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  1. Fantastic Episode! I LOVE your content Russell. I’ve listened to almost every Podcast episode and Marketing Quickie (hilarious name).

    My question is, after you find out where your competitor’s traffic is coming from, how do you organize which traffic source to go after first? I’d love to know your traffic process of testing, weeding, and tweaking to get closer to automation on for funnel’s traffic.

    Thanks for all you’ve done.
    Stephen Larsen [Russell’s unofficial, unknown, fired up apprentice:)]

  2. Steve says:

    I liked seeing you hold up the Keto//OS packet!! V1.2!!

  3. generic says:

    What is viagra generic low price for women – and does it even exist?

  4. Sarah Emi says:

    It was an effective Episode for me. I’m handling the project of poster designs by LogoDesigner that is really tough in the initial time period but now I understand how to handle this project with the help of this funnel filter on this project.

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