Did you order your DotComSecrets book yet?  (If not, get your copy here).

I read the introduction for those who are waiting to get the book (and hopefully get you REALLY excited for the book) here:

I can’t WAIT for you to read the book!

Russell Brunson

P.S. – if you didn’t get yours yet – get your FREE copy (just cover shipping) here:


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  1. Hey Russell
    I need to know the price of mailing your book to Canada then I can send you the money at the start of next month.

    • Tim says:

      Don – the price is on the website when you click Order. I got mine shipped to Australia for bargain price. The book’s free, you’re just paying shipping, so I’m sure you can afford to get it from Ohio to Canada if you’re serious about what you’re doing.

    • Andrew says:

      Well I live in Australia and paid the postage on the website and the book has arrived. So that is how it is done .
      You are getting a book for a couple of dollars. Do it if you desire is their.

  2. Tony says:

    Russell really explains things very well in this book! GREAT Job!!

  3. RUSSEL!!! I love this book!!! And I love everything you do!!

    #1 Marketing Legend!


  4. Thanks! Puts it all in place. There are so many factors that makes it all congruent to reach your success dreams. Analyze all the funnels to make it work! I’ll be testing…

  5. leigh says:

    I really thought this book would be full of fluff and a sales pitch BUT is was not and really is a book that i got a lot from.

  6. This book gives you an excellent overview what a real Internet BUSINESS is. It is the basic and first book you must study when you want to start earning money on Internet, period.

  7. mary ellen johnson says:

    Get this book and implement all it says….save thousands in training and gain all you need to succeed! Anything from Russell is over the top…

  8. Simon says:

    Russell’s Book is the most concise, clearly written advice you will find anywhere on the internet today.
    Ditch everything your currently doing and get it – it’s the best advice your ever take – this is real life stuff that just WORKS on so many levels.

  9. Stephen Tuell says:

    Hey, Russell
    I am over half way through my trial time and I’m stuck in a loop where I
    am constantly seeing the same good stuff.. HOW DO I GET into the
    actual content of the Click Funnel training?

    Thank you. I’m excited about this. ( I want out of the “not making money loop”.


  10. vahid says:

    My friend Russell; So far I was not able to make any money from Anthony’s program and I wrote him several e-mail and called several places to contact him. Unfortunately, I was not successful. Therefore, I am very disappointed. Because from the beginning he promised he will coach one to one and you will have 500 subscriber and so fort. No of it was truth. Is about two month they just keep charging my account several times without any result. I am very disappointed about the whole thing and I do not know where else I have to contact Anthony to find him!

  11. Charles Sudweeks says:

    The e-mail that you sent to me today with a video to watch does not work. It takes me to a page that does not have the video you mentioned.
    I am reading your book right now and learning a lot.

  12. Jon says:

    Once again there’s no video on this page.

  13. FRANK says:

    Where’s the video? I was taken directly to this page.

  14. Helen Blitzblau says:

    Where’s the video. I was taken directly to this page ….

  15. Robyn Jack says:

    I’ve ordered your book and can’t wait to receive and read it.

    Excited thanks Russell.

  16. Thanks Russel for a super-duper info-packed book!

    I got mine about 10 days ago and I couldn’t put it down ever since I got it. Truly, lots of the concepts are ever-green and applicable to a wide array of businesses. I’m launching a new campaign this week, and I went back and tweaked a few things based on what I learned from the book!

    Thanks! 🙂

  17. Scott Rohn says:

    Hi Russell I just got the book today and I will be doing a blog post about that today. I hope you get to check it out once again thanks for the book

  18. Hi Russell I just got the book today and I will be doing a blog post about that today. I hope you get to check it out once again thanks for the book

  19. Steve says:

    Hey guys
    Posting this in pure hope that someone answers.
    I reading DCS but all the links to the resources are now dead. Can anyone help?
    The reverse checklist
    The SW user video guide…

    I have logged into a section on here that should hold some info… but its blank… i cant find the link which is REALLY helpful I know!
    Anyone? Any help would be awesome.


  20. I like stories that give me something familiar to grab onto, but a twist at the same time.
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  24. I can’t stop reading your posts, all or your links are working because I’ve been on your site forever. I’ve learned so much, thanks!

  25. run 3 says:

    Gotta read the book!

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  27. andrewmoore says:

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