Let me walk you behind the scenes of the Biohacking Secrets sales funnel’s numbers.

On today’s episode Russell walks you through the math of internet marketing and how you can test a products profitability. He uses the recent launch of the Biohacking Secrets funnel as an example.

Here are some interesting things to listen for in this episode:

  • Why Russell’s favorite part of the launch process is the same part that most people stress out over.
  • How to figure out your cost to acquire a customer, and your average cart value and how to use those numbers to figure out if you are profitable.
  • And some tweaks you can make to lower your cost per customer and therefore increase your average cart value.

So listen below to find out how Russell tweaks things to make sure his products are always at break even.


I want to walk you through what’s been happening with the Biohacking Secrets funnel. Click To Tweet
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  1. Hi Russel.
    Really eager to get your book and dive in. I appreciate your generosity of knowledge and experience.
    I used my credit card a short while ago on a different site and it worked fine, but the cvc code will not enter into the box on the site. I may have to sort this out at my bank tomorrow. I hope I can still access a copy of your book.
    Thanks for all you do.

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