Russell Brunson

The ‘Inner Circle’ R...

On today’s episode Russell talks about his Ignite and Inner Circle groups and why he has decided to close one and to lock the other down at 100 members. He also shares some of the perks of being in his mastermind group.

Here a few things you won’t want to miss in this episode:

  • Find out which group is shutting down and which is locking down at 100 members.
  • Find out how you can join the group he’s keeping before it’s too late.
  • And hear what kind of perks you get in Russell’s Mastermind group and find out how to apply to join.

So watch below to find out how you can be a part of Russell’s Mastermind group before it’s too late.


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4 Responses - Join The Discussion

  1. Chad Storey says:

    Russell — I’m the year later guy from the first 10x then 2nd 10x & very excited to see you in Orlando ! I’ve got very very interesting products for the real estate investment space — using DATA and predicting sales. Super crewd AI — but we are able to predict…

    Looking forward to joining your inner circle.

  2. Iris says:

    any opening for inner circle

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