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  1. Daniel Boswell says:


    Great tip! I’ve heard that before but when you say it, it gets me psyched to find one thing to focus on and work only on that. Its a struggle though because I want to be good at all kinds of things but I end up just being ok at a lot and not really good at just one thing.


    Daniel Boswell

    • Frank says:

      Well Daniel, all the masters are saying that monotasking is the thing.
      With mulktitasking you reach out almost mediocre.
      So reach out to be an expert in one thing and maybe you know something in other areas also, but that’s not important.

  2. Becky says:

    Excited to join your list!! Aiden is so cute!!

  3. Hehehe, that intro was a bit cheesy.

  4. Mel says:

    Still waiting for you comment on my site.

  5. Ed Ferrigan says:

    Love it and just what I needed today. I watched a Steve Jobs video on FB yesterday and he said that is the one thing that also pulls people through to breakthroughs. If you don’t have passion for something you will give up and that is a good thing because you are doing the wrong thing…

  6. Sue says:

    Hi Russell,
    1. Loved the Intro! Super cheesy but that’s what makes it great!
    2. Aiden steals the show. Sorry Russell, but you have been ousted!
    3. Oh yeah – the tip? That’s excellent advice for entrepreneurs who get so overwhelmed by trying to do everything, they end up doing nothing. Do one thing well, outsource all the rest, and the money will follow!

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  9. Casinority says:

    That’s excellent advice for entrepreneurs who get so overwhelmed by trying to do everything, they end up doing nothing. Do one thing well, outsource all the rest, and the money will follow

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  11. jonna says:

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