Russell Brunson

Blue Keytones !?! Call Me The Walte...

On today’s episode Russell opens up a brand new box of Ketones that taste like a Tootsie Roll Pop. He also points out that the key to selling your product again is re-packaging.

Here are a couple of fun things in this episode:

  • Russell gives you a sneak peak at Ketones new flavor before you can even buy it.
  • And he tells why re=packaging an existing product is the key to selling it more.

So watch below to see what Russell thinks of this new flavor and how it relates to marketing.


You can re-package your flavors, re-packaging your courses. Re-packaging is the key. Click To Tweet

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  1. Love it that a marketing genius like Russell has put his experience behind a product that can help so many people throughout the world.

    In 5 years time everyone in the western world will have tried ketones, what are you waiting for…

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