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  1. Thanks for this Russell.

    The info from Neil was pretty awesome. It is my goal to blog every single day, but it means following a pretty tight regime to achieve it.

    My aim for September is to blog every single day, even though I am deep into developing my first membership site and getting my first book published on Kindle. Plus I have enrolled for the 2 week Click Funnels trial.

    Wish me luck (I’m gonna need it!!) and thanks for all your support. What you share is always truly appreciated.

    Best wishes,


  2. Thank you for sharing your infinite wisdom and giving so much value here Russell. Appreciate you Brother.

  3. moses yoon says:

    Do you follow anything by brian dean o ryan deiss from digital marketer? Molly pittman is good at inbound marketing using native advertising (outbrain, taboola, content.ad). I think if you have the budget you should be doing both content/paid marketing. Make the content then promote it using paid methods. They work hand in hand.

    Interesting fact about brian (backlinko) is that he can get 2 million visitors from 30 articles. He emphasizes quality over quantity. His big thing is content promotion. The reason most bloggers fail is they write lots of posts but don’t do much promotion. I went through one of his courses and learned a great deal.

    buzzsumo, google trends, longtail pro 3, semrush, spyfu, and a few other tools. You really don’t need much these days to do well. Most content is outsourced on iwriter, hireawriter, and a few other sites that I use to get cheap but well written articles BUT I believe it is something better done yourself.

    If you have the budget damn you can generate a heck of a lot of traffic promoting content through Facebook ads to get the initial boost then letting the viral effect take over. You can spend under $50 to boost your content using Facebook ads (dark post) and have it generate lots of targeted tier 1 traffic. Organic reach on Facebook isn’t dead if you give posts the initial boost. Once it gets going you get lots of organic traffic as well. I don’t remember if I noticed you doing any retargeting while I visited your sites. Do you use adroll, facebook/google retargeting at all or not much?

    Just take a look at buzzfeed or buzz play and other viral quizz/content type sites as they are perfect examples of how much traffic you can generate for very little advertising cost.

    You also want to attract the right kind of people and get quality targeted traffic. Buzzsumo type traffic might not be your ideal market. Perhaps it is better to use your Facebook audience insights to see what they are interested in and then delve deeper into those interests and target based on said interests.

    A lot of the viral traffic tends to be tier 3 (India, etc) which is good and bad… Personally I wouldn’t want lots of tier 3 traffic opting in to my email list as that would just increase the autoresponder fees :S.

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