Russell Brunson

What The HAIL In Boise!?!...

In this episode Russell talks about the new t-shirts for the Funnel Hacking Live event and he also mentions the launch of Funnel University and the cool stuff that comes with it.

Here are some other cool things you will get to see this episode:

  • Get to see the new shirts for all those attending Funnel Hacking Live
  • Learn how to use the Survey Generator inside of Funnel University
  • And get the first glimpse at Funnel Graffiti, which is coming out very soon.

So watch below to hear about our upcoming launches of Funnel University and Funnel Graffiti and to see what t-shirt you will get when you attend Funnel Hacking Live!


What we’ve found is people identify with shirts that talk about who they are. Click To Tweet We just want everyone to be blowing up funnels all over your local areas. Click To Tweet

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