Russell Brunson – Do You Want...

On today’s episode Russell talks about an idea he has for a reality TV show and he gets feedback from his Periscope audience on what they would like to see. He explains some of his own ideas about the behind the scenes process which would be really interesting for others to see.

Here are 3 cool things to watch for in this episode:

  • Russell asks his Periscope audience for ideas on what they would like to see on the show, like how Russell delegates, how to hack products, how to hack ads, etc.
  • He also talks about some of his own ideas and why they would be cool.
  • And he talks about having Funnel Hacking Parties to get more people to watch.

So watch below to find out more about Russell’s big reality TV idea, and why you should get excited about it.


There’s a lot of cool stuff happening behind the scenes you need to see. Click To Tweet How many of you guys would like to see behind the scenes of the whole process? Click To Tweet

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