good material Russell.

  6. George says:

    Great book…spot on advice and guidance. ..highly recommended. ..and yes the quality of your customers and clients will determine your business success or failure.

  7. Sam simuzoshya says:

    As a new person to internet marketing, I find the information shared in the book very refreshing and educative. Thank you Russell for sharing. I encourage any one who has not ordered the book yet, to do so now.

  8. Esther Ojo says:

    HI ,

    Thanks for the all the emails and videos.
    I enjoy watching and reading them so no worries sending them.



  9. Trung Nguyen says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the secret formula, Russell. I’ve learned a lot from your post.



  10. Cartess Ross says:

    Great reading this again. I purchased your book and was blown away with the amount of information you shared. This guy did NOT hold back at all. This book could have easily been packaged into a course and would still be valuable at $10K. Get the book.

  11. Dropping serious gold bombs!

  12. Sandi Sturm says:

    Just received my book yesterday and eager to dig in this weekend!
    We teach classes for small business development centers and always ask attendees who their ideal client is. I can safely say that 90% of each room does not think about this. We teach them to go as far as creating a day in the life of that person, and finding an image in a magazine and tape it up on the wall over their computers so they remember who they are attracting while creating their content.

    As I spend most of my time helping other businesses, I am eager to begin working on some products of my own.

    You are one of my new mentors! Thanks so much. And to think I used to live a few miles south of Boise in northern Utah. But you were a mere child at the time, collecting junk mail and watching commercials 😉

  13. Arnie says:

    Hi Russel,

    I only recently discovered you and your work, and I’m already a big fan…!

    I’ve ordered your book a couple of days ago, and I am very eager to read it and jump in with both feet…!

    Thank you for your excellent work…

    Arnie Ballew
    TapWater Cure
    “Protect Your Children”
    Houston, Texas

  14. Dear Robert.
    Thank you for the offer, but the book is not for free. You ask USD 7.95.
    Do you have the book as an ebook?

    Kind regards

    Jorgen Quist Nielsen

  15. Hi Russell

    haven’t received the book yet but looking forward to reading it.I am currently on module 5 of your 3 day bootcamp.I find it all very fascinating so far even though its hard to understand as a complete rookie to online marketing.I can’t wait til I grasp all this info and someday put it to work for me and my future.

  16. Jorge says:

    I bought your upsell and got the audiobook. This book has over delivered already and I am just getting started with it! It’s addicting haha. I arrive where I am driving too but stay in my car an extra 10 min each time because I don’t want to switch the audio off

  17. Julian says:

    I don’t think that is that SECRET. Is more like logical than magical.:)
    The awareness that the value is created by the user base is now very clear thanks to your post. Thank you.
    Now I have to figure out how to execute on my plan because I want to build a business that somehow can provide a free product for about 7 billion people in the next 10 years:)
    But there’s no stress about this. I only need time.
    Great read, Russell!
    Thank you!
    PS: I didn’t read the book yet. Still have lots of work on my ideas before building them into businesses:) But first my main goal is to figure out how to become the only master of my time. One step at a time.:)

  18. Tom Shavit says:

    Great read, Russell!
    Thank you!
    Have the DotComSecrets book of course!

    Best Regards
    Tom Shavit

  19. Dr Md Moinul Isam says:

    Issues regarding ordering book from dotcomsecrets website:

    Good morning. Hope you all are fine. I tried to avail the offers from dotcomsecrets website and I paid 135.95$ by using my card but it was stuck for hours in order customization step 2 of 2 and I was charged 37$ for black box, 14.95$ for shipping to Maldives, 37$ for story and 47$ for audiobook. As it was stuck I failed to complete the ordering process but my card was charged by 135.95$. I contacted the billing section in support area but no response still. I called their office once and it was only the answering machine. Sorry to bring up this matter here. If anybody could be of help… Thakns

  20. Wonderful afford Russell. You have shared amazing and helpful information which i can utilize in my real life. Marketing list provide highly targeted and guaranteed accurate mailing list at affordable prices.

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